5 year old birthday party ideas at home

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While taking them out is always fun when it is our kids birthday, sometimes it is not always possible -the weather may be horrible, you may not have the budget, or something unforeseen can just crop up.

Or you may want to try a celebration at home (for a change of scenery)…

Now, if you are sailing in this boat and you have a 5 year old whose birthday is fast approaching, below are some amazing 5 year old birthday party ideas at home you can try.

Hope it will turn out so much fun for your son or daughter and his/her friends.

5 year old birthday party ideas at home

Scroll down for the best 5 year old birthday party ideas at home that will make your boy or girl have an unforgettable birthday…


Art and crafts party

Your boy or girl will mostly enjoy making crafts.

This can be a perfect activity because it is relatively inexpensive-if you use waste materials lying around- to set up for your 5 year old birthday idea at home.

All you need is to create a craft area in the house or backyard(if the weather permits).

Next, divide your boy or girl friends who have attended the party into groups of around three to four depending on the number of children.

After all this is done, always ensure that there is an adult to supervise the kids.

Also ensure there is a bag where the kids will collect their projects.

Let the children enjoy crafts for about two to three hours and later serve the kids with pizzas, cupcakes, and juices.

Here are some beautiful ideas for your kids to try…


Organize a painting party

Most kids at 5 years are usually madly in love with painting and painting party could work magic for him or her.

The most interesting thing about this idea is that there are so many amazing fun ways for kids to paint.

Luckily, if your son or daughter’s birthday happens to be in warm weather, you can do it outside in the yard for easy cleaning.

Just like a crafts party, prepare a painting station according to what kids will paint and make sure someone will supervise the group.


Game party

Looking for an insanely engaging 5 year old birthday idea at home?

If yes, look for incredibly interesting games like pin the tail on the donkey, Simon says, bean bag tossing, or even musical chairs and help your boy or girl and invited friends play(there are instructions in the links).

Again let the children enjoy snacks and food that you prepared for them after the game(s).


Video Game Party

For a video game party, make sure you go for games that suit his or her age, for example, the games in this list.

Oh, and be sure to order or prepare some pizza and cake for them to savor as they play the games.


Organize a movie night

This is a pocket-friendly idea that almost every parent can afford.

The movie party can be boring if he/she is alone so let your boy or girl tag along his/her best friends.

Chances are your son or daughter will really enjoy watching their favorite film together with buddies and they will have great stories to tell once home.

Remember to budget for popcorns, chips, or even cookies if you want to go the movie night route.


Camping outside the backyard

If the weather allows you and the kids to have a camp outside in the backyard, grab the opportunity and enjoy some hours out there.

Shop for great camping spots in your backyard and organize activities like storytelling, story reading, and such to make the adventure more fulfilling.

Overall, this is one of the best 5 year olds birthday ideas at home especially if you implement these tips.


Cupcake decoration

Try this for your boy or girl- it can be another amazing idea for their birthday at home.

The most important thing is to make sure you get all the preparations right – you, for example, need to buy some readymade cupcakes from a nearby store beforehand.

Basically, all ingredients should be available including premade icing sugar, fun cake topper, edible transfer, and more.

In addition, it is advisable to provide some apron to your little one and the friends because it can get messy.

One more thing: For this idea to work magic, limit the guest-list if you do not have enough room for a big group.

Let the kids enjoy eating cake after the decoration.

Read this for cupcake decorating ideas with kids.


Prepare a cooking party

At 5 years, many kids really enjoy helping in the kitchen making it a super fun idea for his/her upcoming birthday.

Start by giving the kids their own aprons and they can begin with making their own pizzas.

As the pizzas are cooking, help the kids prepare smoothies and milkshakes.

When all is ready, have the kids sit down and enjoy as they sing happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl.



Hosting a birthday party for your 5 year old boy or girl at home can be an amazing idea for a change not to mention that it’s definitely going to save you money compared to hosting one in a pricey venue.

And with the above 5 year old birthday party ideas at home, you will surely find a few that might be worth trying for your son’s or daughter’s next birthday.

I wish you all the best as you put the ideas into practice.


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