Yamaha raptor power wheels problems and solutions

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Yamaha raptor power wheels problems: Learn how to fix your Yamaha raptor power wheels now!

This guide is all about how to troubleshoot a Yamaha raptor power wheels.

We will look at a variety of Yamaha raptor power wheels problems and their solutions.

Let’s dive right in:

Yamaha raptor power wheels problems and solutions

Yamaha raptor power wheels problems -Yamaha raptor power wheel not reversing

  1. Take the battery out.
  2. Take the ECU out.
  3. Look for disconnected wires and fix them.

If this has not helped:

Check if the forward/reverse joystick/switch could be reversed.

If so, remove the shifter then swap your two switches.

Yamaha raptor Power wheels won’t go forward (power wheels wont go forward and only goes in reverse)

If you have charged it properly (you need to charge it for 14 hours for the first time and for 7 hours after each use) and it only goes backwards, you likely need a new shifter.

Switching the shifter is not that tough and it could do the trick.

Now, Yamaha Raptor 12v replacement parts can be purchased at a local store (or from online stores such as Amazon).

How about when it will only go high gear and not low or reverse?

For the most part, the culprit is the shifter as well so order a replacement and see if the power wheels will start to move correctly again.


Yamaha raptor power wheels won t go forward – more troubleshooting ideas

Check if the plugs to the shifter are installed correctly– reversing the plugs on the shifter on these types of ride-ons usually reverses the polarity on the motors, causing the issue. Check and correct.


If that doesn’t work:

It’s probably one of the relays that has an issue – for example, if a relay has failed, it won’t be closing so it cannot pass power (in forward mode). Use a meter to test them and replace, as necessary.

If no luck even after this:

Try a new Yamaha Raptor power wheels forward\reverse switch- it can be damaged meaning the problem will persist until it is replaced.

Switching the forward\reverse switch is quite easy so this is something even novices can do.

Helpful tips

Before going ahead to order a new switch, try the following:

  • Clean the switch- I always clean out the switches when troubleshooting ride-ons. Why? Dirty switches are one of the most common causes of problems (after battery issue) when it comes to power wheels (dirt or rust could be disrupting its performance).
  • Check for loose connections between the switch and other parts- You should inspect all the connections to and from the switch too. It could be just a loose connection that is messing with the process of shifting from reverse to forward.

Yamaha raptor power wheels won’t start / Yamaha raptor power wheel not working / Yamaha raptor power wheels won’t move at all

Check the battery connections- make sure they’re all good and tight. Be sure to clean out any corrosion on the connections too.

Check if the battery has enough juice (use a voltmeter)– be sure to charge it properly if it is not charged fully.

You need to replace the charger, if it cannot bring the battery to attain 100% charge.

If your battery is old, it could be time replace it (Check the price of Yamaha raptor power wheels replacement battery on Amazon now).

Replace the thermal fuse- it could have blown due to an overload (check the fuse under the seat).

How to check if a fuse is OK

The fuse should be pulled out of the power wheels battery- use your fingers/needle nose pliers.

You then inspect the inside of your fuse.

Now, the fuse is gone if you notice songs of the metal strip (in the middle part of the fuse) being broken.

Otherwise, the fuse is OK and you need to do further troubleshooting.

Other things to check:

  • Check if you are having a faulty switch/toggle
  • Check if there is a loose wire (to the motor) or to another part.
  • Check the entire wiring for potential shorts.
  • The motor- Sometimes power wheels won’t go if the motor(s) have gotten old. Replacing the old motor(s) should fix the issue.


What if it has been sitting unused for long?

If it has been a couple of months (or years) since it was last used and you are trying to figure out what’s wrong with it since it won’t start (or it starts but can’t move), you need to check everything exhaustively.

In other words, check the fuses, motor, foot pedal, the gear shift, and practically every other part.

A multimeter will help tell you where exactly the problem is and you can search for and watch appropriate YouTube videos to make testing easy.


Yamaha raptor Power wheels charged but wont work

Check for loose battery connections again or corrosion on the connections.

Also check more general tips on how to troubleshoot a power wheels battery that is charged but won’t work in this guide.


Yamaha raptor power wheels steering problems

If it is very hard for your daughter/son to steer it straight or make turns, then you need to check the installation.

You see, it is important to get the steering column to line up properly during the assembly.

If you didn’t, then you are likely to notice steering problems when your kid rides it and you might need to take it apart and correct the steering column alignment.


Wrapping it up

Remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) when troubleshooting your Yamaha raptor power wheels.


Sometimes the problem is just a minor issue- like a battery that is having a loose connection- and it doesn’t make sense to attempt the complex repairs when you have not eliminated all the potential simple issues.

You can call 866-424-0500 for further help if the above tips don’t work for you.

Good luck.



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