Engineering toys for 10 year olds that inspires their engineering imagination and creativity

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If your 10 year old seems to have an engineering mind, then it’s better to get him or her age appropriate Engineering toys for 10 year olds – it’s the best way to make your son or daughter more enthusiastic about engineering.

So below we have compiled a list of interesting and practical engineering toys for 10 year olds to point you in the right direction.

Let’s get started:

Engineering toys for 10 year olds

Here is a comprehensive list of  engineering toys for 10 year olds for those looking for something that will keep your future engineer distracted and learning (so  they can be better at engineering stuff later)..


Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys –This great simple robot will help your child learn the foundations of engineering simple robots (no coding).

Lego Mindstorms-children gain essential software engineering skills as they code remote-control model robots (and other intelligent creations) that can shoot missiles, drive around, play ball, and more with Lego Mindstorms. Way cooler engineering-wise for 10 year olds!

Sphero Mini App-Enabled (Programmable) Robot Ball – Any aspiring mechanical engineer will love this programmable robot ball. And he/she will have a blast using the toy to chase your dog and entice your cat.

Meccano Meccanoid Another wonderful toy for 10 year olds who are curious about engineering robotics.

HEXBUG Vex Robotics (Pick ‘n’ Drop Machine)- Another really interesting robotic toy that is so much fun (and challenging enough) to build for budding engineers.

OWI Hydraulic Robotic Arm DIY kit Yet another wonderful robot construction kit for little engineers.

KidzRobotix This is perfect for any beginner engineer- it teaches kiddos robotics basics by constructing a functional robot crab.



Thames & Kosmos (build Bridges & Skyscrapers) kit -Best for kids who would like to grow up to be structural engineers.


Engino Newton’s laws building set – Introduces young engineers and scientists to Sir Isaac Newtons’ laws of motion by building 8 working pieces (catapult, drag racer, balloon powered plane, gravity fan, crash car, moving cabin, and more).


Meccano Erector building kit (with motorized movers)- Upcoming engineers feel like they’re just doing real engineering work as they build unlimited creations (they can build anything they imagine with this kit!)


Goldieblox Rainbow Purse Building system-If you’re a mother to a 10 year old daughter who’s engineering obsessed, this toy will help her build on her creative/ design prowess while building cute pulses, matching bracelets, and more.


K’NEX 70 Models Building Set K’NEX allows children to build unusual/complex models that will actually move (rolling cars, animals, moving structures) and even tall buildings. It’s a good step up for kids who began with Legos.


Ravensburger GraviTrax XXL beginner Set Marble Run- Simplicity in engineering is a fantastic thing and this toy –with 24 problem-solving building activities but endless possibilities- is a magnificent example.


Steel Tec – This is pretty similar to K’Nex and will teach your champ a few things especially about basic tools (note that instead of items snapping together, Steel Tec uses tiny nuts and bolts).


Engineering Games and puzzles

Gravity Maze game (thinkfun) This has nice challenges to develop kids critical thinking skills which are vital for science and engineering subjects.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Minecraft is an awesome way to teach children a bit of electrical and mechanical engineering. Kids build everything from simple homes to super grand castles.

ThinkFun Laser Maze – Kids around 10 years loves this and don’t usually want to put it down. There are several difficulty levels and it can be quite addictive (a lot of reasoning and problem solving involved).

Computing toys

Osmo Coding Starter Kit (for Fire Tablet)-  A good bet if you want your kid to get some priceless skills in software engineering

Freenove starter Kit (used with Raspberry Pi) – Awesome for learning programming, introduction to circuit design, and learning the basics of controlling electronics hardware. Bear in mind that previous introduction to programming (with scratch, for example) may be necessary.

Piper Computer Kit  This toy/tool opens your kid’s eyes to how computers are architected and designed. It teaches them elementary coding as well.

Other assorted Engineering toys for 10 year olds

Snap Circuits LIGHT/Electronics Exploration KitIf you’re trying to expose your 10 year old daughter or son to electrical engineering concepts and electronics, this  is very cool stuff. It’s all about circuitry and they will learn a lot starting with how electricity flows across circuits.

Playz Ridiculous Invention Science KitKids that dream of becoming inventors will also find this toy enthralling to play with (They also make nice contraptions)

Strandbeest kit – This novel toy educates engineering-minded 10 year olds how wind can power mechanical movement. Besides mechanical locomotion, there is plenty to learn from geometry, modeling, to foundations of simple machines.

Wooden Ferris Wheel (DIY STEM Kit)-Another definite recommendation for kids who like engineering. The wheel is challenging to build -but not frustratingly so- and there are there are 133 3D puzzles to solve for your engineers in the making.

For they outdoorsy 10 year old

If your 10 year old is deeply captivated by anything engineering and is so much in love with the outdoors, there are more toys you can get him or her:

Thames & Kosmos Wind generator kit– They learn how wind energy works including how real-life windmills are engineered.

Estes Rockets Kit (for Aerospace engineering basics)- This can be perfect for kids fascinated by airplanes and rockets- Kids build and launch their own high-flying rockets!

RTR RC 4×4 Truck RC model cars are a good platform for aspiring engineers and tinkerers to be introduced to intricate engineering designs while having some outdoor fun.


Wrap up

The wide array of toys above is perfect for young engineers and can be the best gift for any 10 year old with a passion for engineering.

Oh, and encourage them to just get on with it- they should start simple and progress gradually towards more complex builds and projects.

That’s engineering! -It’s all about those skills you learn (and the mistakes you’ll make) along the road.

At the end of the day, most famous engineers did start exactly the same way.



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