24v power wheels motor upgrade- Recommended Motors

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If you are planning to upgrade your daughter’s or son’s power wheels to 24v, you have to get a good 24v power wheels motor.


The stock motor usually burn out not long after doing the battery upgrade as it’s not rated for 24v.

More importantly, the result of the 24v power wheels motor upgrade is a power wheels that is noticeably faster -24-volts is where real speed is (There’s additional torque, as a bonus).

Just so you know, your kid’s power wheels won’t get the boost in speed, power, and runtime that he/she craves for until you complete these three basic upgrades:

  1. 24v power wheels motor upgrade (This is where a decent 24v motor for ride on car comes in)
  2. 24v battery upgrade -go for SLA batteries (and not lithium batteries since the latter delivers too much punch/discharge rating). And add a 40 amp fuse for safety reasons.
  3. Upgrading to steel first gears (the first gear won’t last very long after you have upgraded to 24 volts).

So, what 24v motors can you replace the original motor with?

Well, below I review two motors that work best for those who want to go ahead with their power wheels 24v electric motor upgrades.


24v power wheels motor upgrade –2 Motors we recommend for power wheels 24v motor upgrade

Traxxas Titan 775 power wheels motor 10-Turn, 16.8 Volts

This high torque power wheels motor will work on most power wheels and you can change out the standard motor with it if you’re upgrading your kiddo’s Power Wheels to 24 volts.

Yes, the motor is rated at 16.8 volts but it can run a power wheels at 24 volts reasonably well…

They stay fairly cool and have considerably more power -You’ll definitely notice much higher power compared to OEM motors.

Most of all, it handles the power load without a problem- The motors even handle hills impressively (with no lag).

The only major downside is that it may run for shorter periods of time in some cases before it starts to get hot (because it’s only designed to hold 16.8volts)

Otherwise, it works even for Peg Perego ‘power wheels’ to match upgraded batteries.

This is important: If you’ll take this route, consider installing the following:

  1. A brake suppressor -Every time your child releases the pedal, the vehicle slams to a sudden halt, putting excessive strain on gears due to the effect of the electrical braking system built into Power Wheels. The suppressor (like this) greatly reduces this braking affect which typically gets stronger when you increase voltage.
  2. A 40-amp breaker of some sort – For the most part, you’ll end up burning through less amperage fuses too fast after voltage step-up.


MlToys stage 4 Motor /Gearboxes with 24 volt conversion kit and brake reduction module

Now,  24v, Stage IV motor/gearboxes, and a Brake Reduction Module is your best combination for speed, durability, and ride fun when you upgrade.

And so I strongly recommend MLToys power wheels motor upgrade kit- Here is the correct one for Mustangs and here is the right one for Power wheels Jeep car.

With each kit, you get:

  • Torque sleeves (around each motor) to add extra low-end power.
  • Internal cooling fans (cooling boosts motor longevity).
  • Hardened steel pinion gears’ options.
  • 4 spade connectors (for trouble-free connection to wires).
  • Installation and break in Instructions.

Bear in mind that these insanely powerful 775 High-Performance motors fit all ride-on cars (but you’ll need to get matching Power Wheels 7R gearboxes and a Brake Reduction Module to complete your power wheels motor and gearbox upgrade)

Reminder: If you’re installing into a ride on car with 7R Gearboxes, you may need MlToys 775-to-7R Installation Kit. (If you’re unsure what pinion size, all you need to do is count what’s on your current stock motor).


How to upgrade power wheels motor – Important Tips and 775 vs 550 motor

Select the correct pinion gears tooth option

I cannot emphasize this enough: Please select the correct pinion gears tooth option – you want the option that is a 100% match to the pinion gears that came with your original motors.

550 motors are not an option

While 550 motors can run power wheels at 18 volts (with 18 volts SLA batteries), they eventually fail (power wheels 550 motor specs are basically just enough for 12V).

You therefore don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that they are not even an option when it comes to 24 volts.

Take it from me: At 24v they hardly last a day!


775s motors are monsters at 24 volts

775 Motors normally run power wheels at 12 volts, 18 volts, or 24 volts.

Here is what you should know about their performance at each voltage level:

At 12v, they’re slower than 550 motors but will deliver 4 times more torque.

And at 18v, they will produce more speed (just as the 550s) but will have a ton more low end power plus durability.

The best part? 24v is their territory…

Put another way, where the 775s shine most is 24 volts (They will convert your kid’s power wheel to an unbeatable monster!)


Final words

Overall,  24v, Stage IV motor/gearboxes, and a Brake Reduction Module is your best combination for speed, durability, and ride fun.

One more thing: Now that you have added more power, those wheels won’t last long spinning on concrete (and several other surfaces) so you need traction on it.

Now, you can simply take some bicycle tires, cut the tread off of them wrap it around the Power Wheels tires and put some screws in between the lugs so they’re not sticking up. 1 strip around the center of the front wheels will make it turn on a dime (any size bike tires could be cut down).

Final Tip: Be sure to search for a good YouTube tutorial for installation tips if you don’t really understand how to do the modifications.

Here is a great YouTube video to get you started on your 24v power wheels motor upgrade.



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