List of amazing craft activities for 2 year olds

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Crafting is a nice way to keep your 2 year old son or daughter busy and learning – and yes, some of the simplest craft activities for 2 year olds are amazingly fun.

That being so, below are some enjoyable craft activities for 2 year olds (playing with stickers, coloring, etc.) you can try out with your kiddo including some wonderful mess free activities for 2 year olds.

Craft activities for 2 year olds you will want to try

Now, we have grouped these easy crafts for 2 year olds into those that can be done outdoors when the weather allows and those that have to be done indoors.

Remember that you can use items/materials you already have for some of the activities we suggest..

Indoor crafts for 2 year olds (good rainy day crafts for 2 year olds)

We start with winter crafts for 2 year olds:

Coloring /painting

Get a big empty box and let him sit in it and color everything (like a fort) while you do other things.

For painting craft activities, you can try quite a few ideas including:

Paint activities in the bathtub

Yeah, that’s right- you can paint lots of things in the bathtub and bath afterward.

What we love most about this idea is the easy cleanup. Plus, it eats up a lot of time!

Now, there is no limit to what you can do- we have painted pumpkins, canvasses, and even got creative using a piece of cardboard (he/she dips their feet in the paint and then stomp and draw on it- just let them do it).

Here is one activity you can try:

Get a piece of paper then put it in a gallon Ziploc. You then squirt a couple of squirts of the paint you have inside then seal it securely.

You can now let your boy or girl finger-paint from the outside.

Try this if you’re looking for something that can last/you could hang up.

Quick Tip: Whipped cream + food coloring typically makes great finger paint and it’s a safer ‘paint’ to use! Also pudding!


If the weather is okay, give him/her a paintbrush and a bucket of water.

If they can, you then let him/her paint a fence outside or a wall while you sit back and read a magazine- you want easy-to-clean paint because they’ll certainly make a huge mess.


Taping streamers in the hallway

Another thing you may want to try on rainy/bored days is to help your child tape streamers in the hallway(from one side of the wall to the other in random patterns).

Now you two have to try to walk/crawl through without tearing them!


Baking activities

We all love to have help in the kitchen and there’s no better person to help than your 2 year old.

The truth is being your baker helper could be such a pleasant experience for her(they can help in measuring, scooping, pouring, stirring, rolling, etc.).

Now, if you relax the rules a bit, she’ll likely start imagining and playing with the measuring cups and spoons which means she will be occupied for longer.

Also talk about ingredients and numbers if she can get it.

In short, nothing beats mommy and daughter baking together and delivering baked delicacies to her friends and neighbors!


Play-Doh is a great modeling compound for young children and it’s a good option when it comes to kids arts and crafts projects at home.

Homemade playdough is the way to go if he/she is the type that puts everything in the mouth.

If this is new to you, Easy DIY YouTube channel has some pretty interesting play doh craft ideas for kids and you can perhaps start there.


Kraft paper activities

I have used Kraft paper myself with my 2 year old daughter to make DIY wrapping paper and that is just the tip- there’s countless DIY crafts projects you can do from Kraft paper (both indoors and outside).

Try these creative Kraft paper activities with your kiddo- you’ll both love it.


Making stamps

You can also use things like bubble wrap, bottle lids, and even bottoms of an old plastic bottle to make large homemade stamps.

Read more about DIY stamps project here.


Window clings craft project

Instead of buying window clings, why not make these easy and cute homemade window clings with him/her?


More indoor crafts for 2 year olds

Food coloring spaghetti

I know this may sound weird but think of food coloring spaghetti and hiding a frozen fruit (a mango, for example) in it.

He or she will be entertained for an hour (if not longer).

Coloring a canvas

Get a canvas then have your kiddo choose colors and apply blobs of paint (on it).

You then cover it using saran wrap so he/she can move the paint all-around without ever actually touching it.

Be sure to closely monitor the activity.

Getting creative with a ziploc bag

Get a ziploc bag and put hair gel, paint/any other squishy materials in.

You then tape the bag to the table(you can also tape it against a window -up).

The idea is to let your little one squish it around!

You could also put in glitter -or other small objects- that can move around easily in the bag.

However, if you do, you have to make sure they’re supervised because you can never be sure that the bag won’t pop.

Gluing activities for 2 year olds

See if your 2 year old is able to glue random things (think of macoroni, felt shapes, buttons, feathers, cut pieces of paper, etc.)on any suitable piece of paper.

Valentine’s Day crafts

Have your kid first paint (finger, brush, q-tips sponges –whatever is available) some piece of paper.

You then direct them to cut out hearts (or whatever shapes you want).


Craft activities for 2 year olds- more outdoor crafts for 2 year olds

Easy cute ribbon fun house(for Toddlers)

You can clear out a playhouse and turn it into a nice ribbon fun house in about 20 minutes (or thereabouts) as it is so easy!

Of course, you don’t need to have a real playhouse to do that- any entryway or doorway will work just fine!…

Step-by-step instructions

Paint Dot Mural project

Dot making is not as appreciated as it deserves as an art idea for kids but do not let that put you off…  a paint dot mural can be an extraordinarily exciting crafty thing for your kiddo to try at home.

Go here for full instructions.


Painting an egg cartoon

Egg cartons are invaluable when it comes to kids craft activities because there are dozens of things you can make with them.

Here I want you to try and help your artsy child make cute Egg Carton Animals.

It’s worth mentioning that you will need a couple of other art materials but it’s all dirt cheap so do not worry about the money.

Here is a YouTube tutorial by D.I.Y ART at HOME to guide you and your kiddo!


Final thoughts

Your best bet when it comes to craft activities for 2 year olds like finger painting is obviously with edible food items because we know that things often end up in their mouth.

I should add that close supervision is necessary for nearly all activities again because he/she is not old enough and they can easily do crazy things.


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