Gift ideas for 6 year old daughter (31+ amazing gifts!)

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If you are struggling to think about amazing gift ideas for 6 year old daughter, here is a good question to put you on the right track:

What does she exactly love?



Freaky looking dolls?…

Outdoor activities (like climbing)?…

Reading? (Yeah, there are some nice little books that are easy to read)…

You see, if you can answer that, you’ll be one step closer to tons of awesome gift ideas for 6 years old daughter..

Put another way, there are loads of presents that are age appropriate for a 6 year old girl away from junky toys and having a clue on what she’s into can be very helpful..

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet learned what she really likes at that age or you want to try something that is creative and unique: Below is a huge list of gift ideas for 6 year old daughter that can be a sure winner..


Fantastic Gift ideas for 6 year old daughter (depending on her hobbies and obsessions)

From what we have gathered from parents out there, you cannot go wrong with the following gifts for a 6 years old girl..

Gift ideas for 6 years old daughter

Here are some great gifts she will appreciate (depending on what she loves, her talents, the occasion, your dreams for her, and more):


Letter writing set

A cute letter writing set can be excellent if she enjoys writing letters.

This set has everything-envelopes, writing sheets, pom pom pen, pencil stickers, eraser, and more- and girls absolutely love it!


A journal/Diary

Get her something to write down her very important thoughts, appointments (and tasks).

This journal/diary is super fun and it comes with stickers and a pen (multi-colors).


Coloring set

The artist in her would love this art case.

It’s portable so she can draw, color, and paint anywhere when creativity strikes.


Fingerlings and Hatchimals

A lot of Kiddos find Fingerlings and Hatchimals insanely fun (Hatchimals come in tiny surprise balls!).



Many 6 year old girls are VERY happy to collect and play with Shopkins. Check out these Shopkins.


Zuru 5 surprise Toys mystery nostalgic toys

Your daughter is likely to have a blast unboxing these collectible toys as she unwraps, peels, and reveals 5 miniature replicas of nostalgic toys (from the past).

There are over 70 open-to-reveal-surprise toys!


Googly Eyes

Girls who are passionate about crafts may love to have craft wiggle eyes.

These are way better than smaller ones especially if your daughter needs a bigger surface (to glue on).

The best part?

They can be used for endless kid’s craft projects making them a delightful way to enjoy quality parent-child time.


Osmo Universe

Osmo Creative Starter Kit (for iPad) includes everything your daughter needs to experience – exciting hands-on learning and out-of-this-world digital fun in 3 different ways (through 3 games).

Overall, this is one of the best educational toys for 6 year olds girl.


Earrings and necklaces

If she’s a budding fashionista, you could try out these adorable earrings and necklaces.


Bracelet making kit

This wonderful craft kit makes creating funky and lively bracelets easy for kiddos and can be another fun way to entertain girls who loves crafting.

If you’re not convinced, compare it with this Emoji bracelet making kit.


Disney Princess Dress-Up Piece

If your daughter is crazy about Disney Princess and enjoys dressing up as her favorite characters, this Disney dress-up gift box (with several dressup outfits) can be a perfect present.


Mermaid gift for 6 year old girl

Younger girls are extremely passionate about mermaids and for good reason: Mermaids are so gorgeous, carefree, and tremendously interesting.

Now, with this soft and warm Mermaid blanket (it’s really a mermaid tail), your girl will feel so cozy, curling up on the couch in her room while reading.


Assorted Unicorns

My best friend’s daughter and her niece (both aged 6) never get enough of unicorns including surprise toys, slime, and stuffed animals.

Explore some magical unicorns at Amazon (be sure to check the recommended ages).


Squishies (perfect for party favors)

These cute squishies (72 different designs) are perfect for her birthday party (or any other kid’s party). Her friends will love them when you hand them out.


Wellie Wishers

The 5 fun-loving characters —Kendall, Ashlyn, Willa, and Camille, Emerson—here imagine and enjoy hours of fun playing in a whimsical back yard garden.

If your girl is fascinated by dolls, these playful and silly Wellie Wisher dolls are the perfect size (they are best for 5-7 year old girls).

This Barbie doll (+accessories) gift set can be a nice alternative.


Board games for a 6 year old girl

Another gift you can consider is board games…

Let’s face it: parents often forget about board games yet there are few better ways of engaging your daughter than a special game night!

There are a lot of classic board games but perhaps none beats Sleeping Queens for girls at this age -There’s something magical about this game that they love!

You can also try Monopoly Junior Board Game, a quick play game with good lessons for kiddos this age.


Other gift ideas for 6 years old daughter

Some of these suggestions have a little of everything and can be worth trying if you’re looking for something different from the above presents:



  • Inflatable pool floatiesThis is fun, practical, and pretty when in the pool.


  • Play Doh Builder Kit –If she likes building little things, she can make her own Play-Doh castle with this



  • Suess books – Inspire her love of reading with these five Dr. Seuss books




  • Lego- You can as well go for the classic Lego friends set if you want to spark her imagination.


  • Puzzles for 6 year olds– You can try this or this


  • Pom poms She can create whatever she imagines too.



  • A science kit– A STEM-based science kit like this can be an absolutely thoughtful gift idea!


  • Introductory microscope– Still in sciences, what about gifting your promising scientist an introductory microscope like this?


  • Buy her a gift certificate (to an experience)- If you want to create priceless memories, you can look around and see if there’s an experience you can gift her (build a bear, ice skating show, and more).

Wrap up

While kiddos appreciate nearly everything given to them, getting a present that is interesting enough and one that matches their hobbies/talents/tastes can make a world of difference to them on their special day.

Yes, there are so many gifts out there that meet these important qualities but overall, we feel that the ones mentioned above are the best bets for your daughter..

Pick your favorite and make your girl the happiest girl on the planet.



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