20 Halloween games for teenage parties and tweens

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If you’re a teen and your idea of getting into the spooky spirit at a Halloween party (with friends) is playing a scary-good game, explore the following amazing Halloween games for teenage parties

Halloween games for teenage parties

Below is a list of 20 easy and scary Halloween games for teenage parties that you and friends can play during your planned Halloween party.

Mini pumpkin carving contest

I like this game for Halloween because it is inexpensive and short (it won’t take too long).

More so, it is quite fun and entertaining.

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Door frame game

This is yet another interesting game that is so simple to play-teens only have to carry a door frame(with a door) to different houses.

And when they reach people’s front doors- the door has a Please Knock sign – and the owners knock, the teen open the door and offers them candy.

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Go for a Halloween Concert

Dancing to Halloween tunes is yet another option.

Now, when attending the concert, you will want to be dressed up in cute Halloween dance costumes.

Still on a musical note, you can try the Crypt keeper jam or Forever Halloween (Acoustic).


Scare people

What about scaring people on Halloween?

Teens have to dress in black body suits and then lay in a field (or hide in woods) until they see a large group of people(preferably teens or tweens).

Next, they follow them blindly until they get closer to a street corner.

After that, they run at them screaming(insert random gibberish or funny battle cry).

Trust me, if they have candy, they will drop them.

And if you(the teenager) have candy yourself, give it to the petrified souls and celebrate!


Act as Dublin City Zombie Epidemic Response Operation member

This is one of the games your teen should not miss…

It is simply acting like a member of the (infamous) Dublin-City-Zombie-Epidemic-Response-Operation unit(Z.E.R.O).

They, for example, first dress up like this with friends- they, in short dress as Pet Zombies.

After that, one of them will act as a security guard (at the door- you can choose the home of one friend) while the other friends grab(menacingly) at people(you can have some pretend to be people) as they pass through.

Then they proceed to split blood at them(not actual blood-you can make something that looks like blood from food color).


Dress like Kesha and hand out candy

Here you got to dress up like Kesha and hand out candy.

Of course, you begin by opening the door then throwing glitter and candy at people- while blasting Halloween music- then shutting the door.



You can also dress up in a skating-friendly Halloween costume and go skating.

It would obviously be more fun if you gather your friends(teen friends) and have a competition.

You can do this while listening to loud Halloween music.


Play video games

Gather your teen friends and play the creepiest Halloween video games- you can again do this as a competition with the winner winning candy and being celebrated with some Halloween dances.


Do street music

This was my favorite when I was a teen- we used to play street music and later upload it on YouTube.

It is a great idea and worth a shot if you’re creative.


Sing tunnel snakes rule

Here you and your friends just need to dress up as tunnel snakes and then you start running around your neighborhood singing Tunnel Snakes Rule.


Golf Party Halloween Game

You’ll need a golf ball, pumpkin carving tools, a pumpkin itself, a putter golf club, and

See how to play


Act as a scarecrow

Back to scaring folks and here you act a scarecrow -and specifically from Batman Begins.

All you have to do is put on a scarecrow costume (made from a burlap sack) and hide in the backyard the start scaring shit out of people.


Play musketeers

To play this game, you only need a few of your teen friends.

You will walk like a nerd and the other friends will follow you as they bully others saying ‘Did you see those three musketeers?’


Donut on a string

This may seem a bit childish but it can be a cool idea for you as a teen.

What you do to make this game get a Halloween theme is instead of hanging the donut on a string, you could get those Peeps bats(I think those would be perfect).

You hang them from a string- it will make it look like bats hanging from a cave.

You then have some of your friends eat the donut –without using their hands and just with their mouth.

The finishing first becomes the winner.


Play “oooooh!”

Here you put your fingers on your friend’s back and draw a line-up and say ‘oooooh!’

Now, for you or the others you’re playing with to emerge the winner, you have to make a full line.

Too bad if you don’t manage to draw a full line because that will not count.

The main aim of this game is to play to gain points(you can play for candy as well)


Going to a haunted house

In this game, you have to use your garage or your basement or just any room in your homestead to set up a maze.

Once your maze is set up, have some creepy scenes set up to give it the feel of a haunted house.

You then have someone -in a scary costume- hiding around a corner.

Now your friend who is meant to scare the ones hiding will jump out and scare and chase the others out.


Halloween party games for tweens

To add to the above Halloween games for teenage parties, here now are some good games for tweens, for those whose kids are not yet of teenage age)..


Halloween Egg Hunt

Fill plastic eggs (or plastic pumpkins) with candy and hide around the room (outdoors can do as well).

What follows is searching for the eggs/pumpkins with a flashlight.


Guess the Candy Bar

In this game, you will have to melt five different candy bars in the microwave (or any source of heat without changing the taste).

After melting the different candy, place the melted candle on a disposable diaper and let each person taking part in the game smell or taste to determine which candy bar it is.


Plastic Wrap Mummy Race

Am sure you’re in a team of friends so what you do here is divide yourself up into groups and then choose one person in each team to wrap in plastic wrap(from the neck down).

When the mummy is wrapped, what follows is the team has to gently lower the player to the ground and roll them down the racecourse.

If you happen to be the lucky player and you’re the first to reach the finishing line, the players will hurriedly stand you back up and unwrap you.


Pumpkin Face

This is yet another super simple game for teenage parties: Just have the teens put a layer of Vaseline on their faces then put some Pumpkin-Shaped Cheeseballs on the table(large enough).

Then have each person cover their face with cheese balls without using their hands.

Finally, set the timer for one minute and the person with the most cheese balls on their face emerges the winner.


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