Outdoor activities for 4 year olds to keep your kid entertained

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If you’re determined to get your 4 year old off the screen this year, below are some interesting outdoor activities for 4 year olds that you could consider introducing your son or daughter to.

Interesting and fun outdoor activities for 4 year olds

Remember that while older kids can use their imagination to come up with fun activities to do while hanging out there, younger kids just won’t.

For that reason, it is very important that you have an idea of engaging and practical activities you may want them to try out when you go outside.

To point you in the right direction, here are some lovely activities that will keep your 4 year old girl or boy busy and entertained when you go outdoors:

Set up a sandbox for your child

A sandbox should be top of your list of outdoor activities for 4 year olds because kids really love playing and jumping in the sand!

In truth, there are not so many activities that can keep a 4 year old as occupied in independent play as a sand table.

Pretend campout

If you’re looking for an activity that is wonderful for imaginative play, buy him/her a pretend campout set.

These sets (here is one example with a lot of camping accessories) are perfect to carry along on your campouts because he/she will do everything you do.

So consider taking your kid’s pretend camping gear out with you and let your child have a blast pretending to camp like dad and mum during summer.


Play Ball Games

Playing ball games is one of the best ways to have your child improve their coordination considerably so it’s another outdoor activity you may want him/her to give a shot at.

Plus, your boy or girl will never have a dull moment when the family goes outside if they have always been obsessed with anything that looks like a ball.

This amazing ball set (softball, baseball, and wiffle ball) can be an excellent start if you want your outdoors-loving child to learn sports.


Play Bubble popping game

With this exciting bubble blower maker, your 4 year old grandson or granddaughter will have a blast for hours as they chase and pop the massive bubbles coming out of this wonderful machine!

Oh, and the “bubble in bubble” concept is awesome (it makes massive bubbles with little bubbles inside the huge bubble!).


Play bean bag toss game

Preschool kids absolutely enjoy the beanbag toss game and what makes it so special is that he/she can play not just with other kiddos but also with you.

And as a bonus, you can teach your child basic score-keeping skill while playing this game.

We highly recommend it especially because 4 year olds typically have no problem holding (or throwing) the bean bags.

Here is a super fun beanbag toss game set to get your kid started.

Grill with him/her

Grilling with your lil one and teaching him/her the basics can set your kiddo on the right track if you want them to become a grill master later in life.

And the good thing is you only need to bring along a realistic sounding grill set such as this.

Your reward? He/she will soon be serving your perfectly cooked steaks (and grilled corn) all the time when you go out!

Watching and exploring nature

What about having your kiddo spend time watching and studying insects, rocks, trees, leaves, and any other objects out there in the magical world surrounding them?

It can be a fantastic way of piquing their curiosity and boosting their confidence (they’ll ultimately learn a lot about nature).

Here they will need a complete outdoor explorer kit like this.



Have your child act amateur paleontologist

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity for Easter, doing an Easter egg hunt with this kit can be a brilliant timepass particularly for dinosaur-obsessed 4 year olds.

Your child will have an out-of-this-world experience digging up the 12 dino eggs and discovering twelve unique dinosaur models.

Put another way, your little guy or girl will feel pretty much like real paleontologists as he/she go about excavating up the rare toy dinosaurs from the included dino eggs.


Create their own fort

Another trick you can turn to if you want to keep a 4 year old busy for long periods of time is having them build their own fort when out there.

It’s very easily the most amazing activity for kids who love building things!

You will definitely need an excellent building kit like this for the activity (with it, kids can design multiple things not just a fort- a house, castle, rocket ship, and so much more!)


Build them an Obstacle course

This classic activity is still a solid way to keep kids distracted for hours.

The best part?

You can use all kinds of items to make a challenging obstacle course -lawn chairs, jump rope, a cloth tunnel, and anything else you find ideal.

Don’t forget to have your kids time themselves (and they should always try to beat previous records).


Have kids do some crafts

For kids who seem to be passionate about arts and crafts (or of you want to introduce your child to DIY crafts early enough), perhaps you should give him or her some craft projects when you go outside.

You can start them with something basic depending on the materials you can easily obtain..

Be sure to give him/her instructions on what to create (or help them a bit) if your kid is a total novice.


Final words

Spending a great deal of time in front of a screen indoors can be detrimental to kids’ wellbeing so the above outdoor activities for 4 year olds should be something every parent considers for their children.

One final thing: Don’t fear to take some of your durable indoor toys outside as long as you have space and necessary conditions.

For example, a Foam Pogo Jumper can withstand outdoor use and it’s fabulous for exercise.


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