Encouraging words for a teenage girl [Cheer up your teen daughter with these magical words]

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Teen years can be very emotional particularly for girls- these are the years that girls go through an emotional roller coaster.

That being so, sharing a few positive words with your daughter can make a world of difference to her even as she undergoes what is often a deeply bewildering phase of life.

With that in mind, here are some beautifully encouraging words for a teenage girl that you can share with your gorgeous daughter and brighten her days immeasurably.

Encouraging words for a teenage girl [Cheer up your teen daughter with these encouraging words for teenage daughter]

Could you try these encouraging words for a teenage girl with your daughter?

She is likely to appreciate their wonderful message when she gets emotionally grumbly.

Plus, they will go a long way in helping her keep up her self-esteem through these insane years…

Encouraging words for a teenage girl  /words of wisdom for teenage girl

·  Words of encouragement from a mother to her daughter

It is okay to be annoyed with me or anyone else

During adolescence, your daughter may find everything you’re doing or saying to her very annoying.

Don’t get annoyed yourself but try to show her it is okay to feel annoyed by you or her siblings.

That said, it is important to tell her to be careful about how she treats people even when she feels upset.

We are all human

She must understand that we are all human and as long as you’re a human, you can make mistakes.

For that reason, let her know that making a mistake is not the end of life and that there are brighter days ahead.

We all make mistakes

Another way of putting the above message across is by letting her know that mistakes are made by people just like her and that as she grows up, she will make lots of mistakes.

Insist that what is more important is correcting and learning from her mistakes.

You look lovely

Adolescent years can wreak havoc on your daughter’s self-esteem because nearly everything in her body is changing.

That being so, make it a habit as a mother to assure her that she is lovely even with pimples on her face.

No one is perfect

Also, give her permission to correct you when you do wrong as her mother by letting her know that no one is perfect.

In the same vein, let her know that if she has done things wrong in the past, it is pretty much okay.

All the same, let her know that repeating mistakes over and over again is punishable.


· Encouraging words for daughter from father

Below is what to say if you’re a dad trying to raise the spirits of a disturbed adolescent daughter:

Feel comfortable coming for help

As a father, make your teenage daughter know that you’re there for her and that anytime she needs help, you got her back.

Above all, make her understand that she should always feel comfortable asking for help from you anytime anywhere.

Always try something

Your teen girl is now growing so make her aware that in life, you got to try stuff…

In short, tell her that if she has a potentially productive idea, she should give it a shot –and that if the idea fails the first time, there is always the next time.

Your message should be: Hey girl, in life we keep trying and as a dad, I’m here to help you achieve your wildest dreams so go for it!


  • Words of encouragement for daughter in school

You can do better next time

Teachers play a great role in encouraging your daughter when she does not do well in class but she needs words like “You can do better next time” to reinforce her teacher’s message.

Also, add words like……..

Be persistent

When it comes to life and schoolwork, no matter what comes her way, she must not stop until she soars to the heights she really aspires to.

Never give up

Let her know that the worst thing you can do in life is give up, no matter the obstacles that will come her way as a young girl.

Keep repeating the message until she gets it because it can transform her view of life later.


  • Christian words of encouragement for a teenage daughter

Below are some Christian words of encouragement for a teenage daughter that you can speak to her as a follower of Christ:

You are fearfully and wonderfully created

As a mother, make this girl know that she is good the way she is no matter the changes taking place in her body.

Make it a ritual to tell your daughter she is beautiful and that she has been fearfully and wonderfully created.

Be of good courage

The bible teaches about courage in these Bible Verses so let your pubescent girl know that she needs to be courageous to be able to face the challenges that come with teenage years and come out unscathed.

Do not fear

Likewise, fear is one thing that can bring your daughter down so ensure you teach your child not to fear.

For example, if she is almost doing her exam, remind her that fear will not help her and that instead, she should pray to God and work hard.

More crucially, let her know that God hates a fearful person.

You’re a child of God

Your adolescent girl is going through a lot and this is the time she may start to think that everyone hates her.

It is your duty to let her know that God loves her in spite of what she is going through and that He will never abandon her.

Your body is the temple of God

Tell your teenage daughter that God does not want her to engage in sexual immorality (and that she should love and take care of her body for God’s glory-1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

Self-confidence encouraging words for a teenage girl to herself

I can do it

There is nothing as powerful when it comes to raising your self-esteem as speaking words of self-encouragement so keep telling yourself “I can do it”.

I am my own boss

When things are not going according to plan- and they will frequently to- pause and make the required changes.

And while you’re at it,  boost your self-confidence by reminding yourself you’re the boss of your life!


The kind of praises and encouraging words you pass to your adolescent girl can ultimately influence her and motivate her deeply.

Therefore never forget to utter a word of encouragement or two to your teen daughter every now and then depending on her attitude or mood swings.

And be sure to remain positive as you wait to see your encouragement bring the sunshine to her gloomy days.


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