Best Natural laxatives for children

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One of the best ways to ease constipation in children is doing it naturally.

And that’s where natural laxatives for children come in.

In this guide, we will share with you some of the best natural laxatives for children you can give your badly constipated baby to get the bowels moving again.

Natural laxatives for children – best natural Toddler constipation remedies

Below are some of the best natural laxatives for children you can try on your child if he/she is having a really bad time.

Prunes or prune juice

Prunes always get children’s bowels moving quickly- a few of them and he/she will be pooping even in about an hour

You can choose to give him/her half-a-jar of baby food prunes depending on their age.

Be sure to mix them -in a smoothie- if necessary.

That said, you can still opt for prune juice- it will still likely take care of the problem.

In nutshell, Prunes are one of the best-known natural laxatives – and they have lots of as well as sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that produces the laxative effect.

Try pears

If your little guy or girl won’t touch prunes (you cannot blame him or her really), consider pears.

You see, Pears also contain natural laxatives including fructose and sorbitol hence it is our second recommended solution.

Obviously, if he/she cannot eat the fruit whole, go for pear juice.

Apple juice

An apple juice is not only delicious but also helps keep constipation away.

Indeed, Apple juice contains significant quantities of fructose.

Its other important ingredient is pectin, a soluble fiber that is popular for its laxative action.


Summary of recommendations

So in summary, we recommend Prune, Pear, and Apple in that specific order because that is how they rank in terms of the levels of sorbitol (the sugar that triggers the laxative effect).

In truth, you will hear a lot about Prune and Apple juice but the fact is you are unlikely to go wrong with Pears.

The other thing you might hear about is some parents using a prune and apple juice mixed together when a child is constipated badly..

Well, it seems to work in some instances and your kid’s bowel movement may resume normalcy within a few days but there is no reason why you should not try 100% prune or apple juice first.

Helpful tips

  • To prevent future problems, you can try to make your child drink about 6 ounces -once a day- of 100% Prune, Pear, or Apple juice.
  • You can water down some of the juices – Prune juice can, for example, be mixed 50-50 with water(the sugar levels differ between the above juice types that is why mixing can be good for some and not for others).
  • Cut down on non-whole grain carbs and dairy for a time-They could be making your child constipated. Read more about what to cut down on below..

More on the foods to avoid

While the above juices / fruits can help relieve constipation, others can make it worse.

Below are the foods to avoid:

Milk and dairy products

Dairy is one of the most common causes of constipation among children.

In fact, one study– that was conducted over a 26-year period- found that some children with chronic constipation started to experience normal bowel improvements when they stopped consuming cow’s milk.


Gluten-containing foods

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and triticale.

The issue is some children may experience constipation when they eat foods that contain gluten so it is good to avoid foods with gluten when feeding your child particularly when they are constipated.


Processed grains

These are products like white bread, white rice, and white pasta.

You see, processed foods are lower in fiber and may be more constipating than whole grains.

Keep in mind that bran and germ -which contains fiber- are removed when they are being processed resulting in an increased risk of these foods causing constipation.

Fruits to avoid

Avoid bananas until the problem is sorted out since they can easily bind him/her up (which exacerbates the problem)

Don’t forget to give your child some water

An especially heinous poop is often caused by dehydration therefore it is very important to ensure that your child is drinking enough water during the day.

Start by encouraging him/her to drink a glass or half glass of water during the day if this is becoming a regular problem.

Now, if your son or daughter won’t drink plain water- kids will often say it’s nasty- try to add a little bit of juice to their grass of water or a couple of drops of those squirt-in flavors.

Trust me: it will go a long way in preventing bowel movement challenges in your baby.

Take a Walk!

If they’re old enough, go for a walk with them- it is really helpful as is any other small physical exercise.


A reminder

Just a reminder that if you’re planning to increase fiber consumption as one of your constipation prevention strategies, it is crucial that you also up their water intake -water help process it.


Final Words

Use of natural laxatives for children is obviously one of the best ways to fight constipation in babies(Constipation is a common problem that’s generally defined as having less than three bowel movements per week).

And so you want to try the natural laxatives we have recommended above when you find yourself in this difficult situation with your boy or girl.

Also, ensuring your child follows a good diet, drinks enough water, and eats enough veggies and fruits might go a long way in helping the problem recurring in the days ahead.

Oh, and I should add that it is important to consult a pediatrician if the problem is persistent.


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