How long do power wheels battery last?

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So, how long do power wheels battery?

Well, the short answer is: it depends on a broad range of factors, with the initial voltage (before riding) being very important.

The other key factor is the power draw of your specific power wheels motor.

There are other vital variables including the weight of your son/daughter, speed mode, type of terrain, and even the ground slope.

Read on to find out exactly how long both a 12V ride-on and a 6V power wheels battery last.


How long do power wheels battery last?

Let us first discuss 12 Volts power wheels batteries…

How long does a 12V ride on battery last?

Now, once fully charged, a 12V power wheels battery should last 4-5 hours (at least) with your kiddo constantly riding his/her ride on car.

In fact, a typical 12 Volts battery such as this 12-Volt rechargeable power wheels replacement battery can last the whole day when new even when used hard (provided you charged it for the recommended 18 hours before use).

When I say hard, I mean those things that kids do when riding that increases battery draw -for example, running at full speed (most of the time) or starting and stopping it a lot.

Needless to say, you should expect more playtime if he/she is not riding continually or is a bit moderate- it can even go for 2 to 3 days with about 1 hour use each day.


What is the life expectancy of 12 Volts PW battery?

Now, for the most part, 12 volts power wheels batteries mostly last for between 2 to 3 years.

Again the lifetime varies depending on considerations such as:

  • Your usual usage (this boils down to the motor in the toy and how your son/daughter rides it- we have already seen that the battery will probably last for a shorter time if he/she rides it heavily)
  • Battery care (how well you take care of the battery).

The longest they have been reported to last is 6 years while with optimum care, the OEM battery can give you 4-5 years of thrill.


How long does a 6v ride on battery last?

6 volts power wheels battery last reasonably too – you can expect 45-60 minutes of fun per charge (with continuous riding).

What is the life expectancy of 6 Volts PW battery?

Just like the 12v power wheels battery, 6 volts ride on batteries commonly have a lifespan of between 2 to 3 years.

You can, of course, get more life out of the battery with excellent care.

How long does a 24v power wheels battery last?

24v power wheels batteries again vary primarily on your power wheels’ motor power consumption but it should typically give you between 2-4 hours of fun time.

What is the life expectancy of 24 Volts PW battery?

In general, the life expectancy is the same as 12V and 6V batteries- 2 to 3 years (the variables mentioned earlier apply).


How to make power wheels battery last longer

Since you now know the answer to the question “How long do power wheels battery”, what about trying to make your battery last longer?

Now, as repeatedly mentioned in the article, the most important thing is to make sure that you take proper care of the battery.

Put another way, if you take good care of the battery, you can bet on it reciprocating by way of running for longer and giving you longer service life.

Here are some tips you can practice if you want your battery to last longer:

Don’t exceed the weight limit

Weight is an important consideration and your battery will die sooner if the vehicle is overloaded.

That being so, don’t tow things with the toy (it may overload it) and ensure the weight of the rider is within the limit.


Don’t charge it for more than 30 hours (or the time indicated in your vehicles owner’s manual)

Overcharging the battery gradually weakens its performance and may ultimately kill it prematurely.

On the same note, do not undercharge a power wheels battery as it will begin to go downhill.

Quick Note: Please check your power wheels owner’s manual for other battery charging and care instructions. It is important to follow them if you want to avoid battery disappointments.


Keep away from bumpy terrains

This may not always be practical but it’s worth it when you can.


If you’re riding the vehicle on bumpy (and other difficult) terrain, the car inevitably sucks more juice so the battery tends to dry up sooner than when driving on ‘normal’ conditions.

Get a spare Battery

If you wanted to keep the cost down, it would make a lot of sense to buy a second P.W brand battery.

With that, when one battery runs down, you just take it out and put in the spare battery.

You then put the drained battery on the charger and time it (for 8-14 hours depending on the battery brand and charger).

This extends the life of your batteries (since they never get overcharged).


If shopping for a replacement battery, go for more amps

A battery with fewer amps won’t run as long as a higher amp battery does- amps have a huge say on how long the battery will run.

In a nutshell, more amps equal more driving time (and smiles).

To illustrate, a 12Ah rated 12V P.W. batter will generally outlast a 9.5Ah rated battery -in theory, the battery will have more capacity.

Keep that in mind when it’s time to replace your power wheels battery.

The only downside of going for a higher AH battery is that it needs longer to recharge.

But there is a good workaround for the issue: instead of using the stock charger, invest in a decent after-market corresponding charger such as this (12V) or this 6V premium quality charger.

These recharges faster and end up lengthening the life of the battery thanks to their intelligent charging (they switch to float charging when the battery is full).

Quick Tip: Your goal is to get a battery with a higher Ah rating (and not to change the voltage). Note that the voltage should be the same (it is what matters when it comes to compatibility).

Final words

The good thing is that on the whole, power wheels battery can last for pretty long if well taken care of (and I have shared some ways you can take good care of your power wheels battery in the article).

Good luck.


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