Outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy [20+ fantastic gift ideas]

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If your son is obsessed with outdoor stuff (play and activities), there are many gifts you can buy him to keep him busy, active, and laughing – summer can be especially a great time with kids outdoors.

Below are some of our favorite outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy to point you in the right direction if you have been struggling to come up with creative ideas!

Outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy

Forget about typical toys (kids get used to them pretty much in one day while some are never used)- here are some of the most amazing outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy:



These are universally wonderful and a nice idea for boys (and even girls) who love being outside.

The best thing if you buy a skateboard for him at this age is it will you get him started early enough (and it can help him upstage some of the older and more experienced peers at school).

Here is a nice one.


Wiggle Car Ride-On Toy Car

Kids get hours of insane fun riding on a wiggle car and it can be another lovely outdoor gift idea.

It holds up fairly well on sidewalks (and decent concrete) and can be fantastic if you just have a small outdoor space (particularly with a flat/ concrete surface).

Just be aware that an outdoor carpet can be necessary with the wiggle car, depending on where you’re riding it.

Oh, and have him wear a helmet if riding on pavements or uneven terrain.

Just to mention, the Plasma car can be an awesome alternative to the wiggle car.

EzyRoller Classic RideOn – Red

Most 6 year old boys love this so much!

It’s so easy to learn, friendly for kids to use, safe and such a thrill (it moves pretty much like a snake -with right left leg movements).

Have him wear a helmet too!!!


Outdoor Explorer Set (for boys who love science and adventure)

Why not gift your adventurous 6 year old son or grandson this mini Outdoor explorer set so he can feel “official” when he goes outside on a mission to find and collect interesting stuff?

The vest has a lot of pockets for your boy to store whatever outdoor treasures he stumbles upon while it comes with other essentials for exploration including binoculars.

Overall, this is one of the best outdoor gifts for boys who love science and adventure.

Outdoor playhouse

Another amazing gift for outdoorsy boys around 6 years old (and the whole family) is this super “intro” cute playhouse.

Him and his buddies will have crazy fun playing in this little house and the kitchen is definitely an added bonus.

The working doorbell is usually a big hit with boys this age too.

The only downside is that it is sometimes small for big 6 year olds so it is important to compare the dimensions with the size of your boy(s).

Backyard Discovery’s Skyfort II (All Cedar) Wood Swing Set (ultimate at-home playground!)

Kids can’t get enough of this  Skyfort and it looks spectacular in the backyard (the cedar is stained red).

Most importantly, it has every feature kids at this age cherish when it comes to playing together with neighbors/siblings.

A sandbox

A children’s sandbox in your backyard would still be perfect for your hyper active little man..

If you’d like to go that route, this is our number 1 pick- There is a huge play area,  holds plenty of sand, it’s very functional, it’s build quality is excellent, and  it is a breeze to assemble.

Tonka Excavator (for boys who love construction equipment)

If he is a serious little builder, you may also want to surprise him with a Tonka truck such as this Big Dig Excavator Crane.

It works perfectly whether on the beach, a large sandbox (digging and excavating sand), or on piles of snow in the winter (scooping snow).

Get it if you’re looking for a gift that will help him build muscle, improve his hand-eye coordination, and become better at problem solving.

You can as well go for this tough Tonka truck if he is a truck fanatic.


Blast Rocket Launcher

Get your boy running and jumping with friends and cousins (perfect exercise!) as they launch rockets up to 200 feet high with this popular Blast-Pad Rocket Launcher

It’s great entertainment and he will want to play all day long during your camping trips, cookouts, and more.

Other outdoor gifts for 6 year old boy

Because we don’t know what your boy already has and what he doesn’t- and also bearing in mind kids have different personalities and fantasies-, below are other outdoor gift ideas you may give a thought to:

  • Take him to a Local zoo, museum, or the best theme park– This can be a good way of creating nostalgic memories.



  • Clothes –Choose fancy clothes with an outdoor theme.


  • Fruit-picking adventure– Get him a gift card so that he can go picking fruits (with you) at your favorite nursery/orchard.


  • Mini Digital Camera (For budding outdoor photographers!)- Here is a brilliant one for capturing scene or animals.


  • Fishing pole– Let him go fish harvesting at the beach. Check this great starter fishing kit.


  • Bike- An age-appropriate bike is always a winner for nearly all boys. Take a look at this


Wrapping it up

A nice way to approach the process of coming up with lovely outdoor gift ideas for 6 year old boy is by going by what he enjoy doing (hobbies and activities).

Another thing that may be helpful is thinking of something that can aid their skill development (For example, think of a tennis racket if your boy seems to be a big tennis talent).

One final thing: Building a relationship with kids is not all about giving presents..Gift them your time and attention and they will forever cherish you.



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