Fun things for 11 year olds to do when bored (Away from the screen)

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At 11 years, kids still have a lot of energy-and they never seem to get tired.

Also, they want to spend most of their free time doing stuff so keeping them in the house doing nothing can make your kid very bored.

On the other hand, playing Xbox or watching YouTube for hours is not very healthy for kids (at all ages) so you may want something that’s a little different and fun your kid can do to beat the boredom.

If this is the dilemma you’re in, below I have listed a couple of fun things for 11 year olds to do when bored to point you in the right direction.

Fun things for 11 year olds to do when bored  (away from the screen)

Check out these boredom busters for 11 years old:

Write a Letter

At this age, your kid is fairly good at grammar so writing a letter could be a good idea for your son or daughter.

And the good thing is that in this email age, most kids find learning to write classic letters pretty entertaining.

Plus, this activity is educational for your child.


Play a game outside

Going outdoors is such a great idea for kids at any age and playing some games is certainly one of the most fun things for 11 year olds to do when bored at home.

What makes this an excellent activity is that your boy or girl can actually try out any sport they fancy- from playing soccer, basketball, to mini rugby.

If you don’t want to go that direction, why not try the perennial favorites (think Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, Blind Man’s Bluff, Crack the Whip, Spud….we can go on and on)

Of course, all the kids need is someone to put the idea in their heads and possibly join the game as well- children really enjoy playing games with their parents or older people.


Go for a bike ride

Back outdoors and we all agree that kids absolutely love riding bikes- for that reason, this can be another brilliant activity for an 11 year old child that is bored to death.

Make it more exciting by joining with your bike and making it a competition- be sure to cheer the kids up if they beat you (Psssh!Be a good parent and allow your 11-year old to beat you a few times!).

Go sight seeing

Still on spending time outdoors, taking your son or daughter to visit places -just for the beautiful sights- is a good thing too.

Keep in mind that your young one is not limited and even urban exploration can be good (it all depends on where you live).


Play a game indoors

If it’s winter or you can just go outside, you can have your child play games such as indoor table tennis

It is a great idea but it may seem impossible to happen in the house if you don’t have a table tennis table in the house.

Well, don’t let that keep you from playing- all you need to do is turn your kitchen table into a table tennis court.

You then get a 10cm net height for family table tennis tournaments and with two balls and two bats, you’re all set to play.

There are other exciting games you can play indoors including dominoes, sock basketball, marbles, indoor bowling, broom hockey, and hallway soccer (Google a game for instructions to play).

You can even go further and organize an in-house dance party (play energetic music and everyone in the family shows off their best moves).

Oh, and consider asking your kid to invite his or her friends’ – it could make the whole experience more amazing particularly if you have them compete against each other for the “best dancer in the neighborhood” crown.


Build something together

You can also get creative and you two join together to create something awesome.

For instance, you can build a backyard water rocket (if your child enjoys some ballistics)- you need copper tubing, duct tape, bike pump, and a soda bottle to start building!

Building a water-balloon launcher can be fun as well.


Play an instrument

Playing a musical instrument is always exhilarating..

The best part?

You can help her build a stringed instrument such as an Ukulele (see how to build a DIY uke here) and show her how to play it afterward.

Get them baking

Some parents think that an 11 year old boy or girl is too young to get involved in baking…

Well, that’s very wrong- kids are never young for baking!

You even don’t need to buy a special baking tool set for them like for younger children….

In short, kids 11 years old are big enough to handle baking utensils without hurting themselves and all you need is to direct them where and how to help.

It’s a win-win: Your girl will learn a wonderful skill while you get priceless help as you bake for the family.


Wash the car

Kids love playing with  water and doing the work of grownups so having him or her help you wash your car is likely to thrill your child.

What we love most about activities such as cooking and working on cars is that the skills he or she learns will be very helpful in adulthood.

Confession: I used to bakes with my mom a lot and this is one of my fondest memories with her.



There goes our list of fun things for 11 year olds to do when bored and I hope that this will help you make your child’s free time more exciting and valuable.

Just to add, the most important question to ask yourself as a parent or guardian as you ponder about the above activities is: What is he/she into?

That’s because trying to get kids to do things you yourself like but he/she has zero interest in won’t go well.

So use the knowledge you have about your kid (you should know him/her a great deal by the time they’re 11 years) to research those things your son or daughter is likely to be most interested in and take that route.

If you can crack that, you’ll be a happy mom or dad (because a happy child= a happy parent!)

Let the fun begin!



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