Outdoor activities for 10 year olds to keep your son or daughter busy

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Looking for interesting and thrilling outdoor activities for 10 year olds to keep your son or daughter busy and entertained?

Get inspired by our fun ideas he/she can do whether it’s in your backyard, the local park, and more…

Outdoor activities for 10 year olds to keep your child entertained and distracted

Playing outdoor is not only fun but also helps burn off energy.

In fact, most outdoor play is good wholesome fun – it helps improve your child’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

So explore the following outdoor activities for 10 year olds and see what your child will love…


Go for a Family Bike Ride

Take your 10 year old child out for a fun bike ride and you can do this just near your house.

Most importantly, cycling is a great family activity and an ideal way to spend quality time with your dear ones.


Have a picnic in your backyard

You can try having a relaxing picnic with everyone in the family including your dogs in your very own backyard – and you take your lunch over there.

Go Bug Spotting

If learning activities are your 10 years old kiddo idea of fun, have them grab a magnifying glass and go on a bug hunt in your garden.

The idea is to see how many creepy crawlies they can spot.


Enjoy a Nature Walk

Walking is good for your child’s health so it is another ideal way for kids to get their energy out while exploring mother nature(It’s your chance to teach them about plants and flowers too).


Enjoy Some Tie-Dying

Most kids at the age of 10 still love coloring their clothes so it can be another fantastic way to have some fun outside (Tie dying can be super messy so it’s best done outside).

Here are some helpful instructions.


Go swimming

Swimming is one of kid’s favorite activity (no matter the age) so he/she will be absolutely delighted.


Have a Water Fight

At some point, it may get too hot for a long walk so you can have an all-out family water fight.

Turn it into a competition and fill balloons with water and play a game of dodge ball.


Paint some treasure rocks

If your 10 years old kid adore painting, this is an activity that they will appreciate -creative kids will enjoy everything from searching for suitable rocks that they can paint.

Now, there are lots of tutorials for painting rocks for kids online and with your help they will do a marvelous job.


Create a nature diary

Your child is already in school and keeping a nature diary about what they observe in your backyard/from a hike would be a nice way to connect him/her to outdoors.

kidsinparks.com has a nice guide on how you can help your kiddo keep track of what they see in nature when outdoors in a notebook.


Have a dancing contest

Dancing is fun for the kids especially when done outside so make your way to your garden with your child and have a dancing competition- his/her friends and the whole family can join too.



Set up a race in the garden – not only is it a great way to keep your child’s body healthy but kids usually love running games in the backyard.

Try these running games.


Make a stick House

Help your kid to be creative by getting out and working together to build a tiny stick house.

Check out this article for exact details.


DIY bird feeder

Your child will build a “real” DIY bird feeder for your backyard as instructed here.

After hanging it on a branch, your kids can watch as their feathered friends come to get something to eat.

It’s one of the friendliest activities for a 10 years old child.


Plant flowers or vegetables

Take advantage of the summer to teach your kids how to plant.

You can plant flowers or vegetables in your flowerbed or in a pot in your home.

They can water it every day and watch the plants and flowers grow.


Make a video that’s inspired by nature

If your child is not camera shy, grab the family video camera (your phone can also work) and help your kid record a video of insects or flowers outside.

Begin by helping him/her learn how to operate the camera correctly.

Be sure to encourage your son/daughter to explore further by, for example, taking videos of things like spider webs, ants carrying food, different birds, and more.

Here is an excellent guide on recording videos for up and coming creators.

Volunteer for the community

You can have him/her help spruce up the town landscaping or clean up litter (from city streets).

He/she can even walk dogs at your nearest animal shelter.

You will be teaching your boy or girl something important: it’s good to try and make a difference in their community when an opportunity arises.


Play miniature golf

Miniature golf is yet another challenging and enthralling sport kids can try out when on vacation.

Crucially, it’s not hard to learn the basics even for beginners so kids pretty much begin to thoroughly enjoy the game after a few rounds.

There are loads of miniature golf courses everywhere you go these days- just do a Google search for a miniature golf course near me and see what options come up.

Read this for tips on how to make mini golf even more fun for kids.



Having children sit in front of the screen all day is both unhealthy and bad for the kid’s development.

Fortunately, with the above outdoor activities for 10 year olds, your child will be spoilt for choice.

All you need is test the waters to see what your child likes most and you’ll never have to worry about how to keep your child busy, healthy, entertained, and learning when you go out.

Let the fun begin!



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