Stem toys for 3 5 year olds [15 fun and educational toys]

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In this guide, you will find a list of stem toys for 3 5 year olds to point you in the right direction if you’re looking for an inspirational STEM present for a 3-5 years old kid.

Of course, a STEM type toy will be mind-blowing for kiddos who are absolutely obsessed with sciences, engineering subjects, anything technology, and mathematics.

Also, a STEM based gift can be a wonderful way of encouraging your child to feel more confident in science, technology, and engineering subjects at school (they provide hands-on learning to differing degrees).

Still, gifting a STEM toy could be the first step in inspiring your child to a well-paying STEM career in the future.

So check out the list below if you’re curious what others are gifting their kiddos when it comes to STEM related gifts.


15 Mind blowing Stem toys for 3 5 year olds (for both boys and girls)

LEGO City Space Toys Mars Research Shuttle

This makes an exciting STEM gift for your astronaut in-the-making.

It has all the essentials for a fun-packed exploration trip to Mars including a Minifigure cockpit (for kids to pilot it), solar panels (for the shuttle’s energy needs), grappling arm (for retrieving and lifting Geodes into rocket drone), landing space, a ‘complete’ research lab, and a spinning rotor.

It’s worth mentioning that the LEGO Creative Brick Box is outstanding for all manner of STEM building challenges for kids 4-5 years and can be a good option too.

PlayShifu Orboot Earth (App Based)

Orboot Earth takes your kid on an immersive and fun-filled journey around Planet Earth.

He or she scans the planet with the accompanying app to make it ‘real’ and will traverse it in different interesting modes (inside the app).

There is no dull moment thanks to the sweet visual stories, fun animal facts, cool music and magical voice interactions.

The puzzles, quizzes, and challenges about the planet will keep them engaged as well!


Osmo Starter Coding Kit (for iPad)- not for kids below 5 years)

Osmo Starter Coding Kit won’t teach your kiddo any specific coding language- it instead focuses on teaching kids the basic programming concepts that cut across all coding languages.

There are three fantastic games to teach kids around 5+ years block-based coding to help them start developing basic STEM skills.


Snap circuits’ beginner Electronics  kit –great for introduction to circuit building (and understanding electricity)

Snap circuit’s beginner kit is a great first introduction to electronics for kids aged 3-5 years (a 3 year old may need an older sibling to sit with them at the beginning).

There are 14 parts and kids assemble over 20 electronic projects (from simple to more complex).

Quick Tip: Your kiddo might need some help and supervision as they figure it out but it will satisfy their thirst for foundational electronic/circuits knowledge.


Magna Tiles Builder Set

Magna-tiles builder set is awesome for introducing core STEM ideas as well as stimulating critical thinking skills.

Kids will love snapping together roadways for their construction vehicles and using the operational cranes to lift bricks (and transport) them from one site to another.

It’s perfect for children aged 3-5 years!

SNAEN Science Laboratory Kit (kids discover the mystery of science)

There are 30 scientific experiments to explore for kids who dream of becoming scientists here..

Kids find the kit really interesting as they go about discovering the mystery of science by performing a range of audacious experiments (from creating rainbow rain, erupting volcanoes, bottle blowing balloons, rainbow fountains, and more).

Little Tikes STEM Builder Bot Toy

This little tikes STEM bot building set can be another enthralling way of Igniting STEM curiosity in a 3 yo (Beware: some older children may find it a little boring) through hands-on play.

Kids build and re-build by simply mixing and matching the included 12 robot parts (and they keep testing their robot’s ability until they’re contented).

Most importantly, the robot actually moves!

MathLink Cubes (100 Cubes)

Connecting the cubes is challenging enough yet pretty interesting for most 3-5 year olds so they should be fine if you’re looking for an all-in-one toy for stem learning projects.

In a word, these geometric shape cutouts are exceptional for tactile STEM learning.

They are also great math manipulatives.

Mosaic puzzle toy set

Yet another captivating STEM product for kiddos who like building and being creative.

To be clear, there are 224 pieces (in a variety of shapes) in this STEM educational set.

To ramp up his or her creativity and limitless imagination, challenge your child to build 2D or 3D cartoon models(cars, boats, turtles and more) or even their own imagined designs.

Talking Kids Microscope

This kids ‘microscope’ talks (it explains literary everything to kids) and is helpful in teaching them how to position and view slides – it’s a good way of learning how a real microscope works for the little ones.

If you use it well, it could end up encouraging interest in biology (and botany) in your son or daughter.

Here is a working beginner microscope if you’d rather gift your kid a real thing!


Other Stem toys for 3 5 year olds

Here now are other stem toys for 3 5 year olds you may want to take a look at:

Straw construction set – We recommend this durable straw construction set for kids (aged 3-5 years) with a deep passion for constructing and engineering.

Coogam STEM puzzle – This wooded STEM puzzle is thrilling to do with your kid as a family (or group).

Toy rocket launcher MotoWorx toy rocket launcher is backyard-friendly – and a nice way of enjoying energetic outdoor fun while gaining some STEM knowledge (by adjusting angles, the jump force, flight trajectories, etc).



There goes the STEM toys for 3-5 year olds that we feel are amazing for both fun and educational value.

Just to add, many more STEM themed toys have come into the market in the last few years so the above list is not exhaustive.

For that reason, keep looking around if these do not fit the bill for your boy or girl.



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