Good books for 13 year olds girl your daughter, sister, niece or grand-daughter will appreciate

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If you have a 13 year old daughter /grand-daughter/ sister or niece who is really into books, below are some good books for 13 year olds girl that she will appreciate (different genres).

Keep in mind that some of the titles in our good books for 13 year olds girl list are great for girls who usually find reading boring – they’re a fantastic way to encourage them to get more into reading.

Good books for 13 year olds girl your daughter, sister, niece or grand-daughter will appreciate

Overall, the following are books that are age-appropriate for a 13 year olds girl and very well written (from science, adolescent themes, fiction, comic, supernatural/apocalyptic, and more)

Good books for 13 year olds girl

The Graveyard Book

good books for 13 year olds girl fantasy

Wistful, witty, wise-and creepy, this utterly captivating dark tale of mysterious characters covers important teenage themes such as friendship, growing up, growing old, good vs. evil, dying, being a hero, memory, learning, life lessons, and more and might be awesome for your daughter.

Discworld novels

You might also give the young witch-to-be Tiffany Aching books beginning with The Wee Free Men

good books for 13 year olds girl romance

Another Discworld series novel that you cannot go wrong with is Guards! Guards! -by Terry Pratchett


The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (by Patricia C Wrede)

good books for 13 year olds girl 2022

Patricia C Wrede’s hilarious adventure tales about Cimorene, a princess who declines to be a proper princess(it’s too confining and boring in her eyes) and who rescues herself are amazing for fantasy lovers.


Tamora Pierce’s The Song of the Lioness series

good books for 13 year olds girl uk

The Song of the Lioness is a wonderful series of fantasy novels for the young audience and the 4 books in the series have been earning raving reviews from teenage readers.

Teenage girls are featured as wizards, knights, and above all, heroes…


Howl’s Moving Castle -by Diana Wynne Jones

good books for 13 year olds girl australia

Girls about 13 years love will learn an important message from this fantasy novel: your words can have a massive impact on your life (Tell yourself you’re useless and you will likely end being useless; tell yourself you’ll be an achiever and you’ll end up achieving your wildest dreams).


Francescia Lia Block’s Dangerous Angels

good mystery books for 13 year olds girl

This book fits perfectly at age 13- it’s more real world stuff than fantasy and in a friendly tone.

We bet she might enjoy reading it as well.


The City of Ember -by Jeanne DuPrau

recommended books for 13-14 year olds

This is an enchanting, interesting science/fantasy adventure fiction that’s full of fantasy!


Because of Winn-Dixie- by Kate DiCamillo

books a 13 year old girl should read

This is a captivating story of a young girl’s personal growth journey as she and the father settle down in a new town-accompanied by “Winn-Dixie”, a stray dog.

The story is all about figuring out friendship, acceptance, loneliness, and grief.


The Tale of Desperaux- by Kate DiCamillo

best book for 13 year olds girl

Another charming adventure story by Kate DiCamillo that is dominated by three characters: a dungeon rat (who catches a glimpse of world above), a valiant mouse (who’s in mad love with the princess), and a slow-witted, dirt poor servant girl who really wants to become the princess.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

sci fi books for 13 year olds girl

If she has a good sense of humor, she will never read a funnier science fiction book than this Douglas Adams masterpiece.

More importantly, we are sure there’s almost nothing R-rated in this satirical and brilliantly written SciFi.


Hunger Games book series

What are the best books for 13 year old girls?

Suzanne Collins’ extraordinary, bestselling trilogy has been a favorite for young readers around the world and all the three books -The Hunger Games , Catching Fire, and Mocking jay- are truly phenomenal.


The Lightning Thief -by Rick Riordan

Is the book it appropriate for 13 year olds?

This riotously-paced quest story of heroism is packed with hilarious allusions to fabled Greek mythology besides rip-snorting action sequences.

It is not only superbly-written but also full of incredibly loveable, relatable characters for both teenage girls and boys.


The Gossip Girl

classic books for 13 year old girl

While Gossip Girl is actually rated age appropriate for 15 year olds but it’s generally exciting for the 10 to 13 age group.

Crucially, most of the books in the series motivate poor readers to want to read more.


Princess Diaries series -by Meg Cabot

funny books for 13 year old girl

This is another fun read for girls around age 13 and up

Everything about it is really good- the story, plot, narration..every aspect –and it engages young minds to follow through the book.

The only downside is that it contains a fair share of significantly X-rated content.

The Abhorsen series -by Garth Nix

good books for 13 year olds girl 2021

This is a well-loved series by this age group and can be worth checking out.


Good books for 13 year olds girl – more suggestions

Frontier Magic trilogy This is by Patricia C Wrede and can be a good choice too.

The Belgariad The Belgariad is our other old favorite age appropriate option for girls around this age.

Fairyland books (Books 1-3)- Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland books are also quite interesting and a popular pick among younger readers.

Flora Trilogy (by Ysabeau S. Wilce)- is another thoroughly enthralling young girl’s adventure tale.

The Chrysalids (by John Windham) – This is a great SciFi book written for adolescent readers.


Other recommendations

  1. Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl series
  2. Alice McDermott’s That Night
  3. Eva Figues’ Light
  4. Ann Arensberg’s Sister Wolf
  5. Beatrice sparks’ Go ask Alice
  6. Jenny Pollack’s Klepto
  7. Mitch Albom’s The five people you meet in heaven
  8. Elie Wiesel’s Night
  9. Gary Paulsen’s the Hatchet series– Gary Paulsen has loads of good books and you can explore his other titles.
  10. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders
  11. Veronica Roth’s Divergent -There are four books in this series.


Wrap up

There are other good books that can be a good start for a 13 years old girl including Updraft (Bone universe) and Artemis.

One final important point: It is always important to be aware of your 13 year old girl personality traits, hobbies, and interests when selecting books for them- you don’t want to gift them a book they’ll never read.

If that does not give you pointers, research your girl’s favorite movies- the movies they like can definitely offer excellent ideas on books they might like.

Happy reading to your dear girl!


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