Easter basket for 1 year old boy –what to put in his basket

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Amazing presents you can put in an Easter basket for 1 year old boy….

Overall, springtime toys are great for our littles when it’s Easter (I mean assorted balls, sidewalk chalk, pinwheels, those popular little wind-up ducks that waddle, wind-up bath toys, bunnies that hop…you get the idea).

In other words, Easter doesn’t mean lots of candy and treats..

Instead, you can just buy age-appropriate small items…they are mostly super cheap yet they thrill kids to a great degree even at a tender age.

So, what do you put in a 1 year old boy Easter basket (it’s clear not everything listed above will be a good fit)?

Well, below are some wonderful suggestions on what you can throw into an Easter basket for 1 year old boy – to celebrate Easter, we all want to gift our sons, nephews, and grandsons something special.


Amazing presents you can put in an Easter basket for 1 year old boy

We all know this: While some Easter gifts are unisex, there are things boys love more than girls so our list of suggestions has a mixture of these boyish stuff and some items that cut across the board.

The best part?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to do anything super elaborate (or expensive)..

That’s because at 1 year old, kids appreciate pretty much everything they’re not used to (they’re still learning the World around them) so you really have no excuse not to do something that will make the day unforgettable for your little boy.

Let’s dive in:


Burrow Bunny (any Easter-themed stuffed animal should make the cut. )

This bunny is Sooooo soft and incredibly furry but not too much girly so it can be magnificent for a young boy for Easter.

As an alternative, if your little boy is obsessed with your real chickens, you can go for these charming mini chickens.


Bubble maker

Your boy will go into a frenzy thanks to the endless bubbles that this bubble gun toy creates.

You will not find many more superb ways to keep him entertained for hours than an Easter bubble party.



For kids, sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory….they provide crucial protection against harmful sun rays when they go outside.

These super cute and stylish sunnies have a Velcro strip you can easily adjust for perfect fit anytime he is out in the sunshine!


Cute little swimsuit for boys!

Why not get him a little bathing suit to ensure he is ready by the time summer rolls around?

So if you have some swim lessons (and beach fun) planned for your sweet baby boy, you should consider this adorable and comfortable swimwear for boys (remember they can safely learn to swim from as early as 1 year).


Fun fluffy socks

Chances are, your boy will never have enough fluffy socks so you could take advantage of this Easter holiday to buy him these colorful fuzzy slipper socks.


Balls set (something for outside)

If your boy has already figured out kicking balls(or you’d like to introduce him to balls), get him this 6 pcs ball set (balls make kids more physically active as they chase after them).


New rubber duck

A rubber duck is naturally one of the go to toys when everything else won’t make him cheerful.

Here is one that maneuvers around any obstacle that gets in its way.


Cozy coupe car

Boys and cars- this is a love affair that starts at a very young age and lasts forever so you can toss a cozy coupe car into your Easter basket for 1 year old boy.


A toy airplane

Another option that can make him massively delighted if it goes in your 1 year old boy’s basket is the Green Toys Airplane.

And, of course, there is no harm in introducing your son to aeronautics at age 1 year (the first step in nurturing their talents is arousing their interest as early as practically possible).


Easter basket for 1 year old boy – other Easter Basket Fillers that make boys go ecstatic!

Educational fillers

At one year, kiddos are making big strides in their receptive vocabulary and learning their environment daily (they understand more quickly than when they were just a few months old).

So you can get your little man presents that will help him build and enrich his creativity, vocabulary, and more such as:

Melissa and Doug animal puzzles

Also amazing for learning hand-eye coordination (and learning animal sounds and names) is Melissa and Doug animal puzzles such as this.

Pound a ball toy

Still on a learning note, there’s this unique ball hammering play toy we love -and that babies really love it too (There are smooth-sanded balls that drop down after he hammers/pounds them).

In a word, it’s exceptional for your boy’s fine motor development!

Something Musical

Most toddlers -of all ages- love music passionately and these wooden percussion shaker eggs will let your boy dance to his own favorite tunes.

The sound is so rich and each shaker (they are 6) has a slightly differentiated sound which is fantastic (none sounds like the other).

Assorted Dollar tree toys

You can as well check out a variety of exciting and entertaining affordable basket fillers at your nearest Dollar Tree store -from novelty arts and crafts to myriad thoughtful items.

Another alternative that can serve pleasant surprises when it comes to used Easter-themed toys is consignment stores (visit the one in your neighborhood or check their website).



If you always received Easter baskets full of cute little gifts when you were young, you definitely have some fond memories from those good old days.

That being so, don’t be a letdown for your 1 year old champ now that it’s your time now to continue this giving tradition!

Oh, and we deliberately choose to skip the normal stuff- jelly beans, chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny, little trinkets, and other ‘normal’ items for obvious reasons.

Cheers to buckets of fun this Easter!



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