Power wheels buying guide: All about buying power wheels

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Power wheels can be a truly unforgettable birthday, New Year, or Christmas gift for your kid or grandkid.

So, what should you look out for when buying a power wheels for your youngster this coming holiday?

This power wheels buying guide has all the answers..

Read it to the end.

Power wheels buying guide: All about buying power wheels

His/her age comes first

Different Power wheels are designed to be driven by kids at different ages (and this has got something to do with the skill set required to drive it).

So check out the recommended age limit (and do not forget to read the comments of other buyers about the perfect age) before purchasing.


Consider his/her Weight

The weight limit (and it is usually indicated on the power wheels documentation) should not be exceeded so it is important to purchase one that is within his weight range.

But you and I know that kids grow fast and you would hate to buy a power wheels that he will soon outgrow.

So it is best to go for a power wheels whose weight restriction leaves a little bit of room to grow into.

For example, if your toddle weighs 22 lbs, you can go for a power wheels with a 60 lb weight limit since he/she will ride it for some time before outgrowing it.


Compare his/her height with the dimensions of the power wheels

While looking at the age and weight, it is good to have an idea about his/her height.

Typically, you want a power wheels whose dimensions are big enough to have him/her fit in the car comfortably (Whether he will fit comfortably in the cockpit typically depends more on his/her height).

I cannot emphasize this enough- there can never be pleasure in riding a vehicle that is too tight for him/her (so you cannot afford to ignore comparing his/her height with the vehicle’s dimensions).


What is its fastest speed?

Beginners are at home with a slow speed but they will want to go a little faster as soon as they master the basics.

Now, for the most part, kids will be fine for a power wheels with a max speed of 5 mph (it’s not too fast neither is it too slow)

So, what is the fastest power wheels around?

The fastest power wheels I have seen runs at 6 MPH and has 3 speed options (low, medium, and high).

But if you have a budget, it is possible to modify any power wheels to go faster if you have a teen that is obsessed with speed.

Going in reverse can also be fun so check if it has a reverse speed.

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Are the tires plastic or rubber?

Plastic tires are more common but they do not offer the traction that rubber tires (go for the pretty nobby) provide particularly on terrain such as snow and grass.

So if the tires are rubber, it could be AWESOME!

And the good news is that you can always upgrade to power wheels rubber tires (in readiness for next summer) if necessary.


What about the battery?

If you really want your kids to have maximum fun, go for a power wheels with a battery that lasts for a good while.

Yeah, you can upgrade the battery but that would come at an extra cost so try to get it right the first time by double-checking the reviews(12V batteries are generally more common on power wheels these days).

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One seater, Two seater, or Four seater?

A one-seater is the most popular but if your kid loves riding with a friend/sibling (or you have inseparable twins), a two seater power wheels that is huge enough should be the way to go.

Also, make sure the product weight rating can handle two riders (confirm that the size of the seats is big enough too).

And can you purchase a 4 seater Power Wheels?

Well, 4 seater power wheels do actually exist but they are built to carry 2 kids only (there are 4 seats yes, but those currently on the market are too tiny to fit 4 kids) so keep that in mind.


Go for durability

We all want products that will last for as long as possible and this remains true when it comes to buying a power wheels.

If available, pick a ride-on car with a sturdy steel frame (the idea is to try to pick a unit with the highest all-round construction quality).


Do you need a Remote control?

Remotes take away much of the fun for older tots but it can be lifesaving if your young one is new to power wheels (or if he/she loves to pull hair raising stunts)!

You simply take charge of the car through the remote control if things get wild while he/she is driving his/her new ride on car.


Safety belts are a good idea

Just as with an adult’s car, there is another important feature for your kiddo’s safety: a safety belt.

In fact, if a seatbelt is not used in power wheels such as the Dune Racer (it does not come with safety belts so you need to add suitable aftermarket safety belts) a small child could definitely slide around.

The good thing is that most ride-on cars come with good quality safety belts that help provide extra safety to your little champion.

That said, some come with just decorative seat belts (not safety rated) and your child (especially those below three years) could be at risk, if something undesirable occurs.

Quick Tip: A safety belt has another huge plus- it will teach your kids the good practice of always wearing a seatbelt at a very early age.

The thing is, with the remote control, a good brake system (and/or a high-speed lock out), and safety belts, you will never have to worry about your little one’s safety.

Let’s now turn to the extras that can make a difference during his/her daily riding ritual..


Be on the lookout for exclusive features

Here are some extra features to consider since they can go a long way in making his/her driving experience more fulfilling:

  • Metal sidebars – These provide hand support when your kid is getting into the car (and they also help keep young kids from easily falling out).
  • Entertainment features– He/she will be having a time of their life riding if the power wheels can play MP3 music as well as pretend radio.
  • Openable doors- Working doors that open and close for easy out and in are a big plus.
  • Storage area– A roomy (rear) storage area is a great way for your kid to bring his playing stuff along.
  • Real working lights – Functional headlights and taillights add to the excitement.
  • Others- Working turn signals, license plates, removable toy barbecue (with everything needed for yummy pretend play), retractable windows, and sporting extras such as a practice net (and toy balls) can all create a more awesome driving adventure.

Final words

We hope that our power wheels buying guide has helped enlighten you on what matters most when shopping for a suitable power wheels for your kiddo.

If you are still not sure what power wheels to pick, check out our latest power wheels reviews.



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