Video games for 5 year olds – 25 best video games for 5 year olds

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If you’re trying to think of some good video games for 5 year olds you can play with your kid (or games he can play with buddies or siblings), you want to read this to the end.

We have found for you some awesome games for this age group- they meet all the important criteria (simple, easy controls, super fun, and non- violent).

Video games for 5 year olds – 5 best video games for 5 year olds

Grid 1 video

This racing video game brings instant excitement and epic racing moments and has drama everywhere.

Your 5-year old will most likely have a blast (the only downside is that it’s a little difficult since kids can crash their cars).

Check it on Steam.

Need for Speed: Underground 2

This cross-platform racing game is so much loved by kids this age too and can be a good bet as well.

It’s really easy to play and it gets kids’ creativity go a notch higher since it’s quite lively- and this is how it challenges young gamers to hone their driving skills.

It’s actually one of the best-selling racing games around.

Read its reviews here.

Diablo 3 Video Game

This fantasy action RPG (role playing game) is a nice option for noobs at RPG’s and we also recommend it.

The gameplay is absolutely crisp and fluid.

Plus, there’s a range of items, builds, and quests to keep your child interested.

There is not much chaos so it’s definitely a safe option.

Explore it here.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This adventure game is amazingly fun for kids of all ages and can be another wonderful alternative for your 5 old.

The humor is on the money, the animation perfect, and the characters pretty cute.

In addition, it is super easy (for most kids) while there are great role models your kid will be learning from.

In short, everything is spot-on in this video game and kids thoroughly enjoy themselves playing it.

It’s on Steam.

Quick Tip: Overall, you cannot go wrong with Lego video games when it comes to kids so be sure to get him/her other Lego games afterward.

Abzu video game

We also love Abzu because of two primary reasons:

  1. There are no penalties for kids that are yet to master the controls
  2. He/she can’t die in the game

Other than that, the game is philosophical, peaceful, beautiful, and utterly interesting.

Oh, and there is a genuine journey feel to the game too (everything goes on underwater).

See more here.

Video games for 5 year olds – a list of 20 more games we recommend

Minecraft – A sure favorite among children of all ages. Minecraft is all about placing blocks along with going on magical adventures. Minecraft is so good that some folks rate it higher than Lego games.

Farming Simulator Let your wannabe farmer enjoy the deepest and most-complete farming experience by playing farming simulator.

Burnout: Paradise City– Another relatively kid-friendly racing video game with intriguing online challenges, brilliant cars and bikes, and even teeth-shattering crashes(Yeah!)

Super NES classic (with 21 games)- Go for this  if you want your kid to savor the fun of old school gaming. It’s a novelty and there are 21 games including the legendary Super Mario Kart.

Oregon Trail– If you’re looking for educational video games, this will teach your kid that life has not always been easy (this can be helpful in their self-discovery journey).

World of Goo– Still on education, introduce your little one to physics and engineering essentials in a thrilling and interesting way (it is a simple click-and-drag puzzle / construction game).

Machinarium– This adventure/puzzle game’s pleasing backgrounds (hand-drawn) and strange characters usually make it fun and engaging. It can be great if you want a game that will challenge his/her imagination.

Mini NinjasWhile it’s generally best for kids 7-8 years, most 5 year olds have no problem figuring out this game and usually go on to revel in it. Kids play as Hiro, a  pint-sized warrior who can do anything to defeat his enemies (samurai warriors).

Puzzle Quest– This is a hilarious tactical puzzle video game in which kids match gems on the 2D puzzle board in return for points. Keep in mind that there is mild violence as players battle other Warlords in the combat parts.

Osmos video game– This unique puzzle game is perfect if you want something to inspire your son/daughter to start thinking about science. The elegant, physics-based gameplay will get him/her hooked.

Botanicula –This is an acclaimed humor-filled adventure game where a bunch of 5 friends embark on an adventure to save their home tree’s last seed from the evil parasitic creatures.

Proteus – Proteus is an unusual exploration game that takes kids to a surreal island where they just need to explore and discover. There is nothing else to do but simply observe and keep exploring the extraordinary island.

Rayman Legends– This action-packed platform video game contains mystery, adventure, and thrill, all in one package and is excellent as a 4-player co-op (meaning your kid can play with their friends when they don’t want to play with you).

Overcooked– This is a fantastic cooking simulation co-op game where your kid (and you or their siblings/friends) will be preparing, cooking, and serving myriad delicacies to baying customers. The chaos really test their patience.

Race the sun– Your kid controls a solar-powered craft as it races (at breakneck speed) through the minimalist landscape in a race against time that is ultimately futile… He/she earns points continually as long as they keep the spacecraft is moving.


Final words

We cannot claim to have exhausted all the genius video games out there that are normally immense fun for 5 year olds so you can keep looking.

Remember the rules: Only select games that are simple to understand for kids this age (you also want easy controls) and not violent (or full of foul language).

Happy gaming to your little princess/prince!



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