Best choice products Jeep modifications – 3 upgrading ideas

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Right out of the box, the best choice products Jeep is no doubt a very good power wheels for kids.

But like other power wheels, you might want to perform some mods on the car at some point (perhaps your kid has become bored of the original speed or run time).

With that in mind, we have been looking around to see how folks are modding their Jeep for more fun and a performance boost.

This article simply rounds up a few best choice products Jeep modifications ideas that we have gathered and will point you in the right direction if you are looking at upgrading your kiddo’s Jeep.

Best choice products Jeep modifications – 3 upgrading ideas

Our first best choice Jeep mods idea involves upgrading the battery to address the issue of the runtime- doing the following battery upgrade essentially doubles the vehicle’s run time meaning more hours of fun for your little one.

Best choice products 12v Jeep battery upgrade: What you will need to double the vehicle’s run time

2 Pack battery

The 2 pack ExpertPower 12Volts 9AH SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery set comes at a great price and we recommend it.

To be clear, with the two 9Ah batteries, there should be about an hour’s run-time (probably a little over).

Another benefit of putting the two batteries is that the connection will start sharing the load between your 2 batteries- and this typically boosts the longevity of SLA batteries.

Now, the good thing is that the Jeep comes with a spare slot for another battery.


A battery indicator

This will be very handy since it allows you to monitor the current battery level – it is a good practice to ensure that the battery doesn’t get too low (You can set 11V as your lower limit for a 12v setup).

Here is a good battery indicator to use here.


A charger/Maintainer

You also need to purchase a charger/maintainer that is designed to charge/maintain lead acid batteries. A good option would be the Energizer ENC4A– it has a nice digital readout.

This kind of charger/maintainer will make sure that your batteries will be charged properly- and again this can significantly help longevity.

You can improvise an adapter for the charger to connect to the stock battery or just work with the included “alligator” clips if you would rather not modify your car’s original wiring.


Power off the Jeep

You cannot do this when the car is running so turn it off.


Remove the old 7Ah SLA battery

To start with, take out the 7Ah SLA battery your vehicle came with.


Make a brace for the second battery

To add the second battery, you need a brace (for it) that is identical to the brace provided for your first battery.

A small portion of the aluminum stock should suffice when it comes to making the brace.


Make a harness

The batteries will be wired in parallel to double the current run time so you definitely need a harness.

So use local materials to craft a harness (you could also order the necessary materials or one ready-made harness cheaply on Amazon).


Insert the new battery pack properly

All that now remains is to place your 2 batteries in place and make sure that you have completed the connection (be sure not to swap the polarities when hooking up the batteries).


How to connect the gauge

You can simply tap into the wires powering the radio and the “cluster” lights in the Jeep. That way, the gauge won’t stay on when the Jeep is powered off.

Best choice products 12v jeep upgrade to 24v

The second idea we will look at is performing best choice Jeep 24v conversion to achieve two things: more speed and a longer run time (the previous section tackled the run time issue only).

What you will need for the project

To upgrade to the 24V setup, you will need the following:


The controller is plug-n-play right out of the box so it’s not really hard and the whole procedure should take you about 2 hours.

The video below demonstrates everything..

Best choice products Jeep modifications – alternative solution to the stock battery

Another solution for the Jeep battery that you can have a go at especially when you don’t quite want to make extensive modifications to your vehicle (it voids your warranty) is changing to a 12-v drill battery setup.

In short, you’ll simply replace the factory-installed lead acid 12-v battery with a 12V drill battery such as the Waitley 12V9AH M12 Milwaukee battery (it’s a lithium ion battery).

We like the above model because it’s a 2-pack so you can quickly hot-swap the battery when it dies.

The greatest upside of this upgrade is that there will be ZERO improvisation needed for your Jeep (No special wiring, no modifications, and no additional fuses so the swap is pretty much instant).

Plus, you won’t be spending loads of money.

It’s worth mentioning that there are other ideal 12V ideal batteries you can go for if you don’t want to work with this option.

Other requirements:

Modification procedure

Start by simply removing the two screws from your metal bracket, then remove terminal plugs from your current battery, and put aside the parts.

Then, to adapt the Milwaukee battery to your vehicle, grab the battery holder then attach 2 spade connectors to it.

Your next step is attaching the battery holder (via the spade connectors) to the Jeep’s battery cables

Now install the Milwaukee lithium ion battery (ensure it is fully charged) and that’s it- the battery should fit right in the compartment.


Final words

There are other Best choice products Jeep modifications that people have had success with including introducing an ESC Speed controller to bring in more speed in a more controlled fashion.

Another option is upgrading to 18v – it is a good middle ground if you don’t want to jump directly to 24v from 12v.

However, with this mod, you have to bypass the main circuit board or it is going to fry and make you lose important accessories.

There are even traction mods worth a shot like the ones in this article

Try what makes sense to you moneywise and practicality-wise.


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