How to make 6v power wheels faster

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To continue with our series about how to make power wheels faster, this article will focus on how to make 6v power wheels faster (step by step).

Let us jump right in:

How to make 6v power wheels faster [Step by step]

For this project, we want to upgrade our 6v power wheels to 12 volts – this should end up making it way faster and more fun for your little one.

How to convert 6v to 12v power wheels

Below is how to convert 6v to 12v power wheels (materials needed and the step by step procedure):

What you need for this 6v to 12v power wheels conversion:

  1. This 12 volt/12amp aftermarket battery. You can work with this 12 volt/9amp battery for power wheels with a smaller battery compartment.
  2. A quality 12 volt charger– I recommend a trickle charger like this. Your old 6v power wheels battery charger won’t obviously charge a 12v battery.
  3. High Speed Generic gearbox and motor – Forget about a great speed boost if you don’t upgrade to a higher power gearbox (here is a great one with a 35,000 RPM 12v motor). For the best results, buy 2 gearboxes.

Other accessories- these will help you make the connections and wiring correctly

  • Female, male, & bullet connector kit– You can order this kit or buy from a local auto parts shop.
  • Two 3-way wire connectors– Again you can just order here.
  • 12 gauge wire– The old wire can melt easily due to the increased current. Check this 12 gauge wire out. Be sure to purchase a matching 12-gauge inline fuse (with fuse holder as well).

Tools needed

  1. Wire stripping tool- if you don’t have one lying around, this works perfectly.
  2. Wire crimping tool- here is a nice one.
  3. A screwdriver (optional).

How to make 6v power wheels faster- step by step

Here now is how to make a 6v power wheels go faster (steps):

Make the electrical connections

Step 1: Wiring up the battery

Make a negative wire with 2 female ends (one end will go to the battery and the other to the car)

Your 12 gauge inline fuse will obviously be connected to the positive side of the battery so cut out the 12 gauge wire, strip a bit of wire on both ends and crimp connectors to the end (female on one end and male, on the other).

Next, cut a positive wire then (ensure enough wire length to reach the battery) and crimp female connectors to the ends too.

You then connect this wire to one end of the 12 gauge inline fuse wire (where there is a female connector).

Lastly, connect the other end of the positive wire (now with the fuse hooked up) to the positive terminal on the battery (it is the male connector on the fused end that should actually go to the +ve battery terminal).

Remember the battery is not to be put into the car at this stage.


Step 2: Make wires for the motors

Now cut two wires that will be going to the two motors and keep them safe.

You will use your 3-way wire connectors to make a pair of 3-way type wires (cut one positive and another positive wire – ensure enough length to reach the motors).


Step 3: Mount the second gearbox to the provided slot or the rear wheel

Once you have done that (it should fit without needing any modifications if you had verified compatibility before buying), remove the old gearbox.

You want to replace this gearbox with your two new gearboxes (with faster motors in them).

To remove the old gearbox and motor from the car, disconnect it from the vehicle’s wiring and pull everything out gently (usually there are no screws holding it so it comes out effortlessly).

You should note how the old gearbox is connected (that way, you will know how to place the new gearbox when the time comes – you don’t want to swap polarity).

Now slip the new gearbox in right into the axle.

Next, take the wheel slip it through the axle as well (while ensuring the teeth are properly aligned).

Ensure it fits right into the gearbox even if it means pulling the axle up a little bit to have more room to put the washer and the wheel securing nut (tighten it properly).

Now turn to the other side of the car (the side not having a gearbox originally) and pull out any spacers/metal tabs on the way then slip in the remaining gearbox and wheel (as described above).


Step 4: Wiring up the motors

You need to make a connection point for your 3-way motor connections that you created earlier (where the old motor was).

You simply cut and strip the old motor wire off then hook up one of the 3 way goes to each motor.


Step 5: Drop the battery in

Now place the new battery in and connect black to black and red to red. Make all other remaining connections and test the car.


What you should know about 6v power wheels motor upgrade

Don’t make the mistake of skipping the motor upgrade- the stock motor will burn out at some point once you start riding the vehicle using the more powerful 12v battery.


About 6v power wheels gearbox upgrade

Concerning gearbox upgrade, check what gearbox your power wheels came with and the size of the gearbox if unsure about what gearbox to buy.

Importantly, Power Wheels brand and John Deere branded ride-on cars use specific gearboxes (other brands will work fine with generic gearboxes such as the one recommended in the article) so you should be careful when shopping.

In addition, you should ensure that your wheel moldings match the gearbox.

Now, since most 6v power wheels have only one gearbox,  you need to check if there is a hole for the second gearbox before ordering (remember we recommend running two gearboxes).

Also, check if the unused rear wheel has a mold to fit the gearbox – where no mold is available, you could buy an adapter then screw it in. That way, you will get a chance to use the second gearbox.


How to make 6v power wheels faster – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can you make a 6v power wheels go faster?

Yes. You can make your 6v power wheels go faster by upgrading the battery, motors, and gears.

Follow the procedure illustrated above.


PS: There are lots of videos showing how to speed up 6v power wheels on YouTube and it is worth checking them. Here is the link to a video demonstrating clearly how to make 6 volt power wheels faster by following the above steps.



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