Best educational games for 4 year olds

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Children tend to learn faster through gaming than anything else so it is a good idea to have your son or daughter play good educational games every now and then.

With that in mind, below we have compiled a list of the best educational games for 4 year olds- these will help your kiddo learn basics like alphabets (and vocabulary), numbers, some important life skills, and a whole lot more.

Remember that these games can be played in apps, via websites, etc.

Best educational games for 4 year olds

The following are some of the games we recommend highly for 4 year olds:

Endless Alphabet

Kids typically have a great time learning ABC’s and building invaluable vocabulary using the cute monsters in “Endless Alphabet”

It’s a greatly interactive puzzle game and the talking letters plus the short animations (illustrating the definition) make it so friendly for children.

Get Endless Alphabet



This is my all-time favorite educational app and the number one choice for many parents when it comes to learning ABCs.

It is remarkably playful and interactive and your child just needs to poke, drag, prod, and spin the 26 letters (each letter at a time) to reveal stunning and luminous transformations.

Get the app (Play Store/ App Store)


Endless Numbers

Endless Alphabet does not teach numbers so you may consider introducing him/her to its sibling, Endless Numbers.

It’s super interactive too and make learning numbers extremely easy for your little one.

I cannot recommend the game enough when it comes to  learning numbers for children.

Get Endless Numbers (Play Store/ App Store)


Edoki Academy games

Edoki Academy set of games is also outstanding, simple, and fun.

The Colors and Shapes are quite a hit (for creativity) and so is Math (for numbers).

I should say there’s a game for learning nearly every important concept including coding and logic reasoning, music, basic life skills, and more

Go to Edoki Academy Games website or Download the App (Android /App Store)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood apps dovetail nicely with their TV show and can be a good one if your child likes the show!

The apps are all easy-peasy to learn and really fun to play.

Get the App or Explore the game on Amazon

Magic Math Academy

Back to learning basic numeracy skills and while it’s paid (and a little pricey), your 4YO will absolutely love it if they’re math-obsessed.

I should add that they may need a bit of help when it comes to the boss fights.

Get the app(Play Store /App Store)


Quick Math Jr.

This may be slightly ahead for some kids but it is very interesting for kids who are particularly into numbers.

Just do not forget that it can be pretty advanced for children who are having their first maths lessons.

Get it from App Store


Best educational games for 4 year olds- more really good games/apps for young kids

Sago Mini games

Any of the several Sago Mini-line of games are also excellent for toddlers and the good thing is that you can buy the games piecemeal or by subscribing to the Sago World app(it has them all).

Now, even if you do not feel like trying any more games, you must try these- they’re really worth it.

Get Sago Mini games



Wonderkind has good wholesome educational games too- King of Math, Puzzle Shapes, Easy-Peasy Spelling/English, Tiny Builders, Jungle Farm, Silly Billy Hair Salon, etc. and it’s another resourceful gaming platform for kids about 4 years.

Explore Wonderkid Children Educational Games


Dr. Panda.

Dr. Panda games provide a unique learning experience that fosters imagination, curiosity, exploration, and more through open-ended play and storytelling.

Dr. Panda Mailman will probably become your child’s favorite but there are tons of other good games.

Get Dr Panda Games


There are some brilliant games for kids in Loopimal(a building kit with handcrafted animations and beautiful sounds) and they can play along with parents or alone.

Most importantly, they will enhance the musical skills of your child and encourage him/her to try and get adventurous

Get the App. (App store)


Little Builders

We recommend Little Builders if you’re looking for great construction games for your 4 year old child.

In a nutshell, there are tons of things he/she will learn to do Little Builders construction games so try them.

Get the app (Play Store/ App Store)

Train Kit

Train Kit is another amazingly simple game that will allow your kiddo to unleash their best creativity to build railways with cute decorations to boot.

Get the App. (App store)


Toca Life: Vacation!

These games are just wonderful and we especially love their distinctive, funny style.

Toca Life Vacation is all about enjoying unforgettable vacation fun (He/she will go wild with excitement while building huge sand castles and searching for all the carefully hidden secrets inside a buzzing hotel, air-port, and gift shop.

It’s always a hit with 4 year olds!

Get it(App Store)


Best educational games for 4 year olds – Wrapping up

There’s a whole lot more games including ABC Mouse,  Leapfrog Academy, and StarFall Education    but the above are quite good and will get you started (at least)

Remember the reason why younger kids tend to learn better through games than most other methods is because they are involved all through so try to let him/her play independently as much as possible.

Happy learning!


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