Power wheels jeep rubber tires – here are options you can try

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So, what is the best way of adding traction to your kid’s Power wheels Jeep plastic wheels?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is replacing the stock tires with good quality Power wheels jeep rubber tires.

Well, what you won’t get are specially built power wheels Jeep rubber tires- instead, people swap out the factory-installed plastic tires with rubber tires from other equipment (more on this shortly).

The good thing is that these alternate rubber tires will add traction enormously and you don’t need to be damn good in craftsmanship to hack the required modification.

Now, below are some of the alternative tires you can try out in place of rubber tires for power wheels Jeep (these are also the best alternatives to rubber tires for power wheels Jeep hurricane):

Power wheels jeep rubber tires – here are options you can try

Lawnmower/garden tires

One of the best alternatives is lawnmower/garden tires.

You can get good ones at Amazon (the popular Turf saver tires can be a great option) or your neighborhood tire shop.


Solid rubber dolly wheels

You can find replacement dolly wheels that are solid rubber and you will get way better traction.

These would look cool on it. Or these.

Bear in mind that you need to adapt things a bit for the dolly wheels to fit ( For example, you may need to get new plastic hubs and make a spacer out of wood to fit the tires in place)


Small ATV tires

What you should do here is stretch the ATV tires – look for ones with same size as the existing tires- around your Jeep power wheels tires then bond them on (using epoxy).


Snowblower tires

You can as well try out snowblower tires on your daughter’s/son’s power wheels Jeep- see if you can get a similar size to the stock Jeep tires.


Why upgrading rubber tires may not be the best idea

There is one big concern when it comes to replacing the stock tires on your power wheels Jeep car with rubber tires…

You see, like other power wheels, the wheels of the Jeep are designed to slide around for the motors not to burn (because of the torque).

In other words, you are likely to wear out the Jeep motors while trying to add traction to the original plastic tires if you change to rubber tires.

So, what mods can you implement to boost traction and not break things?

Here are some excellent ideas:

Do some extra mods

If you still want to proceed with the upgrade, you will probably need to do some extra mods.

To begin with, you can prevent the parts from stripping by upgrading to metal gears (We recommend this steel gear because it is heat treated and so strong).

Also get a brake reduction module (from ML Toys)- it prevents the unnecessary strain on gears every time your child releases the pedal and the Jeep slams to a halt greatly reducing the braking effect .

These two tricks can be extremely helpful.


Drill screws into the Jeep tires (rear tires)

If you can actually drill screws into the Jeep’s rear tires, you will end up gaining immense traction on moist grass, dirt, hills, and nearly all situations.

I remember my granddad doing it to my Jeep as a kid and it was riding pretty fine.


Put grip tape on the power wheels tires

The second idea you can go for is putting grip tape (the type you usually put on stairs, skateboards, etc.) on your son’s or daughter’s power wheels Jeep.

It is quite easy (you really need little effort) and it works incredibly well.

Another rubber-based adhesive that you can wrap the tires with is the Duck® Brand anti-slip tread tape– It has good tread and it will significantly improve the traction.

Some folks even wrap the tires with gaffer tape – and it works though perhaps not as well as grip or duck tape.


Screw bike tires to the Jeep

This works like a charm.

I once screwed old mountain bike tires to the tires of my daughter’s Jeep and boy! the traction in that thing was awesome.

Just so you know, you screw in the tire in place- you could use self-tapping screws, drywall screws, etc. (you are not limited so you can even use staples, brads, etc.)

You can even rubberize the tires by taking the tires off your kid’s bike, cut them a little off their inside, then stretch the suckers all around the wheel, and finally screw them into the plastic.


Put PVC over the power wheel Jeep tires

You should consider putting PVC over the tires instead of real rubber tires.

Find some PVC large enough to fit over the wheels, cut it appropriately, and slide it on around the Jeep’s original tires.


Try rubber bands

There can be good as well when it comes to power wheels Jeep traction.

Also, they are easier to place on the tires.

Now, if you check on e-bay, there are power wheels traction bands you can order and glue onto the tires.


Attach neoprene rubber strips

Instead of going ahead with a complete upgrade, it might be safer to add neoprene rubber (strips) on the tires.

It’ll add the much-needed traction and won’t strip the gear box.

Now: Rather than put a strip just down the middle, place an extra strip along the outer edge then glue it on.

Power wheels jeep rubber tires – other tricks

Here are a couple of other “rubberization” tricks you can try if you don’t want to risk melting the gears:

  • Try flex seal- You might try coating the plastic tires in a few layers of flex seal. This will probably give the Jeep a little more traction.
  • Try bed liner spray– Another thing you can try is spraying a coat (or multiple coats) of rubbery bed liner. It will give the tires a more grippy surface so slippage reduces.


Wrap up

As you have learned, there are many tricks you can perform on your child’s power wheels Jeep so it is not a must you upgrade to rubber tires.

Pick the easiest mod to do for you and implement it.

The added traction will be great for your little one’s safety and your peace of mind.



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