Best app games for 4 year olds (educational)

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Finding suitable app games for your kids is no mean feat- most of the those you find on Playstore/Appstore are either teeming with terrible ads or are simply very low quality.

So we have looked here and there and compiled a list of some decent kid-centric apps for 4 year olds that are engaging and fun..


Best app games for 4 year olds (educational and fun)

Here are some entertaining and/or educational app games for 4 year olds that are worth exploring..


Endless alphabet

When it comes to learning ABC’s (alphabet) and building vocabulary, no app beats the delightfully interactive educational Endless alphabet app.

Your preschooler will, in particular, like the adorable video animations(illustrating the definition) and puzzles(with talking letters).

In short, it is one of the best apps for preparing kiddos for things they will learn in kindergarten.

It’s not free but there’s an option to try it for free.

Try Endless alphabet for free

Toca Nature

This game is great for introducing your kiddo to nature- animals, trees, a range of plants, mountains, and more.

Your child can set up a nice habitat and care for animals (and also take pictures of animals to save for later viewing).

From planting trees (growing a forest), feeding the myriad animals, to climbing a mountain (and enjoying the view), there’s a ton of interesting things your kids can do here…they’ll also collect mushrooms, berries (or nuts), and more.

We cannot recommend this fantastic app for your little one highly enough.

Watch the trailer


Moose Math – Great for mathematical adventure

Moose math is a fantastic educative game that teaches numbers, counting, patterns, and more making it another great game to try for your preschooler.

Watch its trailer

Busy Shapes

This is yet another excellent learning tool with both a free version and paid version.

We recommend it if you want a game that helps your son/daughter learn shapes and colors recognition.

In general, it helps more in honing motor skills.

Try Busy Shapes (Android /Apple)


Homer: Fun Learning For Kids

Do you want your child to learn without involving you?

If yes, this is the app to go for- it is thoughtfully made and there are wonderful learning games for children aged 2-8.

There are a lot of playful kids learning games designed for preschoolers to kids in kindergarten(letter recognition, phonics, painting, etc.).

Try Homer program (Android /Apple)


My Play Home

This is an amazing dolls house app(It’s a dolls house where your kiddo can use everything- closets, the TV, shower, and more)

This doll house simulator is massively interactive so your child so there’s no limit to what your child can explore and/or use in the house.

We are very pleased with this best pretend play app and we suggest you check it out too (Android /Apple)


Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night

Here kids learn morning as well as bedtime routines through play(think of important to-dos like brushing their teeth, dressing, taking a bath, night games, etc.).


One thing we love about this app game is that your little one can play it without data/internet access(the app, however, takes up significant space in your device).

Keep in mind that the app is rated 4+..

Get it (Android /Apple)

Writing wizard

This app is also fantastic for soon-to-be kindergarteners- it will help him/her learn his/her letters and is one of the very best when it comes to learning hand writing (lines have different styles/fonts).

Indeed, it also allows you to add his/her vocabulary and even sight word list!

Plus, there’s a layer built-in (in the background) that you (the parent) can access to check what your young one has worked on (even how his/her words looked as they were tracing).

Get it (Android/AppStore)

Disney coloring app

Disney coloring app is a fantastic app with different characters for your child to color in different ways- Kids especially love its “Rainbow” color option.

So you may want to let your preschooler enjoy coloring with this easy-to-use app.

Get it (Android/AppStore)


Flashcards App

This has a ton of nice features for creating flashcards and it can be an easy way to help your 4YO improve visual memory.

And yes, it’s so simple to create their own flashcards or select from existing ones.

Get it (Playstore/AppStore)


ABC mouse

ABC Mouse is a popular award-winning learning app/program that covers all the essentials (art, music, reading, math, and more).

Unsurprisingly, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Download ABC Mouse


Dr. Panda games

This app keeps kids entertained through many wondrous adventures..

He/she can walk around Town- and Visit the mall- or even go shopping spree (and there are tons of amazing stores to choose from).

He/she can even take an exotic vacation to more than six glamorous islands(To experience sweet “real-life” things without consequences)!

Overall, we recommend this game for your children because it offers them unique learning experiences that encourage imagination, curiosity, and exploration.

Get it (Playstore/AppStore)


Best educational app games for 4 year olds-free apps

Preschool & Kindergarten Games

Preschool & Kindergarten Games has thirty (30) interactive educational games with so many different engaging topics for your children to work with things (shapes, letters, pictures, and more).

The most favorite piece for many kids is the memory game with 12 pieces.

Get it Android/AppStore


PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games has a large variety of games for your son/daughter to play including characters from his/her favorite shows and there is a high probability your preschooler will like it.

Get it Android/AppStore


Khan academy app

Your 4 year old can learn just-about anything from different subjects like painting to drawing (and on any device!) with the Khan academy app..

The games in there all 100% free(there are no in-app ads, purchases, or subscriptions).

Get it Playstore/AppStore

Wrapping up

There goes our list of recommended best app games for 4 year olds (educative) both premium and free.

So don’t let your little one get bored at home.



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