Games for 2 year olds online free [11+ free online games]

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Now, if you have been searching for some free but good games your 2 year old son or daughter can play online, you will want to go through the games we have listed below.

Of course, technology can be a sanity saver for you as a parent as long as you don’t over-expose your kiddo to computers and phones.

Let us jump right into the free games we recommend for 2 year olds..

Games for 2 year olds online free – games we recommend

Balloon pop

I would encourage you to have your kids enjoy this online free Balloon pop game.

It is important because it helps him/her get engaged and refine their motor ability as they pop the balloons coming over the screen.

Kids usually have a lot of fun popping the colorful aligned balloons by taking shots to earn points.

To move to the next mode, you should let your child pop as many balloons as he/she can.

Download the game(Google Playstore)

Coloring games

This is another interesting free online game for toddlers.

More importantly, it will help your kid learn colors bit by bit while they’re still very young.

Go here to play.


Endless alphabet

This game is a nice way to start teaching your toddler alphabets.

And that means your child will learn the alphabet for free and will be way ahead of peers by the time he or she is joining school (there are 70+ words to learn/play with).

Keep in mind that not all words are free- a one-time purchase is required to unlock more words (puzzles and animations)

Here are the links to the game:

Android users

Apple users


Maze games

Maze games will help your child develop very important skills including strategizing and problem-solving.

As with most of the previous games, these games have a simple design so it’s incredibly easy to play for 2 year olds.

Click here to play Mazes for free.


Sago Mini (free 7 day trial)

This is an award winning kid’s app that is both entertaining and educational- there are 40+ award-winning games inside to help your kid have fun while building, creating, and pretending.

There is no better way to spark his/her imagination and curiosity.

Don’t forget that you must subscribe after the expiration of the 7 days free trial period.

Here are the links to the game:

Android users

Apple users


Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo is another great game for 2YOs that helps your toddler’s development.

He/she will Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo their way into some amazing rainbow of fun- they will have a terrific time learning colors, driving trains, and more with this Toddler Train Games!

Here are the links to the game:




Online memory games for kids

If your idea is to boost your kid’s memory, these memory games help in improving your little one’s memory so it could be what you need to have them play.

All the games are really simple and your kiddo should have little problems figuring them out.


Free Puzzle Games for 2 year olds online free

Puzzle games are many but perhaps this jigsaw game might be the best for your preschool baby.

Help him develop matching skills, tactile, and even fine motor skills by introducing him/her to this game.


Balls and boxes game

This game got you covered if you want your boy/girl to have immense fun while learning how to concentrate- it is so amusing and teaches our young ones the basics of concentration and coordination.

The game goes like this: Balls jump out of boxes and it’s your little one job to drag them back to where they belong.

They earn points each time they get it right.

Play it here

Knee Bouncers

Does your child love music?

If yes, knee bouncer games portal is filled with games featuring enthralling songs that will be engraved on your tot’s memory for days.

And it’s 100% free.

Go to KneeBouncer to play


Disney games

If your baby is a fan of Disney, Disney has created an online portal full of straightforward but fascinating Disney-based games for your boy or girl to play.

Your child may need your help in choosing the games to play so be there.

Here is the link to Disney’s games online portal.


Fisher Price free online games for 2 year olds

Finally, there is no better free online play-based app for 2 year olds than Fisher Price when it comes to learning ABCs,  Shapes, Colors, and more.

Your child will explore a lot of things, get immeasurably entertained, and learn!

Download it (Android)

Download it (iPhone)

Outdoor games for 2 year olds

Needless to say, having a lot of screen time is not very healthy for your baby so you can also consider some outdoor games.

Below are some examples of outdoor activities/games your 2 year old can do to put him or her off the screen:

  1. Throwing and chasing balls.
  2. Blowing bubbles and chasing them as they float away.
  3. Pulling different toys and objects.
  4. Running around the backyard –you two can chase each other in turns.
  5. Jumping around trees or towards other favorite objects.

Games for 2 year olds online free – FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is the best online free game for 2 year old PC?

The best pc online game for a 2 year old that is played for free from the above list is probably Sago Mini friend’s game.

First, it is really entertaining- you won’t get many games for free that are this absorbing.

Secondly, it is super easy for 2 year olds to play.

Thirdly, it is an educative game.


Games for 2 year olds online free- Final words

Online games are not only a fun way to keep your toddler engaged and happy but they also have a lot of extra goods- if it is not educational, it is going to be helpful in refining various skills including motor ability, coordination, and more.

As such, it is always a good idea to let your child play these games whenever you feel that he/she is getting bored.

Happy playtime to your little one.


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