Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers

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It’s never too late to show your kids around the world of art and crafts and a nice time to introduce them is during the spooky season.

That being so, we have compiled a list of a good number of Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers below.

Just before we start, it is good to mention that some of the activities will require materials that you need to purchase while a fair share needs locally available materials.

Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers

Here is the list of easy Halloween arts and crafts for your toddler (keep in mind that some are quite creepy).

Salt dough

What I like about making salt dough is that it is cheap to make and also edible.

You can make things in it and air dry it.

You can leave it plain or color it with food coloring.

Try this


Make stained glass

Look for contact papers and have colorful tissues papers scraps torn into tiny bits and help your kid make stained glass windows.

Try this


Make Bat bottle

I bet that you take coke occasionally and throw the empty bottles away.

Don’t do that anymore-instead rinse the bottle and let it dry so that you can make a bat bottle from it.

How to do it:

Let your little one paint the bottle black with your help (if needed) then help them add some googly eyes and fangs.

You can use glue to stick some paper wings so it’ll be transformed into a not-so-creepy bat.

Watch this

Make Colorful pumpkins

This is so simple: All that is needed is to paint different pumpkins(with a different pastel shade) and then add small ghosts, squiggly lines, bats, and tiny triangles in different colors.

Don’t do all the art and crafts all alone…take turns so that your kids will learn from you.

By so doing, you and the kiddo will have added brightness to your home as you celebrate Halloween.

Example project

Pumpkin potato stamps

Making stamps out of pumpkins and potatoes is yet another amazing idea.

Your kid will definitely love this because kids love carving pumpkins so let him/her carve a pumpkin into a potato.

Then after that, they can dip it into paint and use it as a cute Halloween stamp.


Wooden ghost leaves

On Halloween, missing a ghost-like craft is not a good idea that’s why we have this one.

Just give your little one a brush and let them paint a wooden leaf with white paint.

After that, place it somewhere to dry and once it dries, tell them to paint two dots on it to make ghost eyes.

He/she should also paint a larger hole for the mouth.

Remember for the eyes and mouth preferred color would be black.


Ghost mason jars

What you need here is a mason jar and some paint.

But you need to be there to give your kiddo instructions on how they should paint the jar (white paint is preferable) then add on a face with different color(Here it is mostly black paint).

The final step is adding a Halloween festive ribbon to the ghost jar.


Popcorn pumpkins

For a Halloween party, this is one of the crafts that your kid should not miss.

You just need to fill a clear snack bag with popcorn then give them a permanent marker.

Next, under your supervision, tell them to sketch a Jack-o’-lantern face on it.


Make a Tide Pod Container Pumpkin

These pod containers are usually orange in color and have a good shape to make Halloween pumpkins.

Before your toddler starts this craft, ensure that the containers are clean(by washing thoroughly)

Once the container is clean, go ahead and paint the pumpkin top(the lid) with  a nice bright color followed by glittery green.

Then the chenille stem can be recreated with pipe cleaners to come up with a tide pod container pumpkin.


Googly-eyed wreath

To make this you must have a paper plate.

Once you get one, help your kiddo cut out the center part of the plate to come up with a ring shape.

You then have the little one paint the ring that is left orange and add as many googly eyes to it as he/she can.

Here you must help almost 100%.


Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers-more arts and crafts

Footprint witches

Toddlers are usually madly in love with painting so let your little one cover their feet in their favorite color paint to create a Halloween witch.

I can tell you it will be messy but very worth it.


Yarn monster

All that is needed to make a yarn monster (preferably purple)is  scissors, a big goodly eye (obvious for the monster eyes), and glue to join the parts together.

Once you have everything, your little one will with your help make a yarn monster within no time.

Watch this for instructions


Halloween Rock Painting

This is a rock painting project with a twist.

And again nothing much is required- just paints, brushes, and rocks to paint and you and the kiddo get started.

You can challenge the little one to see who paints the most beautiful rocks.

Watch a tutorial


Magnet Pumpkin

My toddler loves playing with a magnet so much and that is where this idea came in for Halloween.

All you need is: a few snap lids (which I’m sure you have to lie around your home), orange acrylic paint, brushes, some green felt, googly eyes, and magnets

After gathering all the supplies, help the kiddo paints the snap lids and he/she will absolutely like how they will turn out.

Be sure to decorate them creatively.

Allow him/her play with them once they’re done.


Paper Plate Spider Web craft project

This is not as easy for your toddler too and you need to be there to help.

Perhaps you can encourage your kiddo to do some practice on a regular paper beforehand.

After having an idea of what they’ll need to do, go ahead and grab markers and draw spider webs on the paper plate –help your kid draw, if necessary.

You can as well stick a craft spider or mini toy spider on it.

Watch this


Puffy Halloween Ghost

Pick up some cotton balls from amazon at a dirt cheap price and a cardstock(preferably black).

You can also use black yarn for this art although that is optional.

Watch this


Art and graft are the most fun and enjoyable activities and your toddler should not miss out on crafting during the Halloween season.

Crafting also helps toddlers improve hand-eye coordination not to mention they learn to recognize things (colors, shapes, and textures) easily.

So spare your time and try as many Halloween arts and crafts for toddlers as you can with your kiddo this Halloween.


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