A list of fun outdoor activities for 2 year olds

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Needless to say, having a lot of screen time is not very healthy for your baby so you should branch out to some outdoor activities.

Below is a list of fun outdoor activities for 2 year olds you can explore with your kiddo when you want to take him / her off the screen:

Outdoor activities for 2 year olds- a list of really fun outdoor activities for 2 year olds

So, as mentioned above, we recommend that you try out the following outdoor activities for 2 year olds if you want to take him/her out of the house whenever the weather allows:

Nature walks

Now that you want your boy/girl to have fun outside, why not try a nature walk?

You don’t need to even walk far since he/she is still a toddler- you can spend quality time with your boy or girl walking outside in the backyard or garden.

It’s a cool thing as your toddler will enjoy seeing plants, animals, insects, and whatever else nature throws their way.


Rolling in the grass

This is also another amazing idea and kids really enjoy it..

Just encourage your 2YO to go outside and roll in the grass as long as it is not wet (it could be if it is still very early in the morning).

You can even lay be her/his side roll with him/her…believe you me, he/she will find even more fun!


Playing with a hose

There are hundreds of things your kiddo can do with a hose all in a day’s play…..

You can allow him/her (help where necessary) to water the plants, put some water in a bucket (or even play a water-fight game with his/her sibling using bucketloads of water), or build a dam (perhaps in your garden bed).

Plus, you can have your little son/daughter do some target practice using stream of water(draw a bull’s eye with chalk for them and let him/her try and hit it with water).

Finally, your toddler can use the hose to spray (and cool) himself/herself on a sizzling hot day!


Chasing a flying creature!

This is a funny but good outdoor activity where you allow your toddler to go outside and chase flying creatures.

Check on him/her once in a while because there are stinging insects outside.


Chasing chicken

Still on chasing games, if you’re lucky to have reared chicken or you have a close friend who has some, take the opportunity and let that boy/girl go and chase after the chicken.


Playing football

Most of us know that kids love playing with their parents so much.

That being so, surprise your little one by playing football outside as you teach this young boy/girl how to kick a ball.


Climbing activity

Kids can literally climb on anything and they find it so cool so consider it..

Word of caution: be sure to check up on him/her once in a while to prevent accidents as they can sometimes be daredevils.

I should add that climbing a hammock is a good way for your kid to cool off after a playful day.


Going to the grocery store

You can also go to the grocery with your son/daughter and buy ingredients together…


Visit a children’s museum

Children’s museums are good places for your toddler to visit because they are not only exciting but also very educational.

And the good thing is that most museums are toddler friendly and have plenty of stuff for kids of all ages.

Tour one near you.


Running/ Racing with him/her

Go outside with your 2YO and have a running competition.

He/she might not run that fast but the idea is to encourage him/her to keep running- it’s great for their physical development.

Quick Tip: Make sure you run at her/her pace and allow him/her to beat you!


Flying a kite

Take your child outside and make sure you have a good kite with you and show him/her how to fly one.

Imagine how excited your boy/girl would be seeing a kite fly so high in the sky?


Ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle is another activity that your toddler can do for fun.

I should mention that your 2YO can only ride a balance bike at that age.

Quick Tip: It’s a good idea to go with them outside and watch him/her ride- they feel nice when daddy/mommy is watching!.


Visiting an animal park

Also, you can visit an animal park with your toddler and let him/her enjoy seeing animals there.


Visit a local farm

You can as well take your little one to a local farm to go and look at the pets and other farm animals.

Besides, you can also take your boy/girl to help in harvesting of the berries on the farm..


Picking peaches

If you have a peach tree in your backyard, allow him/her to take time looking at the peach tree and pick peaches too.


Play Basketball

Another ball game a two-year-old can enjoy is basketball..

If this is what you’d like to try, buy for him/her the Little Tikes basketball set (it comes with an adjustable indoor/outdoor hoop, an oversized rim, and three Junior size basketballs).



When it comes to swimming, it is not a must you take your toddler to a swimming pool.

Instead, you can make an artificial one outside in the backyard..

To do that, just get a shoebox-size plastic bin and fill it with water and let your child use it as a swimming pool.

Quick Tip: Put some plastic toys inside for your son/daughter to play with when swimming.


Digging in the sand

Kids love playing with sand (we all did when we were young too!).

For that reason, be a good parent and let your toddler enjoy playing in the sand by giving him/her a spoon to dig in the dirt.


Sandbox activities

With a sandbox like this, your toddler can do scooping and sifting of sand, dumping, and even molding with it.

I encourage you to let your 2 year old be creative – they are likely to figure out more building /practical things he/she can do with sand and it might keep them entertained the whole day.

Don’t forget to occasionally empty it, clean it, and turn it into a water table.


Setting up piles of rocks

Collect small stones with your son/daughter and let him or her set piles of rocks from the largest to the smallest if he is that wise.

Bubble mower activity

2 year olds loves the bubble mower toy so buy one for your boy/girl and show them how to push it over grass as he/she pretends to be mowing the lawn.

Of course, kids love doing adult activities like mowing grass so you can guess how elated he/she will be with the bubble mower!

In short, mowing the bubbles is a super-lovely, fun-filled outdoor activity for kids.



There are so many amazing outdoor activities for 2 year olds boys/girls so what is important is to pick the most suitable ones depending on your child’s ability- we all know that children develop at different paces.

That said, nearly all the activities/games in this article can be done comfortably by a 2-year-old.

Remember that supervision is very important because he or she is still a toddler and can only do so much on their own.


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