Best choice products jeep remote not working [Suggested Fixes]

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Your best choice products jeep remote not working? Here is what you should try before you throw out the Jeep…


Best choice products jeep remote not working –Fixes and hacks you should try

Check the remote control batteries

The first thing you should check is the 2 AAA batteries inside the remote.

That is because the remote will not work if they are not installed correctly (not oriented the right way in the compartment -note the negative and positive polarity inside the unit’s battery chamber) or they have come loose.

There is also a chance that the battery terminals are corroded, which again could cause the remote to start playing up (power won’t pass through corroded terminals).

So open the battery compartment and fix the batteries as necessary.

You should even consider buying new batteries (perhaps the existing ones are dead).

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Pair it again

The next probable culprit is lost connectivity between the remote and the car.

Here the solution is straightforward: You need to pair the remote to the vehicle once more.

Best choice jeep remote pairing: How to sync the remote control to the Jeep

The instructions are found on the back of your remote and they are as follows (in summary):

  1. Take out the remote control
  2. Install the batteries.
  3. Long press the frequency key on the remote control for 2-4 seconds. You will notice the low-speed LED lights flash.
  4. Once the lights flash, turn on power on the car. Now the low-speed LED lights will go from flashing to long lighting and then to frequency bind success.
  5. Now, if the frequency-bind failed (meaning the low-speed LED lights still flash), just remove the battery and repeat steps 1 to 3. The Jeep should be synched successfully unless there is another fault.


Important notes:

The remote control will enter power saving mode if 10 seconds lapse without operation (You’ll notice indication light go off once it goes into power-saving mode).

Go near the Jeep

There is a ceiling on the distance your remote would be effective so if you’re too far from the car, the remote may not respond when you try to control the Jeep.

To be clear, the average longest distance from the car is about 98-164 feet so there might be no communication if you go farther than this (when riding it in a big field).

For that reason, try to go nearer and check if you will get rid of the connectivity hiccups.

Have you upped the voltage?

We all know that increasing the speed typically involves upgrading the voltage.

Problem is that this usually leads to problems when it comes to remote controlled power wheels because their control boards are very sensitive to voltage increases.

To be honest, upgrading voltage might make you lose the remote control capability entirely.

The good news is that there is a workaround for this…..

What you need to do to restore remote control capability on your upgraded Best Choice Products Jeep car is replace the original remote control kit with this 24V compatible kit.

Follow the included instructions and see if replacing the complete remote system will make the remote start working again.


Replace the receiver/transmitter kit

Another reason why the remote may quit working is a broken receiver or transmitter (and this is a real possibility if it has been dropped to the floor by accident).

Sadly, there is no easy fix for a destroyed receiver/transmitter and you have to replace the remote control kit.

The one thing you have to bear in mind is that Best Choice Products do not stock replacement kits for some reason.

However, you can buy a compatible remote control kit on Amazon and other online marketplaces cheaply so head over to Amazon and try your luck.

It’s worth mentioning that it is best to buy a control box+remote pair to avoid pairing problems.


Best choice products jeep remote not working – Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get the remote control to shut off and drive the Jeep without using the remote?

Try to “unpair” it.

And if that doesn’t help, try this: Power off your Jeep then remove the batteries (from the remote).

You then turn the car back on again.

Now check if control of the Jeep has returned to the pedal.

Remember that you’ll need to re-pair the remote control with the Jeep to start using the remote once again.


How can I get another remote?

There are no OEM best choice products ride on replacement parts so you can only go for an aftermarket remote such as this.

Quick question: Does it work for all Jeeps?

Well, not always but if your kid’s Jeep original remote control appears the same as this, it will work.

Otherwise, it is important to buy a suitable receiver for the above remote control to work – usually, if you have changed the remote control, you need to change the receiver as well.

Best choice products jeep remote not working – recap

If your Best choice products jeep remote is not functioning, first check the batteries- they need to be in good condition and they must be installed properly.

The batteries must also not be loose – and you will need to check for corrosion on the “terminals” too.

If the problem persists, try to sync the remote to the Jeep afresh- pairing issues are often the cause of remote control glitches.

The other step worth a try is going nearer (perhaps you are too far from the Jeep for the remote to be effective) and replacing the receiver/transmitter kit (as a last resort).

In all likelihood, the remote will begin functioning once you have done the above (one of these solutions should help) and you and your kiddo can enjoy peace of mind as he/she masters the vehicle.


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