How to charge a power wheels battery –Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

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The quickest way to kill your power wheels battery is not to charge it properly.

Below we answer all your questions with respect to power wheels battery charging instructions, power wheels battery care, and more.

How to charge a power wheels battery – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long does power wheels battery need to be charged before its fully charged?

If your battery is drained all the way down, then you are looking at between 10 to 12 hours of recharge time for most 12v batteries including the newer 12V Grey P.W. Batteries.

This can however vary depending on the charger and the shape of the battery- some 12v batteries takes 8 to 14 hours and there are some which can ride after charging for just 2 hours once charged with quick charging chargers.

Bear in mind that identical charging time apply for 6v power wheels battery.


How do I know when my power wheels battery is charged?

If you have the standard charger without the indication light, then your only option is to time the charger.

Keep the following in mind if this is the route you are taking:

If the battery is completely discharged, then it will typically take between 8 to 14 hours to fully recharge.

Still on timing your power wheels battery charging time, if the battery is only run half way down, then you should cut the charge time in half to 4 to 5 hours.

You should not ,however, go over 30 hours (ever).


What happens if you dont charge power wheels battery for 18 hours before first use?

First, you’ll be in violation of federal law US code 186.29 sub-section D1.

Secondly, you’re likely to ruin the battery in no time (at best, do not expect a long service life out of the battery).

Is there a good 12v power wheels charger with indicator light?

The only new charger that Power-Wheels sells with the indication light these days is the 12V quick charger, which is actually a step up from the OEM charger that typically comes with the Power Wheels toys brand new.

The good thing is that the 12V quick charger is able to recharge the battery in about half the time (if not a little faster) than the OEM unit.


If the battery is not charging, how do you know if you need a new battery or it is the charger that needs to be replaced?

If your charger has an indicator light, it will tell you.

You see, if the red light blinks when it’s charging, then your battery is probably bad (remember it should illuminate solid red when charging and solid green, once the battery is fully charged).

Otherwise, you need to check the voltage of the battery using a voltmeter to see where it’s sitting.

To be clear, typically you’re going to find right under 13 volts for a fully-charged 12v battery (after the battery has settled- wait 30 minutes after charging) if the battery is fine.

On the other hand, you’re gonna find anything below 11.8v if it is busted.

Side note: For 6v batteries, you want a reading of 6.6-7 volts. Anything under 6.6volts usually points to a dead/dying battery.


Will power wheels charger automatically stop charging once the battery is fully charged to prevent battery damage?

The answer is: it depends on the charger.

If the charger is not an automatic shut off type and you leave it hooked up to the battery for an indefinite amount of time, then you risk ruining the battery.

Otherwise, some power wheels replacement charger “converts” to a trickle charger-a very slow, low voltage maintainer- once the battery is full to protect the battery from getting damaged.


How to charge a power wheels battery –important tips

How to charge a power wheels battery

First, below is an illustration of how to charge a power wheels battery properly:

How to charge a power wheels battery

A few things to note here:

  • Use the recommended charger– You would not want to blast your battery with a charger with higher amperage as you will be running the risk of blowing the battery.
  • Make sure the connections are solid– You need to ensure that there is good connection between the charger connector and the battery socket as well as where the charger plugs into the wall outlet.
  • Ensure the switch is ON– If power flow (to the outlet) is switch controlled, double check that the switch has been set to “ON”.
  • Disconnect the battery once it is fully charged– The battery should be disconnected once it has attained full charge (on the whole, this is considered a good practice when it comes to caring for power wheels batteries).

More power wheels battery charging tips

Check the battery before charging it

Before charging your power wheels battery, examine its case for deformities such as cracks or other damage which can cause the electrolyte (sulfuric acid) to leak when charging it.

Of course, you should not charge it if damage is noticed (and you certainly won’t use it in the vehicle).

Charge in an appropriate environment

Avoid charging the battery on surfaces which can be harmed by the electrolyte inside the battery (for example, kitchen counter tops).

Also, be sure to take precautions to shield the surfaces on which you will be placing your battery.

Finally, the battery should be charged in a well-ventilated area.


Power wheels battery care

  • Never let the battery run down completely (before charging).
  • Charge the power wheels battery before storing your ride on vehicle (and once per month- at least- even if your kiddo has not been riding it).
  • Charge the power wheels battery after every use(never mind how long the car was used).
  • Remove batteries from the vehicle if it will be sitting unused for long periods (for instance, during winter months).


Final words

Remember that failing to follow manufacturer’s charging instructions could damage your power wheels battery while voiding your warranty.

Most importantly, remember to charge your power wheels battery for 18 hours (initially) and for 8-14 hours (at least) after each ride (and avoid charging it longer than 30-hours).

All in all, it is best to check what your power wheels owners manual says to be sure you’re doing the right thing (go through the entire “power wheels battery charging instructions” section).


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