Outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

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Nothing can be as exciting for kids as holding a birthday party (with their best friends) outdoors.

From an epic picnic, backyard carnival, obstacle course, an outdoor movie treat to a weekend at the water park, below are some outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds your son/daughter(plus the friends) will find super exciting

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

Epic picnic

This great idea is pocket friendly and super easy to plan especially if the date is in spring/early summer (summers do get really hot in some places).

All you need is to get all things needed packed in bags and look for a good picnic spot (Like a park) that you can take your son or daughter for a picnic.

When planning on an epic picnic, don’t forget not to pack foods that need forks and knives to eat… Instead finger food, veggie crudité, charcuterie and cheeses, light dishes and layered salads could be the best.

Oh, and don’t forget some drinks.

This idea can work well with either friends, family members, or both.

Backyard carnival

Here a tent is needed and some decorations to make the tent look good- of course, you want to organize and host a themed party for your son or daughter.

Remember that it can’t be a carnival party without games therefore let your son or daughter choose the games they would like (for example beanbags, pick-a-duck, fishing games, and many more).

Done well, it is one of the best outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds and it will live in his/her memory.


Outdoor movie

Children get bored easily so thinking of a good idea to keep your 10 year old son or daughter entertained outside during his or her birthday is never easy.

And that’s where a good movie comes in- Children at this age love movies and they know their favorite or the type of movies they would like to watch so an outdoor movie night can be so much fun.

Obviously, inviting his/her friends will make it more fun and memorable.


Pizza night

An outdoor movie + some yummy pizza can be a great combo..

If this sounds sweet, order some pizzas for your son and his friends or family members who had accompanied him / her for the birthday movie night and let them enjoy the pizza as they enjoy their favorite movies.

Obstacle course

The birthday idea is to have kids try a combination of different obstacle courses like running, climbing, jumping, swimming, and many more (have your son or daughter invite friends over).

Bear in mind that this idea works well when the activities are well timed and organized.

Also, a lot of energy is used therefore consider having some snacks and drinks around.

Water party

Surprise your child by taking him or her to a swimming pool for a summer water party.

Yeah, a water party is always a blast for kids- here they are games your boy or girl can play in water such as a Slip ‘n’ Slide, water balloons, and even fun water gun games.

Overall, water games are amazing during hot seasons- they’re not only so much fun but they also keep kids cool on a blazing hot day.


Archaeological dig

Don’t just rush to this game if your son or daughter is not a fan of hunting…

But if your girl or boy falls into this category, it could be a fantastic activity..

Now, the game is simple to play- you only need to bury artifacts in a sandbox at the beach and let the children search and uncover them.

Adding extra elements like riddles to help lead them to the buried items or even having a contest to see who finds a certain item (and this should come with a big prize) will make this even more fun.




Water-fight party

When it comes to outdoor birthday party ideas you can do at home, a water-fight party can be awesome.

And the only thing you need is an open space (or a garden area) so it is among the best and cheapest outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds.

To be honest, nothing can beat it especially when a water-fight party is accompanied by a barbecue.

Learn more

Beach party

The good luck is that you don’t have to live near the ocean to have a beach party.

If your kid loves the beach, be wise and creative by getting out the beach balls and creating an amazing display like Dawn Smith’s Not Just a Mommy.

Crab plates, surfboards, and thematic food in the shape of fish, shark fins, swim noodles, and inner tubes add more fun to this party.

Also, a sandbox to build some castles in will be important here.

Nerf party

Honestly speaking, I have never met any kid who doesn’t love playing with Nerf guns (my bet is that you haven’t too) so you can throw a mind-blowing Nerf Birthday Party for your birthday boy/girl as well.

Read this if you would like to take the Nerf birthday party route this year.


Instead of having your son or daughter birthday inside all the time, why not make a change by going for the above outdoor activities to make their birthday more memorable this year?

Outdoor activities are of advantage to your 10 year old for they give your child time to stretch, explore nature, and have lots of fun as well.

Remember that, at this age, your boy or girl is mature enough to know what he or she wants therefore let him or her have a say as you go through the above list.

Happy birthday to him/her from all of us here!


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