Best outdoor toys for 6 year olds [21+ amazing toys for outdoor play]

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In this gift buying guide, we will introduce you to some of the best outdoor toys for 6 year olds (both boys and girls).

Read to the end if you have been struggling to come up with unique and creative gift ideas for your 6 year old son/daughter/nephew/niece/grandson/granddaughter.

Best outdoor toys for 6 year olds

Whether you’re looking for a great present for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or even Birthday for your little dear one, your outdoors-obsessed 6 years old boy or girl is likely to be very excited to unbox the following gifts:


Archery set

If your 6 years-old son likes playing archery, he will be over the moon on receiving this bow and arrow set.

The set comes with an enchantingly detailed bow, 1 quiver, 9 arrows, and a suction cup and is so easy for a 6-years-old to play with.


Mini Camera

A mini digital camera like this will blow his or her mind if he/she is an upcoming adventurer or an avid photographer.


Build a fort kit

If he/she is an avid builder, you can gift your child this DIY Build a fort kit.

It makes for an out-of-this-world entertainment activity for your child and cousins or friends.


Soccer net + ball set

This mini soccer (net+ball) set can be perfect if your kids are really into soccer.

It’s easy to travel with (it collapses down) and it’s a breeze to pop open too when it’s time to play.

Razor-style scooter

If you want something for your son or daughter that you can ride too (once in a moon), go for a razor-style outdoor scooter such as this.

It’s really great and the bigger wheels give it a smoother ride (on different terrain)


Chopper style tricycle (+ a helmet!)

This chopper-style tricycle comes with a large 16” front tire (with performance grip tread to prevent it from spinning out) and will be your kiddo’s favorite new ride!

Overall, the 3-wheeler toy can be a wonderful present for play and exercise.


Pacific play astronaut tent

Your aspiring astronaut will have a blast pretending to be a real astronaut in this fantastically well-built and imaginative tent (There is plenty of “space” inside).

It’s an awesome way of encouraging little imaginations for boys and girls!


Green Toys Tractor

Gift him this nice sized tractor if your boy or girl really loves tractors and construction equipment.

It holds up impressively to rough play!



Skateboards are broadly amazing for kids at all ages. Check this one out (beware that it’s not really a toy- It’s for real skateboarding).


Stomp Rocket Launcher

You and your little human will have fun and quality bonding time with this stomp rocket launcher.

There are not many outdoor activities as thrilling as parent and child taking turns to stomp the rocket and attempting to catch it with this rocket launcher.

Balance beam thingy

This Step-a-Logs set can be terrific both outdoors and indoors for learning proper balance and coordination.

As an alternative, you can try these stepping stones.

Trampoline for kids

Another thing kids this age go nuts about is a trampoline –they’re easily entertained playing outside on it (Kids always improvise countless fun games to play on the trampoline).

Here is one that’s big enough for 1-2 kids and with an exemplary bounce performance (a real one, not a toy).


Kids Trekking Poles

If you have a children-friendly hiking trip planned, these fully telescopic trekking poles can be a good idea (they are real poles).

Keep in mind that these come in handy for endless outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, walking (snow walks), treasure hunts, and trips to the lake/beach.


Big Bubbles Kit

There is another trick you can use to keep kids occupied when you go outdoors:  Bubbles popping game.

You will need a Fun Bubble Toy Kit such as this – it’s outstanding for giant bubble contests.

Best outdoor toys for 6 year olds – other gift ideas

  • Binoculars- Perhaps there is no better way to satisfy his/her curiosity during nature walks (and other outdoor adventures) than the Scotamalone Kids Binoculars


  • Ukulele– Kids this age can dance and sing with this lovely Ukulele outdoors since it does not need batteries. A sure bet for entertainment on beautiful summer days


  • Tonka trucks– Trucks-obsessed 6 year olds will find Tonka trucks such as this bulldozer a gem. Explore more Tonka trucks here.


  • Small camping hammock- This outdoor hammock is of superior quality and he/she can put it up easily on his/her own -and spend hours hanging out (in it)


  • Complete Outdoor Adventure/Exploration KitThis all-in-one kids outdoor adventure kit includes a handheld microscope, binoculars, handle magnifier, compass, whistle, hand-crank flashlight, magnifying glass box (and magnifying cup), telescopic butterfly net, shovel, wooden slingshot, bug catcher, tweezers, and fake insects.


  • Interactive and educational outdoor play set– What about having your lil outdoor enthusiast explore the outdoors while learning? This Easter Dinosaur Egg Dig Kit is your best bet if this is what you have in mind.


  • Kid’s sand table –A sand table is a popular outdoor toy for kids at different ages and this Step2 Naturally Sand Table is age appropriate for 6-year olds (it will keep him/her engaged in fun independent play activity for hours)



Wrapping it up

So, these are some of the best outdoor toys for 6 year olds to keep them entertained, busy, and learning (for some).

The thing is: We cannot really exhaust all great outdoor toys for kids out there because they are in their thousands..

That said, this article will point you in the right direction depending on your child’s interests, hobbies, and talents.

Good luck to you and your little one as you go out!



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