Ride on car remote control not working [Fixed]

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Your ride on car remote control not working? Try these fixes and see if it will resume normal operation

If your ride on car remote control is not working, you might have to chase your kids around your yard to make sure they won’t veer into a road or run into a tree.

That can be quite unpleasant and it may even take the fun out of their riding session so here is how to troubleshoot a ride on car remote control that has quit working:

Ride on car remote control not working – troubleshooting tips

These fixes should help you resuscitate a remote control that won’t work at all (as well as a remote control having short range and/or pesky connectivity issues)…

Before we start, don’t forget that the remote may have just gone into inactivity- they are usually designed to enter power saving mode after a period of non-use (touch any button to wake it).


Go near the car

I know, I know but it is worth mentioning (at least for starters)- if you are too far from your car, the steering (from the remote) won’t work

Remove then re-insert the batteries

It sounds weird too but it surprisingly gets the remote to work sometimes (since the batteries may be loose/not seated properly).


Try new batteries

The next thing you should try is new batteries.

You see, these batteries don’t last forever and as long as the battery in the remote is weak (or dead), your parental remote control won’t work.

Keep in mind that for the most part, a ride on car remote control uses AAA batteries (and there are dozens of quality AAA battery brands out there).

Quick Tip: Prior to buying new batteries, check for and clean any corrosion in the battery compartment. The corrosive stuff (due to battery discharge) could be causing poor battery contact (with the terminals) messing up power supply and making the remote appear dead.


Pair the remote control to the ride on again

If the remote has started to persistently lose signal (and the new batteries did not bring you any luck), you can try to re-pair the remote to the ride on vehicle.

Here is how:

  1. Make sure the ride on is switched off.
  2. Press then hold the pair button – hold onto it until you notice a rapidly blinking light on your remote.
  3. Switch the ride on car on once again.
  4. Check if the light (on the remote) is now staying steady and has stopped flashing. If so, the remote has successfully paired to the car and it could start working properly again.
  5. If the lights continue to blink (signaling an unsuccessful connection), you need to remove then re-insert the batteries. Once done, repeat the above steps (1 to 3).

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines so it is good to check if this is what is written in your specific ride on car instruction manual.

Also check the remote packaging for any additional instructions.


A word on buying another remote control device (new)

As a last resort, you may want to buy a new remote control.

Now, first you should understand that there are not many aftermarket replacement remote control devices for ride on cars so it can be a bit of trial and error.

Having said, the Weelye Remote Control (2.4G Bluetooth) for kids power wheels works like a charm with a number of ride on car models and can be worth trying out.

To be clear, we found that it works for these ride on cars:

  • Best Choice Products Jeep RX23
  • Best choice 6volts ride on jeep
  • Jeep RC power wheel
  • Maserati powerwheel.
  • Lamborghini hurricane looking car
  • Best choice products Toyota tundra

Of course, there are others it works on.


What if it doesn’t work?

Well, if it wouldn’t pair with your car, just return it and consider buying an alternative.

One more thing: It wouldn’t make sense to purchase a new car remote control if a part of the remote control system is broken (and you have not fixed it).

A common culprit when it comes to these types of remote control systems is the receiver (in the ride on car).

The other part that comes to mind is the transmitter (this is on the remote control and it could as well be the root cause of the issue).

The good news is that anyone can easily replace a faulty transmitter or receiver.

You can watch this video first if you want to try to replace the receiver (and here is a great 12v cars receiver kit that is widely used on ride-on cars).


Pro Tip: If you change to a new remote control, it is often necessary to change the receiver.

How do you connect the remote for the first time?
Just turn on your ride on car and make sure the remote is close.

The lights on your remote will blink and it will normally take a minute (or two) for the two to sync.

You’re good to go as soon as the lights stop blinking.


The remote won’t turn the ride on car. What should I do?

You need to hold onto the button for a little longer for a continuous turn (using the remote).

But if you just hit and release it, the tires usually turn momentarily then start to go straight.

Ride on car remote control not working – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can you convert a standard 6v ride-on car to remote control?

If you’re planning to upgrade your normal ride on car into a remote control vehicle, you will need to purchase a wire kit that replaces the entire wire system and the control box.

If you’d like to go down this route, this complete 6v wire set (with control box plus remote control) is one of the easiest ways to upgrade a regular 6v vehicle into a remote control car.

On the same token, this 12-volt wire set (again with control box plus remote control) is a great way to upgrade an ordinary 12 volts ride on car into a remote control car.



We hope that the above tips have helped you fix your remote control and now you can steer your little one back to safety remotely when things get wild.

Here is the not-so-fun part: If your ride on car remote control not working issue has not been resolved, then it could be time to replace the entire remote system which sucks (to say the least).

Worse still, sometimes the replacements are not readily available so it could be several days before your little champ can enjoy his favorite hobby again (unless he/she is skilled enough to ride alone).



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