The best parent child relationship building activities you can try with your child

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We all know this: having an amazing relationship with your child is important when they are growing up.

In fact, research has shown that the relationship between kids and their parents is the most impactful relationship people can experience.

Another study found that positive parent-child relationships greatly promote healthy child development in children (ages 0 to 8).

Now, one of the best ways to cultivate a blossoming parent-child relationship is by engaging in certain activities.

Below we brief you on the best parent child relationship building activities you can try if you want to have the best relationship with your son/daughter as they grow up.

The best parent child relationship building activities you can try with your son or daughter

Having a walk

Have you tried going downtown with your son or daughter?

If not, it is now time to go downtown and walk around, do some window shopping and point at things, talk about what is in each, and generally have an easy time.

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Nature walk

Alternatively, plan a nature walk with your son or daughter depending on where you live.

And as you walk around enjoying the greenery and fresh air, make sure you come up with the right topics to speak about.


Running with your child

If you’re that parent who loves sport and especially running, depending on your child’s age, you can make running together a habit.

And it’s definitely good for your cardiovascular health.

Remember to come up with some stories which will help in building a good relationship as you run together and keep each other company.


Playing card games together

Children love card games so try bonding with your child by playing card games together, for example, munchkin.


Watching a TV show

Watching a TV show with your child is a great way to bond and create an amazing relationship…

Try this during weeknights and look for the best show for both of you depending on his/her age.

It can be difficult to find shows that both dad/mum and your child likes but don’t despair- there are recommendations on Google (here is one) that can help you identify some good family shows.

Be sure to discuss interesting things from what you have watched with your girl or boy afterward.


Going swimming

You can bond and strengthen the relationship with your child by giving him/ her an opportunity to do what he or she loves.

And if he/she is clearly into swimming, why not go together to their favorite swimming spot to cool off?

Your child will begin to see your love for him/her and trust me, he/she could start to open up to you and you will, in turn, have a very good relationship.


Playing games

There so many games that you can play with your kiddo to bond including family puzzle board games like Beat The Parents (kids vs parents game).

Just be careful not to put too much pressure on your son or daughter when playing- instead let this develop at their own pace.


Parent teachers’ interview

There are also some activities that teachers do to enhance the child and parent relationship.

A good example is the parent teachers’ interview- This is an interview done once a year in school for kids in school.

This interview will give you as a parent an excellent opportunity to ask questions that you shy off to ask when at home.

Here you are able learn more about your child – and we all know that understanding your child is important in improving how you relate with them.


Mothers and father’s day events

Likewise, some schools hold a mother’s and father’s day event each on its own day and this can be helpful too in building a good relationship for parents and their children.

If it is a mother’s day, you will go to school and your child will show you around the school- and you can have some snacks and definitely have time to talk with your girl.


Watching ball games together

Watching ball games is addictive and once you start watching them with your boy or girl, you might form a very strong bond with your child.

So find out what ball games they may like and start watching them together whether on TV or the stadium.


Doing household chores together

Depending on your child’s age, doing house chores together is a great way of building a good relationship with your little one.

The truth is if your child loves cooking, nothing works better when it comes to parent child relationship building activities than spending time in the kitchen with him or her preparing a meal for the family.

Going shopping together

It is always good to let your child out of the house and another way of doing this while you two become closer is by going to the store together for shopping.

When window shopping, make sure to ask questions about the items you see as a way of opening a conversation between father/mum and son/daughter.


Spending time together in the house doing a lot of ‘nothing’

You can still spend time together doing so many things with your boy or girl including sitting on the floor while he/she runs round you.

Or even just relaxing on the sofa while enjoying a pleasant conversation.



Because you need to raise happy and healthy kids, you must have a warm relationship with your son or daughter.

The thing is a good relationship plays a significant role in their development so it is wise to try out as many parent child relationship building activities from this list as you can (since you don’t know what might work best).

I’m positive that if you put them into practice, you will have the most amazing connection with your children and they will proudly pronounce you the best parent in the world!


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