Where to take kids for their birthday [10+ awesome places plus games]

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Let us be honest, planning a birthday party for your little one can be quite challenging especially if you are a new or extra-busy parent.

If your kids are anything like mine, then you probably know that they often change their tastes; last year they wanted a birthday party at home with all their classmates and neighbors present but this year they may just want to invite over a few of their friends.

Depending on their age, you are probably wondering where to take kids for their birthday. Perhaps you are struggling to keep up with what’s trending for your kid’s current age or what fun ideas to incorporate into their parties.

If that is your current challenge, then worry no more because I will give some useful insights into planning a memorable party for your kid.

We are going to come up with some fun ideas on where to take your kids for their birthdays keeping in mind what they like.

Let us dive in:

Where to take kids for their birthday

Before deciding on an appropriate venue for your kids’ birthdays, first you have to take some considerations into account.

These considerations include:

Venue availability

Always make sure that you have made the necessary reservations prior to the D-day and find out if the venue owners provide any party essentials.

Your kids’ interests

In order to plan a memorable party, you should take into consideration what your kid likes and dislikes.


Don’t stretch yourself thin trying to impress your kid because there are countless alternative ways of throwing memorable parties while remaining within your budget.

With that in mind, now let us look at some fun places to have a birthday party for kids…

Fun places to have a birthday party for kids

Your house is free and probably big enough to accommodate all the guests but that means cleaning and preparing the house for the party.

Oh, and cleaning again after the party…

But if you are like me (I’m really lazy at cleaning chores!), you will probably want to have the party outside your house.

Which brings me to some amazingly fun places to have a birthday party for kids outdoors…

Please check out the following options depending on where you reside:

Where to take kids for their birthday outdoors

Playgrounds- suitable if your kids are below the age of 10 years. Make sure it has a picnic area too for the party.

Commercial party places – they are often one of the least-taxing locations for party hosting as the venue manages most of the planning and, at times, even the fun activities.

Trampoline Park –perfect for parties full of energy.

Ice cream parlor – let the kids build their own sundaes for simple yet sweet birthday adventure.

Ice skating rink – you can rent skates for all attendees and reserve a table for the party while letting the kids enjoy the rink at their own pace.

Wizard-themed business -with potions and wand-making classes if your child is a great fan of the Harry Porter series.

Movie theater – if your birthday boy/girl is a movie fanatic, buy tickets for the whole group to watch the latest kids’ flix.

Pirate ship – your pre-teens would probably love to experience the “pirate life”.

Seasonal events and festivals – if there is some super exciting seasonal event, you can buy a group package for the attendees.

More Kids birthday celebration ideas

It’s that time of the year – your kids’ birthday – and everything has to go right; from the gifts to the games played.

Speaking of games, choosing what games to set up may seem easy but definitely isn’t, considering that it should be a thrill for all attendees.

For that reason, there are some things that you should keep in mind while planning these games including:

  • Don’t plan gender specific games.
  • Focus on average age of all children attending and choose games that they can all play.
  • Reduce intellectual games and instead have more of fun and exciting games.
  • Keep the games short to make sure that kids don’t get bored easily.

Kids birthday celebration ideas: Game ideas for you

Here are some fun ideas for different games for your kids’ birthday party this year…

  • Balloon bursts – great game if your kids are above 4 years old (they are sure to get lots of laughter).
  • Photo scavenger hunts – suitable for kids of all ages if the difficulty level is tuned to the appropriate level.
  • Musical chairs – this classical game never ceases to be fun so your kids party will enjoy this game no matter their ages. Oh, and if you are up to it, you can also play the game.
  • Paper boat race – ideal for kids above 5 years. The best part? Only a tub of water and some paper for the boats are required.
  • Tie the tail to the donkey – ideal if you have a party for kids between 4 and 10 years.
  • Carrying marbles with a spoon – ideal if your kids are in their teens.
  • Three-legged race – another classic outdoor game for kids of any age group. It will surely keep your kids’ ribs cracking from all the fun and laughter.
  • Karaoke – does your kid love to sing? Then bring out the mic at a make-shift karaoke stand and let the little ones spend their time singing their favorite songs.
  • Balancing acts – let the kids put their balancing skills to the test.
  • DIY sidewalk paints – mix up batches of homemade sidewalk paint in colors that match the party theme and set the kids loose with tins of paint and cheap foam brushes.
  • Fun photobooth – capture all the fun party moments using a DIY photobooth.
  • Water party – you don’t need a pool; just imagination on plenty of ways to play with water. Break a sprinkler or fill containers with plenty of water toys and make sure to have cozy towels for guests to dry off with.
  • Nerf gun party – be creative in constructing make-shift obstacles and hiding places.
  • Glow dance party – get some glow-in-the-dark accessories and fun light-up Bluetooth speakers to create an exciting glow dance party for your teenage kids.



Planning a party for your kid can be quite a task.

However, if you know what your kid likes and dislikes, then the planning process will be less challenging.

I hope that you have found some fun kids birthday party ideas and fun places to host the birthday party this year.

In fact, you can plan several birthday parties for your kids just from this single post.


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