Best ipad games for 3 year olds in 2023

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We recently recommended best app games for 4 year olds(educational)

As a follow-up, this article is a collection of the best ipad games for 3 year olds to keep your 3YO occupied for long periods(of time) including some of the best fun educational games on App Store.

Let’s get started!

Best ipad games for 3 year olds

ABC Mouse

This is one game that your child will never get tired of playing.

It has so many levels, games, and lessons that make learning fun(it not only teaches the alphabet and vocabulary but also math, arts/colors, and even music).

Download ABC Mouse app game


Busy Shapes 2

The ability of your child to see something and replicate it using his/her hand is very important (Eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills).

With the puzzle game, this is sorted out.

Read its reviews or Download the game from AppStore.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is an educational and really funny game that will help your kid to identify colors, letters, and shapes.

In addition, he/she will start learning to count as well as spotting differences between objects and memorizing by sight as they help the monkey pack lunch!

My son’s favorite part of the app is that he gets rewarded with “stickers” after every couple of games.

Download Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app



Balloon Pop

This is another greatly entertaining app game that is easy to play for 3 year olds..

There’s never-ending fun as your child pops the colorful balloons while progressing through the many different levels(the challenges keep children immersed for long periods-of time just popping balloons).

Download Balloon Pop game app


Toca Boca

This is a super fun free game(there are some cheap In-App Purchases however)  that your kid should not miss.

It is part of the immensely popular Toca Life World mega game app and kids enjoy it a lot -It is a simple app game and the child play by collecting other places and characters.

Bear in mind that even if it’s rated 4+ years, it can be perfectly played (and enjoyed) by most 3-year -olds.

Download Toca Boca game app


Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

There are many interactive activities in the app and most kids favorite is setting the table and making the pancakes.

Kids also love brushing Daniel’s teeth and picking out his pajamas..

Honestly, your child will love everything within this app

Oh, and the app works without data/Wi-Fi access.

Download the app/read reviews


Soga mini

Your son/daughter is missing out if he/she has not tried this iPad game app.

What makes it such a fantastic app is the collection of some 40+ award-winning educational and fun games (in one app) meaning your kid is unlikely to ever get bored.

Additionally, the characters are super cute so your child will obviously love them, especially if he/she likes imaginative play.

Download the app/read reviews


Animals for Toddlers and Kids

This is another pretty engaging app about animals that can be an easy and playful way of educating your 3 year old son/daughter about different animals.

My son (3 year old) really loves the animal pictures and he tends to become deeply engrossed whenever he takes the book.

Remember the app also teaches kids different animals’ unique sounds!

Download the app/read reviews


PBS kids games

there’s no dull moment with PBS kids games as 240+ educational fun-filled games-from your kid’s favorite shows- are just mind-blowing.

Your son/daughter will thoroughly enjoy playing classic games like Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger, Alma’s Way, Donkey Hodie, and more.

Download the app/read reviews

Thomas and friends-go go Thomas!

This is an exciting kiddos’ racing game whose graphics match the cartoon perfectly. It actually includes all their favorite Thomas characters

Download the app/read reviews



Another educational game we really like – it’s worth every penny (there’s a monthly subscription)

Just to be clear, it’s a comprehensive educational program whose numerous interesting activities make it so engaging.

Download the app/read reviews

Sago mini games

Your little one builds, creates, and pretends with this thoughtfully-designed collection of games that sparks curiosity.

He/she explores outer space, meets funny dinosaur friends, builds a robot, becomes a superhero, serves customers at a dinner, and more – all these in their whimsical world.

Download the app/read reviews


Best ipad games for 3 year olds-free games

Peekaboo Barn Life

Here children learn about farm in a playful manner –from their names to sounds.

Remember that while peekaboo is a free game, you need to pay if you want to upgrade to the official Peekaboo Barn app(there are more kid-centric features).

Download the app/read reviews



This free games app is designed to help get your kiddo ready for school as they play- it teaches a lot of essential early learning concepts including letters (with Alphablocks) and numbers(with Numberblocks) in the two fun games.

Download the app/read reviews


Bingo ABC

This is a song-based app that uses music to teach and entertain children for free.

With Bingo ABC, your child will learn phonics while singing along to classic nursery rhymes and playing games on a colorful animated farm.

Download the app/read reviews


Animal Sounds

This is another app if you want your kid to learn about different wild animals..

There are more than 100 animal sounds(realistic sounds) and matching high resolution photos so it’s like taking your kid to the zoo from an iPad.

Download the app/read reviews


Best ipad games for 3 year olds – Conclusion

A good way of fighting boredom and learning for children these days is by playing games on digital devices.

The above are some of the best ipad games for 3 year olds that you can have your 3YO play for entertainment and learning whenever you want to keep him/her occupied.

Keep in mind that for the most part, 3YOs can play them pretty independently..


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