Power wheels for 8 year olds [3 great picks]

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8 year olds are often too big for smaller power wheels and you need a bigger ride-on car if you are looking to get him/her a great boredom buster.

Below are the best upgrades on power wheels for 8 year olds who have outgrown their little power wheels.

Let’s jump in:

Power wheels for 8 year olds – top 3 upgrades from regular power wheels in the market

These big toys are fast and powerful enough to give your wannabe driver a thrilling experience each time he goes out riding.

Razor Dirt Quad 24 Volts Electric 4 Wheeler ATV

ride on toys for 8 10 year olds 24v

This is a fantastic upgrade from little “power wheels” – it is essentially a great interim step before he/she can ride gas operated vehicles.

You will love its balance, the crazy speed, and its dimensions- all are definitely an upgrade on his old little power wheels.

Just to reiterate, this little monster can really move- we are looking at a top speed of 8mph and he ramps up the speed by simply twisting the throttle.

And it does not shy away from any challenge- it doesn’t lose power, not even when going up steep hills.

More practically, it comes with regular 13-inch pneumatic knobby tires (real rubber not cheap plastic ones) so the grip is much improved.

Plus, the breaks are actually disc so it brakes pretty good.

Bear in mind that the charge usually lasts at least 40 minutes on a 12-hour charge (it can run longer on less challenging terrains).

Quick Tip: Kids definitely need to wear a helmet – it can be a little tippy depending on the terrain and you don’t want him/her to tumble over.

Key specifications

Minimum Age 8 year old +
Max Rider Weight 120lbs (54kgs)
Maximum Speed 8MPH (13KPH)
Battery 24 V lead-acid
Motor 350Watts, variable speed
Run Time Runs from 40 minutes (and longer based on the type of terrain and riders weight)
Range 5 miles (8 km)
Brake Rear disc
Wheels 12″ pneumatic
Weight 75 lbs. (34 kg)



  • Rides great in mud.
  • Very well made (there is a steel chassis plus rubber tires).
  • The quad has good power.


  • Tires do not grip well in snow.
  • There is no reverse switch so you cannot drive the quad in reverse.



Radio Flyer GoKart Power wheels for 8 year olds 24Volts Outdoor Ride-On Toy

electric ride on toys for 8 10 year olds

The overall dimensions for this product are big enough for most 8 year olds (43 x 30.25 x 37.2 inches) even the very tall ones.

More importantly, the seat has three settings to allow you adjust it to fit the length of his/her legs comfortably (The seat can be adjusted all the way back).

It holds up to 81 lbs. which is again perfect for most 8 year olds (the average weight for 8 year old kids is about 56 lbs.)

The durable, extra wide plastic tires usually make it easy for this Radio Flyer to quickly spin out on noticeably hard surfaces (which can be a lot of fun).

In addition, you will be getting three speed modes (Its top speed is 8mph) and good power (it is powered by 2 rear motors, which is really awesome).

The battery life is up to scratch too (The 24v battery lasts a solid 45-minutes once fully charged, subject to your kiddo’s weight and the type of terrain he/she uses it on)

The description say ages 3 to 8 but it’s more fun for the older tots who are more adept at driving electric cars and are out for extra thrill.

We again would suggest to have your daughter/son wear a helmet when riding this.

Quick Tip: To adjust its seat to fit him/her, remove the 2 screws holding the seat in place (on the car bottom) and move the seat appropriately then re-secure the holding screws (See Step 10 in your assembly manual)

Key specifications

Minimum Age 3- 8 year olds
Dimensions 43” (L) x 30.25” (W) x 37.2” (H)
Max Rider Weight 81 lbs
Maximum Speed 8MPH (2 other speeds settings- 2. 5, 5, and Single 2.5 mph reverse speed)
Battery 24 V lead-acid
Run Time Runs from 45 minutes (or longer)
Seat 3 positions adjustable seat
Brake No real brake (brakes when you let off the gas pedal)
Weight 45.86 lbs



  • Good legroom.
  • It glides through grass without problems thanks to the rubber traction on its front tires and the customized drifting rear tires.
  • For his/her younger sibling, it comes with a parent-controlled speed lock to help you control the riding speed.


  • A little expensive.
  • Tires are not made of rubber.



Peg Perego Polaris Green Shadow RZR Ranger

ride on toys for 8 10 year olds 2 seater

The popular Polaris Ranger RZR (Green Shadow) by Peg Perego is a monster-like 2-seater electric off-road car for adventurous youngsters (from 6 years and up) that can hit max speed of 10km/h (7mph).

Its extraordinary wheels adapt impressively to all types of terrain and easily tackles slopes (of up to 17%) not to mention that it is superb even over brutal terrain.

It runs on a 24V(12 Ah) rechargeable battery which typically runs for several hours without running out of juice.

It does go truly fast compared to other Peg Perego power wheels for 8 year olds and that’s the greatest fun part about this ride on car!

And we love that its tires have some rubber band/strip on them to enhance traction, which is a big plus.

Overall, it is one of the best power wheels for 8 year olds and will probably fit the bill

Quick Tip: You can have it in the low speed mode at the start since it has significant more torque and power (than his/her older power wheels) so it can take a little while to get used to at first.

Key specifications

Minimum Age 3- 8 year olds
Dimensions 43” (L) x 30.25” (W) x 37.2” (H)
Max Rider Weight 81 lbs.
Maximum Speed 8MPH (2 other speeds settings- 2. 5, 5, and Single 2.5 mph reverse speed)
Battery 24 V lead-acid
Run Time Runs from 45 minutes (or longer)
Seat 3 positions adjustable seat
Brake No real brake (brakes when you let off the gas pedal)
Weight 45.86 lbs.



  • It runs well on grass (as well as pavements).
  • The battery runs a long time.
  • Huge legroom for your kid (don’t forget he/she can ride it with a friend if they are both not so big).


  • No working lights on this ride on car for 8 year olds.
  • Lacks a speed controller.




Do they make power wheels for 8 year olds?

Yes but the choices are not as many as for younger kids (as you can see above).

That being so, you may consider upgrading to a slightly different product such as a Razor Dirt Quad, if your kid wants to experience a little more joy.


Final words

These are great products for your older child- there is a lot of legroom, decent speed, and better power.

Try your pick- he/she could be so thrilled that riding it will soon become his/her favorite daily ritual.

Be sure to read other parents’ reviews on Amazon before purchasing- learning from parents who already own one is the best way to avoid burning money on a product that is not worth it.


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