Do kids lose weight faster?

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So, do kids lose weight faster than adults? Well, below is the answer..

Do you have an obese child or is your child losing weight in a way you think is not normal?

Well, if you’re a parent, grandparent, uncle/aunt, or guardian and you’re wondering if kids lose weight faster, the answer is a YES- children do lose weight faster.

In fact, it may happen quite rapidly- research has shown that weight change in children is likely to be greater than 20% compared to adults.

This is because kids normally use up more fat-than adults do- due to “normal growth processes” such as bone development and there’s a relatively higher rate/speed of protein synthesis in kids.


Do kids lose weight faster?

Now that we have answered the question “Do kids lose weight faster?”, let us look at tips to help you help your kid lose weight….

What is the fastest way for a kid to lose weight?

If your child is overweight or obese, the best thing you can do for the kiddo is help them get to a healthy weight –proper weight is important for their overall health.

But what’s the right way to do it?

Now, that usually depends on your child’s age.

Below are tips on what to do to help your boy or daughter lose weight faster.

1. Try setting realistic goals for your child

Remember that children are still growing so it may be better to help them maintain rather than lose weight.

The reason is, as your child grows taller without gaining weight, he/she will naturally become thinner.

You see, I have seen people Googling “how can a 12 year old lose weight in 2 days” and I feel that it’s not a realistic target.

So, what do we mean by a realistic goal?

Well, in cases where a kid is very overweight, losing one pound a week is a good goal.

Remember that losing weight is hard work even for kids so the more attainable the goal, the better it will be for you and your child’s motivation.


2. Cut back on processed+fast foods

When it comes to losing weight, what you need to check on a lot is the calories intake- and processed food tends to be higher in calories and fat.

So instead of feeding your son/daughter processed food, try feeding them fruits and vegetables.

And when it comes to grains, always go for wholegrain like whole wheat bread- the biggest advantage of whole grain meals is that they have fiber, which can help your child feel full for longer.

Word of advice: In most cases, children are not fan of these changes (at first) but don’t give up- After seeing it on their plates a few times, kids get used and eventually become used to eating healthier foods.


3. Encourage good eating habits

Three meals and two snacks a day can keep your child from getting too hungry, which makes them less likely to overeat.

This can go a long way in helping avoid your child getting overweight.

4. Try behavior modification techniques

Our children are amazing creatures and they especially like to be rewarded.

So you can use rewards to help your child stay on his or her diet.

For example, if your child drinks water instead of soda for a week, reward her by sponsoring them to their favorite activity or buying them a nice toy.


5. Change your family’s eating habits

Sometimes kids will keep eating even when not hungry and this may contribute to their weight problems in the long run.

So you should encourage your child to eat only when hungry and not as an activity/chore.

Also, serve family meals only where you all can eat without distractions like the television (think dining room).

This may sound funny but when your child eats while watching TV, they may not be aware of how much food he/she is consuming and could end up overeating.

6. Encourage exercise

Most types of aerobic activity should help your young one expend calories.

In a nutshell, walking, jogging, bike riding, and rollerblading are all great ways to burn calories for your kid.

You should also encourage your child to stay active in other ways including walking to a friend’s house for a visit instead of you driving him/her there.


7. Be supportive

Another important thing is for your whole family to change its way of eating to help your child.

On the whole, make sure you don’t keep a lot of junk foods in the house –keep healthier foods/snacks like cut up carrot sticks and fruit.

In addition, make healthy low-fat meals for everyone in your home (Everyone should model healthy behaviors).

Finally, provide a lot of encouragement for your child- and oh, don’t let weight become his/her only topic (it should not be brought up every so often)..


What is the fastest way for a kid to lose weight – more tips

  • At-home exercise routine is very helpful– get him/her to sweat like 30 minutes (once a day) and ensure he/she is not overdoing exercise.
  • Have them take all meals– skipping meals can be detrimental so sake sure he/she’s not skipping meals.
  • Look for any eating disorders- Please be on the lookout for clues of eating disorders (they’re very dangerous at a younger age).
  • Encourage them to take water– They should take a lot of water even if it is taking one sip after 30 minutes. Remember staying hydrated usually helps keep cravings at bay.

Why is my child losing weight?

On the other hand, if your kid is losing weight at an alarming rate, here is what could be causing the unexplained weight loss:

  1. It can be stress-induced – if you’re in a very demanding job, probably your son/daughter is suffering from loneliness.
  2. It can be due to celiac disease– For kids, celiac disease can lead to unusual weight loss because the intestines may have become extremely damaged and they won’t absorb nutrients anymore. It can be another medical issue as well(swallowing issues, gastro-intestinal issues, endocrine (hormone) problem).
  3. Could your baby be having eating problems?– it’s an open secret that if he/she is a poor feeder, your baby is likely to have weight challenges.


What you can do to help him/her

  • Try alternative diet– For a picky eater, try to cook noodles/ soups/ rice/muffins/ pancakes/ smoothies/wraps and see if he/she will start to eat better. Of course, he/she needs to be assessed further (at some point) to determine why he/she isn’t eating.
  • Feed him/her supplements– Try to give him/her a caloric boost. You can feed them supplements like pediasure. There are other helpful products including smoothies, whole fat yogurt, peanut butter, plus wheat germ -for fiber.
  • Go to a doctor– You may want him/her to undergo a wholesome evaluation in the hands of a pediatrician (it can be due to a serious medical problem). Depending on the results of the evacuation, try to consult a feeding therapist ASAP.


Do kids lose weight faster-Recap

Whether your child is obese or losing weight abnormally, you now have answers.

Try what suits your child and hopefully, you will be happy with the results.

All the best as you try the above tips.


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