Easter basket ideas for 18 month old

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Easter is approaching fast so everyone is starting to think about what to include in their Easter Gift baskets for their loved ones.

If you have a little 18 month old in the house and you can’t really figure out what to gift them (other than candy), we have compiled some awesome Easter basket ideas for 18 month old below.

We bet that these great suggestions will make your little guy or princess euphoric this coming Easter..

Easter basket ideas for 18 month old

Here are some wonderful age appropriate Easter basket ideas for 18 month old:

Idea #1-  Adorable Easter stuff collection

Amazon has super Easter stuff too and you can try the following set:

A felt playboard

This can be awesome for quiet fun and is a fantastic way to get kids creative (it’s amazing when it comes to stimulating their imaginations)

Felt veggies

Ah, kids are always over the moon with felt fruits and veggies – they like playing with these sets while learning color recognition, sorting skills, and so much more.

Here is a colorful veggies and fruits set for kids 18 mos+.

Sunglasses (for playing and hanging out on the beach)

Perhaps you can consider giving your little guy an adorable pair of sunglasses like this pair (with UV protection) in his basket too.

Non-toxic Easter eggs (for a super fun egg hunt)

Easter can never be Easter for kiddos without participating in this incredibly fun activity

So add cheap non-toxic Easter eggs pack in the basket.

Also, order a snack –annies bunnies can be sooo delicious – instead of candy.

You will be filling up the eggs with these yummy bites for a more memorable Easter treat.

Now, on the big day, put the eggs around the yard (in very visible spots) because your toddler is very tender to go searching for hidden eggs.

To get your little one started, pick the first few eggs (one or two) and place them in his/her Easter basket.

You then let your young champ pick up the remaining eggs (point them in the right direction if they’re struggling to see some).

You two will have lots of fun munching on what’s inside once he/she is done (show them how to open the eggs).


Idea #2- mix and match everything exciting and intriguing for a collection that says ‘It’s Easter’

For your Easter basket for 18 month old, you can put the following:

  1. Rubber ducks (for bath time)- These pretty duckies are soft and durable. And when squeezed, they make a strong, loud enough squeak so kids never get bored when playing with them.
  2. Little kids bubbles– Most little humans love bubbles and this eye-catching bubble container can be an absolute blast (your baby enjoys all-day bubble fun without creating any mess).
  3. Play doughThis squishy, bright, non-toxic Play dough compound jump starts creativity for kids and can be a nice way of introducing them to arts and crafts. Keep in mind that even though it’s recommended for kids 2+ years old, most children a little younger play with it without any issue.
  4. Crayons– If you’d like to engage in art (and other sensory) activities, My First Crayola Crayons are great for little hands (the solid crayon colors come in an easy-to-grip shape making them perfect for tiny hands).
  5. Sidewalk chalk–  Children of all ages find using sidewalk chalk (this has 20 pieces) to play tic-tac-toe, hopscotch, or create artistic and amusing drawings extremely exhilarating.
  6. Hair clips (if a girl)- Girls are always girls even from a very little age so hair clips to match every outfit are a no-brainer for your daughter.
  7. Sand toy playsetThis extra colorful beach playset is perfect as a first playset for young ones who love scooping, digging, or just playing around with sand. It includes a bucket, rake, sifter, and shovel and it can double as an “Easter basket” for your kiddo.
  8. Gardening essentials set– Add a kids gardening set to your child’s Easter basket and he/she will be planting and growing veggies and flowers right before your eyes (It includes a watering can, 3 pots, and shovel).

There you have our “Mix and Match” suggestions – We are not sure you can have all these in the basket so just choose what you feel makes the most sense for your little one.

Other Easter basket ideas for 18 month old

Other than the above suggestions, there are some other items you can throw in there to show your child how much you care.

Here are some more cool ideas:

Miniature bunnies

Each kid can get one of these in their Easter basket.

A good alternative is this soft and cuddly little Easter bunny!!!


These snack packs for children aren’t too salty and can provide a healthier snack (over chocolate).

Easter coloring book

This has decorated eggs (to color) for kids aged 1 to 4 years plus blank eggs (for your child to create his or her own design).

Fishing set (for more bathtime fun )

You can never go wrong with the Munchkin fishing set for your kiddo’s easter basket.


A DVD with suitable content can keep your child totally entertained when he/she watches it.


Stickers are a big hit for kiddos of all ages. Here is one with impressive stickiness for kids this age.

Sports balls

This set of 4 sports balls (soccer ball, baseball, basketball, and tennis ball) can be excellent if you want a child to get sporty from an early age.

Swim set

This fits most children 18 months-3 years perfectly.

Final thoughts

You can also check out Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, and Target for more brilliant stuff.

Also, if money is not tight, you can include some more expensive- like a Ride on car– and presents such as a Laptop Toy, and  age appropriate Lego sets (here is one).

Happy Easter!!



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