Best power wheels for 7 year old – 3 big enough cars

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Looking for the best power wheels for 7 year old? The picks we have in this article are big enough for him/her and will be a big hit for your adventurous child..

Your boy or girl is growing fast and is now closing in on his/her 7th birthday.

The issue is: The power wheels that has been so much fun to ride around since he was 2 years old now seem smaller and he is barely fitting in there anymore.

So you are now looking for the best power wheels for 7 year old to keep your little thrill-seeker busy during fun family days.

Now, to point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of three fabulous power wheels that are big enough, speedier (they zoom pretty fast), and more exciting for 7 year olds.

Here are their reviews:

Best power wheels for 7 year old- three awesome cars to choose from

Power Wheels Dune Racer (Pink/Purple) – Manufacturer recommended age: 2 to 10 years

best power ride on toys for 7 year olds

From my research, this is one of the best vehicles you can gift your 7 year old boy/girl

And yeah, its large size actually makes it great even for 8 year olds- there is massive legroom and it’s very spacious (his/her knees won’t touch the steering wheel).

Plus, the 130lb weight capacity limit is great (bear in mind that most 7 year olds weigh around 50 lbs)

In fact, this 12v power wheels is designed to accommodate two kids at the same time – your two little drivers will surely have a ball with the car (You can have them take turns driving for more thrill).

Great quality too- The quality is amazing for the money and you really can’t beat the durability.

It’s quite heavy as well.

To add, the 2 speeds are terrific (max is 5 mph), it’s super easy to drive, and holds charge great (It can go for 5.5 – 6 hours before dying, depending on the driving conditions).

Summary of specifications

  • Monster Traction system – drives superbly on hard surfaces, rough terrain, and even wet grass
  • Speed: 2.5& 5 mph forward (2.5mph in reverse)
  • Power-lock brake system
  • Comfortable bucket seats (2)
  • Metal sidebars (for hand support)
  • Flashy ”chrome” wheels.
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 46 x 15 inches
  • Weight limit: 130lb


  • It has an adorable trunk on the front.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Nice storage area (under the hood)


  • Seats are not adjustable.




Mclaren P1 12v Kids Ride-On Car with Remote  (age range: 3-8 years)

power wheels for 7 year old

This is a unique ride on car and also one of the very few that are big enough to accommodate an older child.

And I can bet that your charming 7 year old will be ecstatic on receiving this single-seat supercar thanks to the many nice features it comes with- it has everything!

From delightful speed (2mph/5mph forward and 2mph reverse), adjustable safety seatbelts, good traction (there’s a rubber grip strip in the airless plastic wheels), LED headlights, nice dashboards lights, push-button start (for a more realistic experience)… name it.

This cool looking, high performance little car even comes with a handy remote to allow you control it completely (direction and speed) until he/she is good at riding it.

Conveniently, there’s a switch on the vehicle to turn off remote control- you may want to turn off remote control once he/she gets the hang of steering it.

The battery is pretty good too (it typically runs for about 1 ½ hours).

Oh, and the door opens up like falcon wings!

Keep in mind that the maximum age this car is intended for is 8 year olds (or about 70 pounds).

Now, there is a good video here you can follow when assembling it (some assembly is required).

Also check this YouTube video if you have problems programming the remote.

Summary of specifications

  • Product dimensions: 50″ x 26″ x 14″
  • Driving Modes: Manual/Remote
  • Sounds: MP3 Audio Play-back (through the 3.5 mm Auxiliary Audio Port)
  • Built-In Horn Sounds: Reverse, Forward, Left& Right Turn, Stop& Lights Function.
  • Push-button start-up
  • External USB/MP3/Blue-tooth ports
  • Functional air conditioning (via the integrated dashboard fans)
  • Weight capacity: Around 70 pounds
  • Airless plastic wheels (with rubber-grip strip).


  • Good distance from the pedal to the seat
  • Lots of buttons in there to play with.
  • Your kiddo can play his/her favorite tunes through the radio – there’s a memory card slot.


  • Doesn’t ride well off-road (its plastic tires do well on pavements only).



KidTrax Dodge Viper Ride On Car for Ages 3 to 7 years old

cars for 7 year olds

This police-themed fun car can hold a 7-year old provided that he/she isn’t unusually large for their age (The toy is recommended for kids up to 7 years).

The best news is that the seating area has been designed to fit a wide range of heights- your son/daughter should fit very comfortably as long as he/she is of average height.

Most importantly, there is enough leg room for most 7 year olds (he/she can stretch the legs to reach the pedal without their legs sticking up) and plenty of room all around to ride comfortably.

The seat measurements are cool too –your son and a friend (of similar size) can fit and zip around together with no problem.

Like most of its peers, this car has 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed.

And just like the real-life SRT Viper, there are tons of features in this car including realistic engine sounds.

Also, there is a surprisingly loud FM radio (with MP3 input) and operational LED lights.

The tires are again made of sturdy plastic with rubber traction strips for extra traction and peace of mind.

The battery lasts significantly too.

Overall, it’s another great product.

Summary of specifications

  • Product dimensions: 58in x 23in x 33in
  • Weight capacity: Around 130 pounds
  • Speed: 5 to 5 MPH (both forward & reverse)
  • Tires: KidTrax Power Trax traction  tires (with rubber strip)
  • Others: Electronic horn, FM radio, LED lights


  • Great speed settings -You can even lock it into a low speed until he/she masters it.
  • Impressive collection of features- The horn, remote start, LED lights, radio, and more.
  • Looks pretty


  • No real brakes- it is designed to stop once you take your foot off (it stops fairly fast).



Best power wheels for 7 year old – other options

Here are other options you may want to have a look at:

Peg Perego Tractor/Trailer– This can be a great choice if your 7 years old is very enthusiastic about tractors, trailers, heavy machinery, etc. The extra traction tires are perfect for all terrain riding.

KidTrax Marvel Spiderman ATV Ride On– Try this if your daughter or son is such a huge spider-man fan.  The maximum rider weight limit with this is 95 lbs.

Wrapping it up

Whether a power wheels will fit your 7 year old or not really comes down to the weight and height of your child.

The good news is that the picks I have included above usually fit most 7 year olds comfortably unless they’re extraordinarily large.

That being said, take your time and check out the reviews from previous buyers (in the comments section)- it’s the easiest way to get a  better idea of how suitable the product is for your son/daughter.

Let the fun begin!



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