Girl things to do when your bored at home: What to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home

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Are you a teenage girl and you’re there wondering what to do when you are super bored at home?

Fret not…below is a list of girl things to do when you are bored at home to bust boredom.

Hint:  Our list of activities for teen girls is quite comprehensive – we tell you what to do not only to keep you busy and entertained but also suggest ideas that will help you learn a new skill, earn money at home, and more.

What to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home

Things to do when bored at home : What to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home

Hey girl, scroll down for ideas that will kill all your boredom when you’re stuck at home – and get loads of fun while at it (or earn money/ build a new skill, etc.)

Fun things to do by yourself at home as a teenager girl including what to do when your a bored teenage girl at home at night

Learn to bake

It’s always good to try something that will help you in the future so try baking and not just a cupcake- try bread and everything else you fancy (there are plenty of recipes worth trying online) and surprise your family with bread, cookies, crème brûlée, and more.

Visit YouTube and see what you would wish to start with….


Learn Cake Decorating

Still on baking, don’t bake your cake and leave it there- make it look yummy!

You can again learn how to do cake decoration on YouTube (and you, of course, want to talk to your mama to buy you some of the basic equipment needed).

The best news? It can turn out to be an amazing side hustle so don’t ignore this.


Build a website

This is another fantastic idea: Why not learn to code and start building websites like Well, there are lots of coding classes (some free) online so you really do not have a good enough reason not to try out this.

Oh, and you can go a step further and build your first e-commerce website (or start an affiliate marketing blog)- and that means you could start to get some good cash in the days ahead.


Start a podcast

Not everyone has the courage to face the camera but don’t let that worry you: if you’re such kind of a teen and you feel that getting on Video (for a YouTube channel) is too much, a podcast might be a good alternative.

It’s super easy to get started and podcasting is really taking off right now (and it has started to pay well).

Now, there are tons of podcast hosting platforms and most of them have really good guides explaining how to do it.

For the most part, you need to pay for an account only once you have a recording you want to put on the podcasting app.


Make a bored jar

Hey girl, what about making your own bored jar?

Simply take a jar or something with a lid and come up with as many things as you can do and have fun with it.

So every time you’re bored to death, you just have to remember your own jar!

See how it’s done here..


Create a vacation journal

What about this inspiring idea for you: If you have been out on vacation recently, print out all the photos you shot and make a little scrapbook album.

It’s a much more creative way of preserving your experiences out there than a traditional photo album.

You can as well use the photos you took from a recent scavenger hunt to make a scrapbook!


Just Dance

If you love dancing, there is perhaps no better way to keep you entertained than dancing to your favorite music.

so crank up the volume and put on your dancing shoes!


Update your playlist

Music is fun and even if you do not like dancing, you can get yourself occupied and distracted with a new music playlist.

Have an at home Spa night

I understand that at times you feel tired and miss some little massage (and pampering) even if it does involve your mom or sister..

See how to create a wonderful DIY Spa Night here.


Cook dinner

You can help your mama by cooking dinner- I’ve seen countless parents proudly speak about how their teen girls are helping them cook dinner in turns..

So, why not be one of these up-and-coming chefs (and culinary professionals)?

And the more you do it, the more you’re perfecting your cooking.

Do a puzzle

Get your mind busy young girl by tackling puzzles- doing puzzles helps make you a better thinker.

Needless to say, the bigger the puzzle, the better it will be for your brain stimulation.

Amazon has a variety of awesome puzzles for teenagers.


Learn a new word from the dictionary

Make it a habit to take your dictionary and look for new words- adding more knowledge to your vocabulary will help you be different from your friends.

And mastering vocabulary is good for your future career, especially if you want to be a writer, lawyer, high school teacher, etc.

Learn Art

Hey miss, is art your thing?

If yes, Google Arts and Culture has a huge collection of artsy resources and you can learn so much from there.

And if you like to draw, drawing -while listening to cool music-is a really nice relaxation method.


Make bath bombs

Do you like taking too much time in the bathroom as I do?

If you’re like me, why not make some bath bombs to use in the tub?

You can give them as a gift to your pals too!


Plan a career

Are you an aspiring career girl?

Then do research on jobs you might find interesting from pay scales and promotion paths to what’s needed at entry level.


Read a book

As you grow up you need more knowledge so make it a habit to read books at before going to bed.


Good books for 13 year olds girl

Best inspirational books for teenage girl



I would also encourage you to work on a healthy body because it’s every girl’s dream to look sexy and healthy – and you can’t afford to be left out.

These simple exercises for teenage girls can be a great starting point.


Do the laundry

You don’t want to be labeled a lazy girl so you can as well kill boredom by doing the laundry.

What to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home – more ideas

  1. Play minecraft
  2. Play chess with a friend.
  3. Try beautiful paper crafts
  4. Learn an incredible magic trick
  5. Clean the bathroom
  6. Vacuum the car
  7. Pick something new –a new subject that seems randomly interesting and weird- and take a deep dive into it (and become an expert in it).
  8. Play cards against humanity online-It’s never boring.
  9. Watch a dumb movie
  10. Look at classic family photo albums

What to do when you are a bored teenage girl at home – summing it up

Being idle and bored can be immensely frustrating so try to keep yourself busy with the above ideas.

You’re a bright girl and I’m sure you will fall in love with most of our suggestions.

All the best girlfriend!



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