Toy cars for 11 year olds – 7 best choices (Reviews)

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While most 11 year olds are a bit big for ride on cars, some kids play products manufacturers still make good toy cars for 11 year olds that are pure bliss for this age group.

Here are some picks we made for you from what is on sale out there:

Toy cars for 11 year olds – 5 great picks (Reviews)

Below are some of the best toy cars for 11 year olds to drive:


1:10 Scale Monster RC Car

cars for 11 year olds to drive

This 1:10 Scale Truck RC Electric car can be a dream-come-true for speedsters.

Look: It can be really fast…Can you imagine the thrill for your son when he goes full throttle which means probably hitting a speed of 31 mph)..

Plus, its powerful, durable, and has good battery run-time (This 4×4 Off-Road beast plays for an amazing 40+ minutes uninterrupted!)

The only issue is that you’ll need to order a battery when buying it (no battery is included) and a compatible charger.

Now, any Li-PO 7.4Volts 5200mAh battery will work (check these batteries and these chargers too).



Joyjam Toys Stunt Toy Car for 6-12 Years Old Boys

Toy car for 11 year olds

This RC stunt car super easy to use and your son who has just turned 11 should figure it out quickly and easily and have incredible fun with it (the stunt feature here is quite different compared to other stunt cars).

And yes, this amazing toy car for boys 11 year old runs fast and extremely well on hard surfaces and carpets.

It is super off-road too and the fun continues whether on the beach, grass, or even a wetland (it’s not going to be bogged down as much as some remote control cars).

In a nutshell, you will love every moment as you watch your grandson pull stunt after stunt with this while smiling from ear to ear.



Think Gizmos Bump and Eject Bumper Cars for Boys and Girls Aged 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and Up

Toy car for 11 year old

If you’re looking to have loads of laughter and fun with your 11 year old son/girl, look no further than this.

They are also a great way of having your two kids play together- there will be hours of laughter (and heartbreaks) as they take turns battling each other.

Here is what we love most about these bumper cars: They are not just fun but challenging so kids really enjoy their playtime when playing with them.

The controls are super easy to use as well so your 11 year old will pick everything up quickly.

And how about you (and other adults in the house) playing with your buddies and relatives when they come over for holidays? Well, they’re that sweet.

They come with batteries so that’s more awesomeness.

In short, these will be a blast and fun for your whole family.



High Bounce Wiggle Tor Car Ride On – Girls & Boys

best Toy cars for 11 year olds

Easy to ride, smooth, super quiet, and easy to ride for kids, a wiggle car can be a fantastic choice for parents looking for ride-on toy cars for 11 year olds

Wiggle car operation is effortless- there are no gears, pedals, or batteries to worry about- he/she simply just twists, wiggles, and gets going! (It is propelled by wiggles and twists)

All you need to enjoy crazy fun is a flat, smooth surface – once somewhere flat (indoors or outdoors), you can speed along or go round (and round), or even take stunning sharp turns.

Overall, we find this high bounce wiggle tor car ride on one of the greatest ways to keep children active and moving and we cannot recommend it enough.

Don’t worry about the weight limit- this can even carry adults around!



DEERC DE42 Remote-Control RC Racing All Terrain SUV Toy Car (1:18 Scale)

big toy cars for 11 year olds

This super cool RC SUV car features an attractive design- There is even a unique auto mode that he/she can engage (by pressing the button in the controller- in the middle) for more fun (you need a big enough space to run auto mode).

Plus, it’s so convenient to recharge the battery here through USB cable.

We also love the headlight (it makes the car so nice to run in the dark) not to mention that the little car will keep going no matter when he/she takes it (gravel, concrete, dirt roads, and even grass) thanks to the solid anti-slip tires.

To add, it runs noticeably fast and has impressive battery life.

Like its competitors, it is easy and friendly to control too so your grandson/granddaughter will get the hang of it in no time.



KidiRace Remote Control Toy Police Car

toy car 11 years old

If your son or daughter has been waiting patiently for a police car, try this out.

Oh boy, kids love this thing- because it has everything to help them go after criminals (emergency lights, siren, horn, revving engine, and so much more).

Sounds and the lights especially get them excited and it is generally what most kids like with this police toy car.

The controls are simple enough to use too and the battery lasts pretty long between recharges.

And oh, it comes with non-slip rubber wheels so your aspiring cop can go practice his cruising skills anywhere.



Build Your Own R/C Car Kit for Kiddos 10, 11, and 12-Year Old Boys & Girls

toy cars 11 years old

If you’re looking to give your son or daughter the best of both worlds, perhaps you should go for this RC car building kit for older kids.

It’s going to be win-win: he/she gets to exercise the brain by building a nice remote-control sports car followed by hours of endless fun (the car is powered by a built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery meaning it can run continuously for hours).

Most importantly, this has a more interesting design and the build quality is much better than in most other big toy cars for 11 year olds.

We particularly recommend this building project for experienced 11-year-old Lego builders.

Please note that the 2xAA batteries needed for the remote control are not included.



Wrapping it up

So, these are the cars we recommend most to anyone who’s struggling to decide what to buy for an 11-year old child.

Be sure to look at critical features such as the recommended age limit (this will give you an idea about a toy’s suitability), functionality (you want a toy car with as many functional features as possible), and overall construction quality (we all want a durable gift) when shopping.


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