Looking for Electric cars for 14 year olds? Read this

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Now, Fisher Price doesn’t yet make electric cars for 14 year olds (neither do other Power wheels brands).

For that reason, parents who are looking for electric cars for 14 year olds should probably consider alternative ride-ons such as miniature ATVs, Electric Scooters, and Go-karts

The best thing about these ride-on products is that they are usually best suited to teens who are more experienced – and your daughter/son is likely to be an advanced driver at 14 years.

So below are some of the best options for these more mature drivers (ATVs, Electric Scooters, Go-karts, and Electric dirt bikes).

Electric cars for 14 year olds – alternative bets for 14 year old teens

Here are a few great options that can be fun for your young teen:

Razor Dirt Quad-500 – 36V ATV

ride on cars for 14 year olds

This big Quad is pretty fast (it can go at a speed of 9mph max) and has some real power (the 36 volts ATV is powered by a monster 500-watt motor!).

It handles really great- it’s particularly incredible when off-road -and is not afraid of taking a beating since it is very, very well-built (The body is super strong).

Ride time is really good (an hour, at least) and it is certainly an upgrade on many other battery-powered options.

You will love the twist-grip throttle control, adjustable riser handlebars (so you can adjust it to the height of your son/daughter), nice suspension (rear), and rubber grips (for traction).

It’s a beauty too thanks to the authentic moto-styling so your champ will be happy to showcase it to friends.

Overall, it’s a brilliant dirt Quad for 14 year olds (and above) and it’s better than similar Quads in every aspect you could imagine.


Alternative ATVS to Check out:

SYX MOTO Mini ATV 36Volts 800W Electric Dirt Quad Off-Road Vehicle


Razor Crazy Go Kart Cart

electric cars for 14 year olds to drive

The Go Cart we recommend most is Razor Crazy Go Kart Cart

It includes a powerful 36-V battery system (Max battery run time is about 40 mins) and a flag (for visibility).

What’s more, this is a drifting beast (The included drift bar gives him/her completely control of drifts, cornering, and spins).

And with its foot pedal acceleration reaching speeds of about 12 mph (max), this can be immense fun for teens (It’s recommended for ages 16+ but 14 year olds can also enjoy it).

There are more nice touches including impact-reducing pneumatic front tire and raised bucket-style seat (for extra comfort)

You will also appreciate the improved ride stability and precise steering.

Keep in mind that the max recommended weight with this is 240 lbs.


Alternative Go Carts to Check out:

  1. “Normal” Razor Crazy Go Kart Cart
  2. MotoTec Mud Monster 48volts, 1000watt Electric Go Kart -with Full Suspension


Razor E200 24V Electric Scooter

Electric cars for 14 year olds

This is not your average electric scooter but a damn good monster- and sometimes they only way to keep older kids entertained for hours is to have them go full throttle on such a solid ride.

Here is what your son/daughter will get if you go down this route:

A max speed of 12 mph which is again faster than most scooters for this age group, up to 40 mins. of uninterrupted use, good power (the single-speed 24v 200w chain-driven  motor makes it powerful enough for most 14 year olds), and a smooth ride on rough surfaces (the 8” air-inflated pneumatic tires help smoothen bumps).

In general, it’s awesome on pavement, great on gravel, and it even rides fairly well in grass.

Also, there is a hand-operated brake that stops the scooter quickly for the safety of your teen (and your peace of mind too).

The all-steel construction (frame and fork) makes it a great bet for rugged use.

The manufacturer recommended rider weight with this scooter is 154lbs.


Alternative Electric scooters to Check out:

  1. Razor RX200 Off-Road Scooter, 37 Inch
  2. Segway Ninebot Electric Kick MAX Scooter (18.6 MPH, Foldable, and Portable)


McGrath SX500 Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

electric cars for 14 year olds near me

Dirt bike riding can also be extremely exciting for 14 years olds- They enjoy electric dirt bikes as they build confidence and willpower along the way.

The best part is that electric dirt bikes usually come cheap compared to gasoline dirt bikes making them an economical way of introducing new entertainment to your youngster.

With that in mind, we highly recommend the above electric dirt bike…

The bike is designed with everything you’d wish for so it is an outstanding choice- From adjustable riser-style handlebars, retractable kickstand, hand-operated dual disc braking system, big 14” pneumatic knobby tires to great suspension, there is no essential feature this lacks.

It’s a 36V dirt bike (there are 3, 12Volts sealed lead-acid batteries) and supports 14+ year olds up to 175 lbs.

Bear in mind that it can hit speeds of 15mph (highest) and can be used non-stop for 40 minutes (when fully charged) with the high-torque, 500 watt chain-driven motor delivering loads of power.

It’s very cool looking and very well constructed (hence very durable) too.

Overall, don’t be surprised to see his/her face light up when you bring this home!


Alternative Electric Dirt Bikes to Check out:

Electric Motocross Off-Road Razor Rocket Dirt Bike


Final words

It’s worth mentioning that at 14 years, your son or daughter will usually want a ride-on that will be faster, more powerful, and more fun than when they were younger.

And so the above options fit the bill perfectly and could be your best bet since no one is specifically making electric cars for 14 year olds (most manufacturers go up to 10 years max)


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