13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas [17+ Ideas]

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If you have a 13 year old teen girl and you want to celebrate her birthday in a big way this year, below are some 13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas that can be crazy fun.

13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas

Keep scrolling down for some awesome 13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas:

Hanging Donuts Game

This can be a good game for your teen girl during her 13th birthday- most girls have incredible fun playing it.

To play the hanging donuts game, tie a length of rope above head height between two poles or trees. You then thread a piece of ribbon through the hole in each donut and finally tie the ribbon.

The donuts will be hanging just above the mouth level and each player tries to eat their donut.

The deal is no hands allowed!

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Concert or show

At this age, your teen girl probably has her own favorite music and artists.

That being so, hooking up your girl and her friends for such a concert on her birthday can be amazing.

So find out if there are some age-appropriate musical concerts happening on the day where artists that interests the group will be performing and take them to see their favorite music stars.

She will be glad you did.


Team sporting event

Sports are one of the best 13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas because competing in a game is really exciting for teens- they all want the bragging rights.

So begin by finding out her favorite game (think of basketball, volleyball, running, and many others) then let your daughter invite her close friends in advance.

You will obviously spend the days before the day planning the event – you don’t want the tournament to disappoint.

Also, consider adding money to your budget so that the attendees can have snacks, drinks, and food after playtime.


Escape room

The world-famous Escape Room is more of a puzzle-solving game and it can be a smart way to create memorable memories.

Do this:

Invite a group of not less than 12 friends to your girl’s local escape room and let them enjoy the adventure (Read how to create an out-of-the-world escape room at home here).

Don’t leave it at that but throw a party afterward or take the kids for dinner to keep the energy going all night long.



A paintball field/arena could provide your girl and her buddies with a truly fun way to engage in some friendly competition (and learn teamwork) while enjoying good physical exercise.

It is very simple to set-up: you only need to set up a paintball arena (Here is how to prep her), have her best friends join in, and let the fun begin.

Taking her for a picnic lunch

If none of the above 13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas appeals to you or your girl, just plan for a picnic lunch with your daughter…

And yes, she can still invite a few of her friends (or her family members).

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Go Camping!

This is a big day for your daughter and one way of making it live long in her memory is by going hiking or camping (for one day) if the weather is fine…

Just make sure everyone in the party brings all the essentials with them to the campground(tent, flashlight, sleeping bag and pillow set, a child-friendly pocket knife, and more).


Movie night

Make your girl feel special by giving her a red carpet treatment with a fun movies theme.

It can be indoors, pizza movie night or even an outdoor movie night.


Take her to a spa party

Who hates a treat? (Your little girl in their teen won’t be the first one!)

So book a spa day for your teen and their friends – you can, in fact, just set up a spa at home to pamper your guests and your girl as well.

To help you get started, here is how to host an incredible D-I-Y spa party for girls.


Glowing in the dark!

Here is another idea:

Organize a party as usual (also prepare snacks and drinks the normal way) but this time round, let it be in the dark!

Simply turn off the lights and let the teenagers at the party glow with a glow-in-the-dark theme.

Oh and add black-lights and neon decorations to make it more interesting and fun.


Video game tournament

As a parent, do all you can to make your girl enjoy her 13th birthday.

And another way you can do this is by creating a gaming-inspired party and let your teen compete with their friends in a video game tournament.

This can be the way to go if it’s winter…



If your teen daughter enjoys skating, grab the opportunity and take advantage of this by organizing a skating party.

To make it more thrilling, let her go skating together with her friends around the rink at the park or other public out-door ice skating surfaces.

The children will have a blast!


Karate kid night!

This is a flashback to the 80s and 90s but trust me, it can work magic for your teen’s birthday.

So consider turning her birthday celebration this year into a flashback with a martial arts-themed party!


Have a sleepover with friends!

Let this angel invite her friends for a sleepover and during the sleepover, bake a cake for the kids to celebrate as they wish their friend the happiest birthday.

Water Park

If your girl is a fan of riding, let her celebrate her big day with her pals at the water park riding.


Plan a Go cart racing party

Plan for a racing party at the go track and let your daughter and her friends have a delightful moment as she celebrates her 13th birthday.



This is a good birthday party plan but for only those who love gaming.

Your teenage daughter should enjoy having their birthday party at an arcade challenging their friends with all the games…



Since turning 13 is such a big deal to you and your girl, try the above 13 year old teenage girl birthday party ideas whether you want to throw a big or small party for her.

Make sure you ask your daughter if there’s something or an activity she would like you to include to keep her and her friends entertained- and try to accommodate it.



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