Productive teenage activities: things to do when bored at home for teens

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Are you a teenager and you’re feeling like boredom is strangling you to death or are you a parent with a bored teen?

The good news is there are many productive teenage activities that will not only keep you/your teen entertained but also help them start to build towards a bright future.

Here is a list of productive teenage activities to do this summer, during weekends/school holidays, etc…


Productive teenage activities : things to do when bored at home for teens to pass time (You’ve got a lot of options)

Scroll down for the best ideas on productive teenage activities (things to do when bored at home for teens)..

Take a Free Online Course (or a dirt-cheap online course)

One of the coolest things about the time that we live in now is that you can learn just about anything by taking a course or reading up online.

So you can learn something new on Udemy and other eLearning websites (video editing, camera work, coding, and more).

We can’t recommend this enough- and it is very fun!

Learn a new language

Still in educational ideas, is there a better time to learn a new language than teen years?

We doubt that so your teenage boy or girl can take online lessons in a new language or join a language institute.

Keep in mind that learning a new language can never go to waste especially if your child dreams of traveling the globe and exploring new places in the future.

Besides, your teen can earn from teaching foreign languages in the days ahead.

Quick Tip: Spending 30-45 minutes (a day) on YouTube tutorials in that language can help you become very good.



Internship is a good idea for college teenagers that wish to work during free time.

So if your kid has a dream of working with a certain company or pursuing a certain profession, then he/she can take the first step by first looking for an internship in that company or field.

Getting a job is an option as long as you’re sure you’ll enjoy doing the job you will find (you can apply for temporary jobs such as waitressing for events).


Volunteer from home

Volunteer in an organization that’s making the planet a better place to give you important experience.

And if you do not want to incur transport cost, you can work as a volunteer from home.

Simply Google for “Volunteer Opportunities for Teens at home” and see what Professor Google brings up.


Learn budgeting

The thing is creating and sticking to a budget is not easy and a lot of practice is needed.

That being so, it’s a great idea for your teenage son or daughter to create their first budget and practice keeping to it now when they don’t earn or spend much money rather than in their 20s when they start getting paychecks (it will help him/her develop proper financial habits early).


Gather referrals and recommendations

This summer is a great time to secure some referrals- Your teen will need people willing to refer them or provide testimonials for things like College applications.

So spend time emailing or calling people who you think can be of help when it comes to getting referrals and recommendations.


Productive things to do at home for teenagers: Other ideas

Start blogging

This trend is booming for people of all ages including teenagers- you may have heard inspirational stories of teenagers with hugely successful blogs (Here is an example).

For a teen, creating your own blog would be a very constructive way to occupy your free time – and you will definitely stand out amongst your age group if you start blogging even if you start with a simple blog.

Don’t forget that to be successful in blogging, it is important to try writing on something you’re passionate about – You can choose any topic from sports, music, to arts, and history.


Apply for online tutoring jobs

I know that so many parents and guardians don’t know that their boys or girls can earn money online by tutoring their peers online.

It could be a great side-hustle when they have no experience.


Exercise (get active!)

Teens can gain weight faster and exercising (whether in a gym or at home) can help immensely in shedding some weight.

Also, some teenagers develop health troubles and stress before time so you can try to calm your senses by doing a little meditation or going for a stroll through the woods.


Attend a sports camp

Does your teen love sports?

Well, kids who are sports fanatics really love to spend time in a sports camp.

Not only do they get to play their favorite sport but also exercise and stay fit while meeting new friends.

Also, teens learn team building while sporting can also help them develop organizational and leadership skills (when they become team captains).

Needless to say, kids who are exceptionally good at sports can pursue a career in sports so sponsoring him/her to a sports camp can be a very smart step.

Read! Read! Read!

Knowledge is never enough and if your teen is a bookworm, you can opt to motivate your teen to read more by getting him/her a membership with a local library.

Fact: Reading good books is one of the cheapest ways to discover various things in life.

Quick Tip: Reading 1 book (a week) minimum on stuff such as personal finance and money management can go a long way.


How to be productive as a teenager: More productive teenage activities at home

The truth is, teen years have a huge bearing on one’s future so you should try the best you can to be at your most productive.

Here are more things you can explore if you want to have a productive teenage:

  • Lift weights – try weights in the summer especially if you’re in college
  • Pick up some popular hobby– It can be pretty much anything (cooking, playing an instrument, woodworking, knife making, baking, meditating, researching something you’re interested in, etc.). The useful skill you learn now can be paying your bills over time.
  • Research scholarships– For teens in high schools and looking at attending a good college, start researching available scholarship options. Finding and applying for scholarships is very time-consuming so this could give them a head start.
  • Create a personal mission statement– One book that can really help with this is 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers.


Final words

Teenage is a very important part of life so you need to make the best out of it by using your time productively.

And the good thing is that even with all the above productive things, you will still have plenty of spare time for TV/movies, seeing friends, video games,  sleeping, and more.

As parents, bear in mind that all that teens need is inspiration and motivation so let us encourage our teens to engage in productive activities like those in this article for a better future.



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